Act 250 Rundown

A list of Act 250 applications for commercial projects with costs higher than $250,000 that were submitted in 2017 and approved before press time this year. Projects are listed according to district and construction costs. Source: Donna Casey, executive director, Natural Resources Board.

There was an error in the data for the cost of the Rhino Foods project. That and the total for District 4 have been corrected as of 5/29/2018. Thanks to Donna Casey of the Natural Resources Board for researching it and providing the corrected amounts.

Applicant/Organization Location Construction Cost Project Description
District 1: Rutland County, $12,448,049
Vermont Electric Power Co.Rutland Town$9,269,7596,845 sf data center building and 1,764 sf enclosure building for two backup generators
Signal Motor Corp. dba Shearer HondaRutland Town$1,200,000First of 2 phases: 3,500 sf expansion of Shearer Honda automobile dealership
Kinney Motors Ltd.Rutland Town$1,150,00010,500 sf addition for sales and service operations for Dodge automobiles
Castleton State CollegeRutland Town$295,000Install inflatable dome for indoor track and practice field
Carol Gifford/City of RutlandRutland City$266,645Segment 4 of Rutland Creek Path. 10’ wide multi-use path for non-vehicular traffic
Roman Catholic Diocese/City of RutlandRutland City$266,64510' wide multi-use path for non-vehicular traffic
District 2: Windham and Southern Windsor Counties, $28,501,671
Lizandra LLC/Powderhorn Condominium AssociationWilmington$10,748,800Buildings 8 and 10 of a six-building project
Hermitage Inn Real Estate Holding Co. LLCWilmington$3,999,2722 additional town home buildings on Grenoble Way in Chamonix Village
Commonwealth Dairy LLCBrattleboro$3,334,5004,200 sf covered truck bay and DAF building for sanitation and unloading of milk
Michael Lacroix/Security Pacific Holding Corp./Windham & Windsor
Housing Trust Inc.
Brattleboro$2,356,420Total renovation of 2 motel structures that have 24 existing motel rooms
Southeast Vermont Transit Inc./Town of RockinghamRockingham$2,310,42590'x110' expansion including 2 storage bays, a wash bay, and parts storage
Boulder Ridge Reo LLCDover$1,149,400Completion of 3 previously permitted units
Inner Fire Inc.Brookline$1,082,000Therapuetic year-round community residence and healing center serving 12 adults
Rodney Bemis/Riggs DistlerWhitingham$1,010,0005,400 sf office building w/employee patio and sidewalk system
Drews LLCChester$799,800Expand previously approved 6,981 sf warehouse to 17,645 sf
The Kenneth F. Carpenter 1996 TrustDummerston$507,000Subdivide land into 4 parcels, to include 3 single-family residential lots
GMPAthens$500,000Relocate 10,000 feet of overhead utility lines along Vermont 35
Retreat Farm Ltd.Brattleboro$354,000Master plan to redevelop 9-building, 34-acre historic farmstead in 7 phases
Ski Magic LLCLondonderry$350,054Multiple facilities projects contained in 5-year capital improvement plan
District 3: Orange and Northern Windsor Counties, $14,936,495
AMR Real Estate Holdings LLCHartford$5,485,000Demolish restaurant and partially demolish bowling lane
350 U.S. Route 7 LLC/Key Auto GroupHartford$4,051,5403-lot subdivision w/development on Lot 14-0063-1 to include new 24,858 sf auto sales
Green Mountain PowerPlymouth $2,999,797Relocate 5,480 feet of electric distribution lines from off-road to on-road
Little Rivers Health Care Inc.Bradford$784,282Renovate health care clinic
Green Mountain PowerRoyalton $780,298Relocate and reconstruct 10,500 feet of electric distribution line
Green Mountain PowerHartland $280,078Relocate 7,654 feet of electric distribution and telephone lines
Simon Pearce Quechee Main Street Mill LLC/Town of HartfordHartford$278,000Pocket park and proposed improvements including seating, stairs, landscaping
Michael PalmerBrookfield$277,500Barn for personal/agricultural use to support farm equipment and heated stall
District 4: Chittenden County, $265,376,684
BC Community HousingBurlington$89,220,00012-lot subdivision w/15 buildings w/total of 739 residential units
