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Greensea Systems, Ben Kinnaman and Joanna Kinnaman
Out to Launch: Guidance for robotic underwater vehicles.

Sunset Grille & Tap Room, Richard Haab and Nancy Haab
Grills Gone Wild: More than a rib place, a rib kind of place.

Jon's Darkroom and Frameshop, Jonathan Long
Well Developed: From film to digital, from photography to framing, this guy does it all.

Vermont Craft Distillers Roundup,
Proof Positive: A stroll through Vermont's spirits community, including Sivan Cotel and Sas Stewart of Stonecutter Spirits, Distilled Spirits Council of Vermont; Todd Hardie and Ryan Christiansen of Caledonia Spirits; Maura Connolly, John Egan, Mimi Buttenheim and Alex Hilton of Mad River Distillers and Vermont Spirits; Ed, Augustus and Dominic Metcalfe of Vermont Distillers; Raj Bhakta and Larry Swanson of WhistlePig Farm; and Dave Pickerell of Stonecutter Spirits.

Things to Know

What Vermonters do that may surprise you.

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For family fun and edification.

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Local restaurants with something special to offer.


The businesses that make these guides possible.

Just the Facts
Labor force, income, population and more
Median Home Prices
Northwestern Vermont home prices by county and town
A Resource Source
Economic development chiefs
What to expect weather-wise
Rotary Club Locations
Rotary meetings in the Greater Burlington area
Winter sports
Snowshoeing, cross-country, skiing and snowboarding, and snowmobiling

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