Color Guide

Why use Full Color?

  • Gets readers' attention and holds it longer.
  • Increases perceived value without increasing perception of cost.
  • Enhances your company's image significantly more than black and white advertising.
  • Increases recognition,a comprehension, retention, and decision-to-buy.
  • Helps with brand recognition.

The Benefits of Using Full Color in Advertising

Fireworks, jellybeans, the blush of a cheek, a glimpse of sky on chrome ... Full color is exciting, mouth-watering, attractive, and real.

In advertising, while spot color increases ad readership and retention by as much as 30 percent, full color increases ad readership and retention by as much as 53 percent. On full-page ads, full color is even more effective. According to numerous studies, in every category from business to fashion, color works hard to make the most of your advertising dollars.

Business People Vermont offers Full Color discounts for 12-time advertisers

Monthly advertisers can add full color to any size ad for significant discounts. Combined with our aggressive rates for our largest ads and for our 12-time frequency, the advertising that will do your business the most good can be your best buy.

How to use color effectively in advertising

Color photographs of people, products, and locations bring your advertisements to life. The high-quality printing and glossy magazine paper we use brings out the sparkle, richness and depth of your color photographs and other color artwork.

Color and photographic backgrounds help unify your advertising and identify the whole page as belonging to your message.

Color type and logos not only make your advertising message stand out, but consistent use of color helps solidify your brand's message, every repitition increasing your brand's recognition. Strong branding helps with new sales and with repeat business.