Wake Robin Corp.Shelburne$38,000,000Phase 3 expansion of Linden Health Care Center, long-term and residential care
Burlington International AirportSouth Burlington$15,000,000Relocate 5,800’ of Taxiway G and holding bay; relocate Taxiway A; rebuild Taxiways M and H
O'Brien Farm Road LLCSouth Burlington$15,000,000Develop 39.16 acres adjacent to Old Farm Road, Kennedy Drive, and Eldredge Street
Marilyn LarkinSouth Burlington$9,901,2474-story, mixed-use structure w/basement garage, 60 dwelling units, and 21,653 gross sf commercial space
South Village CommunitiesSouth Burlington$9,600,480Remaining portions of Phase 3 road and utility infrastructure
Nathaniel HaywardWinooski$8,505,000Redevelop 4 lots into 1 lot; demolish or relocate 4 homes
University of VermontBurlington$8,000,000Add 23,350 sf to Kalkin Hall, 3 stories plus basement
The Snyder Creek's EdgeWilliston$7,450,000Residential subdivision w/22 single-family homes, 3 triplexes and 1, 4-unit townhouse
Smith Brothers of Hinesburg LLCMilton$6,786,260 50,000 sf and 92 parking spaces
Daniel Goltzman, RedstoneBurlington$4,928,0004-story apartment building w/43 apartments; 33 covered and 11 uncovered parking spaces
Marshall Realty LLC/Bryan HarnettWilliston$4,580,99617,400 sf emergency veterinary and specialist hospital w/68 paved parking spaces
GFA Realty Co./Old Dominion Freight Line Inc.Milton$3,892,500Freight distribution center on Lot 19, Catamount Industrial Park
Allen Brook DevelopmentEssex$3,843,5259-lot subdivision
HDI Real Estate Inc.Essex Junction$3,756,000Building H: 46,950 sf 3-story commercial/residential building w/34 residential units
Jericho Road AssociatesEssex Junction$3,712,00021-unit planned residential development, 10 duplexes, and 1 single-family home
Champlain Water DistrictSouth Burlington$3,065,000Basement addition for expanded wet well, pump room, and pipe gallery
Black Bay VenturesEssex$2,883,00049,700 sf addition to Autumn Harp building w/access drive
Dousevicz Inc.Essex$2,580,00017 single-family homes, 14 carriage homes, and 1 existing single-family home to remain
Rhino Foods Inc./Edward CastleBurlington$2,550,0002 building additions totaling 14,200 sf
R.R. Charlebois Inc.Milton$2,423,42820,504 sf accessory service garage building
Dousevicz Inc.Williston$1,865,3103-story, 26,300 sf building on Lot 15 containing 72 independent living senior housing units and underground parking
Rye AssociatesSouth Burlington$1,365,4674,726 sf 1-story office building on Lot 2 and 6,298 1-story medical office building on Lot 3
F & T Main Street Holdings LLCWinooski$1,206,7442-story multi-family residential building w/19-space parking lot
Champlain Water DistrictWilliston$1,185,000Expand staging and stockpile area on Mountain View Road
Buttermilk LLCRichmond$1,150,0003,610 sf mixed-use building w/10 residential units, catering kitchen, retail
William PoseyShelburne$1,040,175 Residences on Lots 1–6
Michael Cassidy 31 Hyde Street LLCBurlington$964,519After-the-fact approval for 8, 3-bedroom condominium units
Cypress EquitiesWilliston$870,970Improve Maple Tree Place center square to include ice rink, terraced seating
City of South BurlingtonSouth Burlington$825,000 Stormwater abatement structure on 2 undeveloped lots of 1.57 acres
Brad GardnerColchester$800,000 9-lot, 7-unit PRD
Meadowridge Community AssociationWilliston$800,000 3 separate stormwater management systems to bring homeowners into compliance
Vermont Systems Inc.Essex$740,090 2,848 sf addition to office building
McDonald's USAMilton$697,380Renovate 4,120 sf restaurant w/new facade, interior improvements; expand drive-through
VTransColchester$639,980Convert parking area to commuter park-and-ride
Brunswick LLCWilliston$598,575 3,500 sf addition to Heartworks School and add 12 parking spaces
Turboxander LLCEssex Junction$522,000 7,800 SF office and warehouse building on Lot 18, Saxon Hill Industrial Park
Cameron's RunMilton$498,200 3 residential units on Lot 2 off Erin Court and build a duplex on Lot 36
Taft Corners Associates/Gardner's
Supply Co.
