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Subscriptions to the monthly iPad Version of Business People-Vermont are available as an in-app purchase through your iPad's Newsstand application.

An iPad Newsstand subscription to Business People-Vermont is only $14.99 a year, half of the cost of the yearly print subscription with nothing to recycle, and — once issues have downloaded — you can take the complete issues with you wherever you take your iPad.

How to subscribe to the Business People-Vermont iPad Newsstand version

On your iPad, just visit the Business People-Vermont page on iTunes, install the free app (which automatically loads into your Newsstand), open the app in Newsstand and subscribe ($14.99, auto renewing) and download issues in your Newsstand.


  1. Click HERE for a shortcut to Business People-Vermont in the iPad App Store. Depending on the device, either iTunes or the App Store will open.
  2. The app itself is free. Subscriptions are purchased within the free app through Apple. On the app preview page, click the "free" button, then click the green "install now" button. The app is downloaded to your iPad's Newsstand application.
  3. Click the Business People-Vermont cover art to see thumbnails of available issues. Click a thumbnail to download an issue or to start the subscription process.
  4. If you wish to purchase a subscription, Apple will handle the transaction. Click the blue "$14.99" button and follow directions. You will have an opportunity to confirm or cancel.
  5. Download the desired issues. Your carrier's data plan may have limits or extra charges.
  6. Check your preferences for background or on-demand downloads for new issues. Publication date is the first Monday of every month, excluding Monday holidays.
  7. Subscriptions are auto-renewing. To manage renewals, login to iTunes or the App Store on your computer or device, and select "Manage App Subscriptions." For more info, see, KB HT4098.

iPad Newsstand advantages

  • Portable library of your subscriptions.
  • Background downloading or on-demand downloading of new issues.
  • Choose Print View or Smart View (beta).
  • No recycling.
  • Save money. Yearly subscriptions (12 issues a year) through Newsstand are $14.95, less than half of a yearly print subscription. Applicable sales taxes apply.
  • Available in most countries.


  • Language: English.
  • Platform: iOS5 or later.
  • Device: iPad2 or later.
  • By default, Newsstand automatically downloads new issues when connected to Wi-Fi. To turn off automatic downloads,
    go to Settings > Store.
  • New issues are identified by an updated cover icon and a flag.
  • Privacy policy and terms of service: here.
  • Subscriptions to the iPad Newsstand edition of Business People-Vermont are separate from print subscriptions. Subscribe to the print magazine at Business People-Vermont: Subscribe.