Guide to
Press Releases
for Business People -Vermont

Every day we receive dozens of press releases telling us what's going on in our business community in Vermont. We edit press releases for style, length, and content. Due to the number of releases we receive, proofs, confirmations, and acknowledgements are not possible.

Press release categories we publish

  • Notice about new online only releases: Due to a significant increase in the number of releases, which we publish free of charge as a service to readers on a first-come, first-served basis as space is available, we have accumulated a growing backlog. So we can publish them in a more timely manner, Faces & Places in our print edition will include releases about new hires and promotions, business people serving on boards of directors, and occasional major honors. Other honors, such as mentions in national publications, speeches or presentations made, and certifications other than those required for licensure, will appear in our online Honors & Awards only. See For Top 10 Best Practices for Writing Press Releases, visit Meet the Press. Keep those releases coming.
  • New Business: new businesses, new locations of existing businesses.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: mergers with other companies, purchases of other companies, purchases of commercial buildings or equipment of significant size, leases of significance.
  • Anniversaries: Periodically we publish news of business anniversaries. If your company is celebrating one that ends in 0 or 25 or 75, send us a release and tell us how you’re celebrating.
  • Faces and Places, and Honors and Awards: new hires, promotions, retirements, changes of address; employees, businesses, products or business owners who receive annual awards (from the business or an association), election to boards of directors, national awards or induction into elite groups of fellow professionals, mentions in national publications, and other such significant honors.
  • Breaking ground
  • Ribbon cutting

First come, first served

In general, our departments accept press releases on a first-come, first-served basis as space is available. If your release fits our guidelines, and we are unable to publish it in a given month, we will hold it for the next available opportunity.

Format your release properly

  • Date the press release, include a contact person and phone number in case of a problem or question about your release or photo.
  • Text: Email text typed directly or copied and pasted into the email. Please do not send text as attachments. We cannot use formatted Doc files or PDFs.
  • Photos: High-resolution JPEGs only. Photos must be attached to the email. We cannot use photos embedded in documents or PDFs.
  • Always send photo and press release together.
  • Label individual photos with the same first and last name of the person identified in the release, e.g. William/William, not Bill/William.
  • Identify all individuals in group photos.
  • Photo quality is important. For detailed instructions on digital photos, please see our Photo Guide. If the quality of the photo is insufficient for print, we will use the press releases without the photo if we are able.
  • We do not return photos sent by mail.

When you submit press releases please include:

  • Name of the individual(s)
  • Description of the promotion, award or the like bestowed upon the individual(s)
  • Individual's previous experience if pertinent
  • Your company's name
  • Brief description of the products/services your company offers

Where to send press releases


or mail to

Press Release
Business People Vermont
P.O. Box 953
Williston, VT 05495-0953