ABC Corp.

For two decades, ABC Corp. has made its mark in the Vermont business community, first as a purveyor of widgets, and later, as the industry changed, as the premier service company for worldwide widget customization.


ABC Corp. opened its doors in 1982, the brainchild of Winston Place, who saw the future of water-soluable widgets and realized that he could be the first to bring widgets to Vermont. The company has grown since then, changing its business model as needed, and today, the company employs 300 highly-trained widget professionals.

Company principals

President and founder Winston Place, Harvard MBA, chariman of the board of many charitable organizations, family man, and friend of dogs.

The Story of the Widget

Today, most people in the industry take for granted the importance of widgets, but it was not always such an easy sell. ABC Corp. can take credit for being a major player in widget growth, and even more credit for finiding new uses and new markets for widgets.


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