covtg0816lgFall/Winter 2016-2017
Travel Guide

GuitarSam, Kevin Crossett
Plucky Music Man: Savvy and persistence with a sprinkle of enthusiasm.

Vermont Home and Lodging Properties, John Nelson and Christine Fraioli
Homes Away From Home: Turning a love into a lifestyle.

The Innovation Center of Vermont,
Building Directory: The Innovative Innovation Center.

Little House by Andre, Andre Plouffe and Jamey Plouffe
Into Outbuildings: Building a second-generation family business.

Contributed Column from Dave Mount: Mentoring.

Things to Know

What Vermonters do that may surprise you.

Things to Do

For family fun and edification.

Dining Out

Local restaurants with something special to offer.


The businesses that make these guides possible.

Just the Facts
Labor force, income, population and more
A Resource Source
Economic development chiefs
What to expect weather-wise
Rotary Club Locations
Rotary meetings in the Greater Burlington area
Winter sports
Snowshoeing, cross-country, skiing and snowboarding, and snowmobiling

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