Commercial Space
Roundup 2017

Our annual survey of commercial property for sale or lease

Area commercial real estate professionals gave us a hand with this overview of commercial space available for sale or lease. Most listings are for office space, with some for retail space, manufacturing space, and land. Prices and available square footage are subject to change. This was prepared from submitted information and edited for length and consistency.

Location Available Space Rate Agent/Agency Comments/Major Tenants
17 Ayer St.4,800 sf & 0.19 acres$135,000 saleJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis Real Estate 479-3366Well-traveled street; owner willing to discuss sale of business
1 Conti Circle8,000 sf office building$650,000 saleEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Well-maintained, on 2 levels on .77 acres
168 N. Main St.1,463 sf & 0.04 acres retail$135,000 saleJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis Real Estate 479-3366Longtime retail location in Barre; average daily traffic count over 16,000
75 N. Main St.8,000 sf retail$325,000 sale or $5-$9 + utilities leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363On 2 levels on 14 acres
81 Parker Road7,500 sf office$12 sf grossRoss Montgomery, Kingsland, 658-0088Wilson Industrial Park
221 U.S. Route 3021,760 sf$335,000 saleKevin Copeland, William Raveis Real Estate 479-33662-story commercial building w/attached garage; separate duplex
542 U.S. Route 3021,200 sf office$1,800 mo. grossRoss Montgomery, Kingsland, 658-0088Office suites
79-83 S. Main St.3,360 sf + 0.46 acres$350,000 saleKevin Copeland, William Raveis Real Estate 479-33661,800 sf office and shop, 3-bedroom home, 4-unit multi-family home
654 Granger Road2,100 sf office$2,450 mo. grossMatt Tedder, Kingsland, 658-0088Fully built-out medical office space
570 U.S. Route 3023,000 sf on 0.5 acres$295,000 Linda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Graceful 3-story office building 3 miles from Montpelier
297-317 Vine St.20,649 sf on 6.5 acres$2,200,000Ross Montgomery, Kingsland, 658-00883-building campus on 6.5 acres
1060 U.S. Route 302Former gas station on 1.2 acres$850,000 sale; $4,000 mo. + nnn leaseYellow Sign Commercial, 598-0006
1537 U.S. Route 302Twin City Motel on 2.36 acres$1,300,000 Jed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Includes rear residence; near I-89; prime redevelopment site.
2418 Airport Road3,000-6,000 sf office$18 sf office leaseJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis Real Estate 479-3366Office space
Berlin Shopping Center1,500 sf retail$12 sf nnn retailYves Bradley, Pomerleau Real Estate, 863-8210Retail
768 S. Main St.300-4,500 sf$9-$10 sf nnnDonahue & Associates, 6880Mixed-use commercial building: strong tenant mix, excellent cash flow, meticulously maintained
62 Vt. Castings Way156,841-165,841 sf$1,750,000 saleDonahue & Associates, 6880
1089 Putney Road2,712 sf, 0.87 acres$800,000 saleNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Retail/restaurant building
100 Bank St.10,000 sf$15.50 sf gross + utilitiesBill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Near the Marketplace; parking available.
149 Bank St.10,000 sf office$17 sf nnnTim Burke, White + Burke, 862-12253rd floor Class A executive space
150 Bank St.2,000-7,172 sf$15.50 modifiedDonahue & Associates, 862.6880Open flex office space downtown
166 Battery St.2 single office spaces$700-$900 mo.Linda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Includes utilities and 1 parking space/office
177 Battery St.3,400 sf office$22 sf nnnYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Waterfront space; former Ice House restaurant building
180 Battery St.2,424 sf on ground floor$15.50 sf nnnTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Great exposure on the waterfront; Burlington's newest building
15 Center St.250 sf office$850 mo. absolute grossTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-20002 small offices on 2nd floor; hardwood floors, some parking available
131 Church St.3,018-3,018 sf 2nd & 3rd floor suites$19 sf nnnDonahue & Associates, 862.6880Landmark building, central business district
161 Church St.2,600 sf restaurant$179,000 saleYellow Sign Commercial, 598-0006Restaurant
32 Church St.1,703 sf$35 sfNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Open floor plan for flexible buildout options; 2nd floor office and bathroom
89 Church St.4,334 sf retail$35 sf nnn + utilitiesYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210
90 Church St.2,600 sf + full basement$30 sf nnnBill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Former North Face store; high-demand retail location.
48-50 Clarke St. 1,900 sf medical/dental office$2,850 mo. + utilitiesGrant Butterfield, Nedde Real Estate, 310-5718Dental equipment already in place
495 Colchester Ave.2,600 sf$12 sf nnnDuncan Harris, Kingsland, 658-0088New restaurant space in Burlington
115 College St.900 sf office$1,700 mo. incl. utilitiesYellow Sign Commercial, 598-0006
125 College St.4,188 sf office$14 sf grossYellow Sign Commercial, 598-0006Easily subdividable
125 College St.1,685 sf office$2,400 mo. + utilitiesYellow Sign Commercial, 598-0006Office space w/shared kitchen
125 College St.251 sf office$700 mo. incl. utilitiesYellow Sign Commercial, 598-0006Single office space, shared kitchen
126 College St.3,099 sf 2nd floor; 6,566 sf 3rd floor$12.50 sf nnnBill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Professional office space downtown
126 College St.3,000 sf bar and retail$15.50 sf nnnBill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Former Vin Bar, upscale bar and wine shop, fully equipped
135 College St.3,000 sf office$20 sf gross + utilitiesYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Downtown