Williston$481,808 2,537 sf addition to east end of greenhouses for year-round retail space
Alan and Maureen PidgeonWilliston$445,900Add 3,440 sf to 12,696 sf Priority Express commercial building
Brad GardnerColchester$384,000Demolish structures and build 1,520 sf mixed-use building and a 2,160 sf garage
WMD Property Holdings LLCEssex$379,800Phase 1 of a proposed 13,020 sf warehouse on Lot 20 of Saxon Hill
ILH LLCWilliston$362,7009,600 sf 2-story building addition, expand parking area, relocate concrete batch plant
UVM Medical CenterBurlington$356,520Add a third 600 hp boiler and a fourth cell cooling tower
Rovers NorthWestford$354,000After-the-fact approval of a commercial warehouse and distribution center
Felcor S-4 HotelsSouth Burlington$350,000Upgrade porte cochère at the hotel entrance
Chittenden Solid Waste District/
Town of Hinesburg
Hinesburg$304,730Demolish garage buildings to be replaced on a different part of the site
PepsicoSouth Burlington$259,380Expand the parking area by 4,671 sf to accommodate a reorientation of the truck park
Green Mountain Power Corp.Shoreham$251,000Relocate 7,700 ft of overhead electric and communication lines
District 5: Washington and Lamoille Counties, $37,995,569
Vermont Agency of TransportationCabot$10,064,000Extend completion date for Segment 2 of reconstruction of U.S. 2
Copley Professional Services Group Inc.Morristown$5,000,00019,000 sf professional medical office building on 4-acre lot
Lawson's Finest LiquidsWaitsfield$3,151,500Redevelop Valley Rent-All property to a brewery taproom/retail building
Very Vermonty Corp.Stowe$2,416,3661 apartment building w/seven 2-bedroom units and 1 w/two 2-bedroom units
Milot Real EstateMiddlebury$2,082,000Three-story, multi-family, 40-unit apartment complex w/municipal water
Moore Design BuildersWarren$1,981,5007,800 sf residential dwelling on Lot 11
John R. and Carolyn P. RouseMiddlebury$1,500,00040,000 sf tire warehouse building w/associated truck loading and parking
Summit Ventures NE LLCFayston$1,338,494Replace Sunshine Chair Lift at Mt. Ellen
Berlin Automotive H1 Inc.Berlin$1,300,000 5,150 gsf of additions to dealership w/associated minor site improvement
Summit Ventures NE LLCWarren$1,264,000Replace Village Chair Lift at Lincoln Peak
Manosh Properties LLCMorristown$1,040,6259,500 sf day school on Lot 3 of previously approved subdivision
Carrols Corp.Berlin$932,310Demolish 3,300 sf Burger King to be replaced by a new restaurant
Vermont Studio Center Inc.Johnson$840,007Renovate 12-studio former church building, 280 sf addition for improved ingress/egress
Waterbury Commons LLCWaterbury$720,000Single-family homes on Lots 12, 22, 24, and 25
Mt. Mansfield Co. Inc.Stowe$500,0002 parking lots south of the Midway Base Lodge
Benoit Electric Inc.Berlin$388,8003,240 gsf addition to office and warehouse building
R.L. Vallee Inc.Johnson$383,520840 sf reduction of previously approved building footprint
Thomas WyckoffCambridge$369,400Change use of the lodge from a 50-person capacity dormitory to a residential 7-unit
Vermont Agency of TransportationMorristown$345,000Complete closure of airfield w/11,000' of fence
President and Fellows of Middlebury CollegeMiddlebury$339,898Reconstruct and enlarge golf maintenance shop to include employee restrooms and handicap access
Norwich UniversityNorthfield$322,249163-stall parking lot on casual-use grassed recreation field
Iris Lane Properties LLCCambridge$317,000Subdivide 3.05 acres into Lot A and Lot A1; construct 3,200 sf brewery
Blueberry Holdings #3 LLCWilliamstown$314,171Convert building to 12-unit one-bedroom flat
Green Mountain PowerRoxbury$299,729Construct and relocate 4,389 feet of single-phase electrical distribution line
Roslyn HaldaneBarre City$275,000Reconstruct building w/attached office space into a respite care home
Agency of TransportationMiddlebury$260,000Complete perimeter fencing around the Middlebury State Airport
Spruce Peak Realty LLCStowe$250,0002 tennis courts and infrastructure on the southern edge of a parking lot
District 6: Franklin and Grand Isle Counties, $30,597,200
City of St. AlbansSt. Albans Town$10,600,000St. Albans wastewater treatment facility refurbishment
Franklin County Industrial
Development Corp.
St. Albans Town$8,510,000Demolish 85,000 sf building and construct 90,000 sf building w/parking
Franklin County Industrial
Development Corp.
Swanton $4,884,000Phase 1: 17,000 sf building addition for Vermont Precision Tools on Lot 1
Barry Callebaut USA Inc.St. Albans Town$3,366,85030,000 sf addition to manufacturing facility, second smaller unloading facility
Air Development LLCSouth Hero$998,000Reconfigure and make improvements to include previously approved 300-site campground
Northwest Access TVSt. Albans Town$599,0003,500 SF public access television building
Town of GeorgiaGeorgia$375,0006,000 sf beach pavilion to replace 1,440 sf pavilion and 1,495 sf beach house
Bannister RoofingGeorgia$375,0006,000 sf contractor shop on Lot 3 w/office area and restroom
Vermont's Camp Ta-Kum-Ta Inc.South Hero$350,000Event pavilion to replace temporary tent; additional parking; building addition for
Hard'ack Inc.St. Albans Town$309,200Amend stormwater/wastewater permits; make minor changes to ski lodge; modify location
F.W. WebbSt. Albans Town$230,150Expand outdoor storage area and build stormwater facility
District 7: Caledonia, Orleans, and Essex Counties, $4,822,415
St. Johnsbury AcademySt. Johnsbury$2,367,962Additions and renovations to 2 dormitory buildings
Burke 2000 LLCBurke$762,503Replace Poma lift w/new T-bar lift
CF Operations L3C/Craftsbury Outdoor Ctr.Craftsbury$667,0001,900 sf addition to the kitchen
Maurice Barnes Revocable Trust/
Lakeside Camping
Luke BackusWestfield$310,800Renovate barn for distillery
Agency of TransportationLyndon$245,000Complete perimeter fencing
District 8: Bennington County, $29,456,950
Bennington College Corp.Bennington$13,962,000Rehab Commons Building on the Bennington College Campus
DCH Investments Inc./Carbone
Family Realty LP
Bennington$4,631,106New Carbone Honda sales and service building; partial demolition and reconstruction of Toyota sales and service building
Vermont Agency of TR C/O Guy RouelleBennington$4,513,800Reconstruct Runway 13-31 and extend Runway 13 safety area to the west by 100'
HRH Management LLC/Bennington College Corp.North Bennington$2,049,87220 rental units in Old Mill complex (for a total of 59 units)
Bennington College Corp.Bennington$1,361,753Add half gym for temporary use as dining facility while The Commons is being renovated
Bennington College Corp.Bennington$873,919Renovate Brooder House faculty housing into health and psychological services building
Spirit Master Funding II LLC/
Bromley Manor LLC
Bennington$708,000Return use from private boarding school to Level III Senior Residential Facility w/58 beds
Town of BenningtonBennington$540,00012,000 gal. gas/diesel fuel depot above-ground tank system and 80x80 ft salt shed
Moo CanoeSunderland$466,5003,640 sf 2-story commercial building
Friends of Hildene Inc.Manchester$350,000124'x42' barn for use by visitors to Hildene and for classrooms
District 9: Addison County, $2,632,882
Green Mountain Power Corp./Waitsfield and Champlain Valley TelecomBristol$845,000Relocate 4,100' of electric distribution line
The Keewaydin FoundationSalisbury$842,000Renovate Manor House to year-round building to include insulation, windows, doors
A. Johnson Co.Bristol$368,00032.5'x50'x25' addition to band mill for lumber edging operations
The Nature ConservancyMonkton$308,000Upgrade 950' boardwalk per ADA/ABA accessibility guidelines; build accessible pathway
Green Mountain PowerBristol$269,882Utility line upgrade and extension, Notch Road