148-156 College St.3,907 sf office$18 sf gross + utilitiesTony Blake, Linda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Street-level space w/beautiful wood trim; parking available
162-164 College St.2nd floor: 4,475 sf; 3rd & 4th floors: 5,875 sf$950,000 eachYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Downtown office/retail building; would-be office condos
162-164 College St.2,800, 3,075, & 4,475 sfRetail: $25 sf nnn + utilities; office: $19 sf + utilitiesYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Downtown retail and office
191 College St.50,000 sf retailNegotiableNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923New construction, including retail; plate glass, updated façade; delivered vanilla box finish
192 College St.2,370 sf retail$23.50 sf nnn + utilitiesYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Downtown
230 College St.1,980 sf retail or office$10 sf nnnTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-20001 block from Church Street, across from library; 2 parking spaces
195 Flynn Ave.1,900 sf industrial$1,200 mo.Duncan Harris, Kingsland, 658-0088Industrial space in the South End
128 Lakeside Ave.14,550 sf$15.50 sf nnn ($7.61 sf) + electricYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Innovation Center of Vermont; 2 suites left for lease
32 Lakeside Ave.3,000 sf office suite$20 sf grossYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Amazing lake and mountain views
100 Main St.Up to 13 single offices$550-$750 mo.Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Downtown suites
131 Main St.910 sf office condo$144,000 Brad Worthen, Pomerleau, 863-8210Office condo
188 Main St.12,274 sf + full basement2,500,000 saleJed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Nectar's/Club Metronome building; iconic property, investment opportunity
27 Main St.2,500 sf office suite$2,500 mo. + utilitiesBrad Worthen, Pomerleau, 863-8210Downtown
55 Main St.1,500 sf café space$3,000 mo. nnnLinda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Includes kitchen equipment, tables, chairs
233 Pearl St.2,050-2,050 sf$2,500 mo. nnn + utilitiesDonahue & Associates, 862.6880Visible, historic property; parking; near downtown
281 Pearl St.3-bay garage w/gas pumps$5,000 mo. nnnLinda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Major traffic location near downtown and UVM
84 Pine St.5 single offices$550-$850Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Downtown suites
616 S. Willard1,388 sf retail/office$2,450 mo. nnnMatt Tedder, Kingsland, 658-0088Prime retail/office space in Burlington South End
179 S. Winooski Ave.3,640-3,640 sf$7-$12 sf nnnDonahue & Associates, 862.6880
187-193 S. Winooski Ave.3,500-3,500 sf$3,937 mo.Donahue & Associates, 862.6880Historic building; creative, open floor plans
370 Shelburne Road3,007 sf$20 sf nnnTim Burke, White + Burke, 862-1225Highly visible; easy access via traffic light
183-187 St. Paul St.866-1,800 sf$17.50 sfDonahue & Associates, 862.6880Modern office building; parking, lower level storage/industrial
194 St. Paul St.760-3,650 sf retail/restaurant space$18 sf nnnDonahue & Associates, 862.6880New Eagles Landing at King and St. Paul; high visibility/traffic counts, terraced patios, on-street parking; garage available
121-123 St. Paul St.6,528 sf$13-$20 sf nnnDonahue & Associates, 862.6880Office and retail available; great exposure, corner units
1127 North Ave.2,078 sf retail$10 sf nnnTim Burke, White + Burke, 862-1225Retail storefront in Ethan Allen Shopping Center
823 Ferry Road2 suites: 1,415 & 215 sf$1,500 mo. and $350 mo. grossDoug Nedde, Nedde, 651-6888
823 Ferry Road34,000 sf$1,550,000 saleDoug Nedde, Nedde, 651-6888
15 Depot St.3,116 sf & 0.12 acres$395,000 saleCarrie Mathews, William Raveis Real Estate 297-1550Excellent location steps from the town green
156 Brentwood Drive Unit 42,400 sf plus mezzanine$8 sf + utilities leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Office/shop space; 12’x14' at-grade overhead door
35 Clay Point Road3,500 sf professional building on 7.82 acres$525,000 saleEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Former surgical center; basement, unfinished 2nd floor
831 College Parkway$55,000 saleYellow Sign Commercial, 598-0006Restaurant/bar
382 Hercules Drive5,500 sf warehouse$6.95 sfNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Heated space for storaage use only; includes loading docks
784 Hercules Drive8,000-22,500 sf$8 sf nnnDoug Nedde, Nedde, 343-4110Warehouse/distribution space
106 Highpoint5,000 sf on top floor$12 sf nnnLinda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Highpoint Center, part of commercial condos; can be purchased
261 Mountain View Drive7,674 sf on west side of 4th floor$24 sf absolute grossTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Spectacular office suite; commanding lake and mountain views
302 Mountain View Drive1,382-4,939 sf$16-$17 sf nnnDonahue & Associates, 862.6880Multiple suites available
463 Mountain View Drive1,150-13,000 sf office$15 sf nnnDonahue & Associates, 862.6880Class A building
73 Prim Road1,360 sf retail$10.59 sfNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Established commercial strip center w/high traffic.
59 Rathe Road3,738 sf office$12.75 sf nnnDonahue & Associates, 862.6880Class A on Water Tower Hill; open areas, individual offices, one w/private suite, 2 kitchenettes/break areas, built-in garage, parking
875 Roosevelt Hwy.925 sf office suite$1,750 mo. + utilitiesYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Office suite
875 Roosevelt Hwy.985 sf & 1,318 sf office$985 mo. & $1,000 mo. gross incl. utilities for leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Office condo units
105 W. Lakeshore Drive1,712 sf$349,000Donahue & Associates, 862.6880Former Malletts Bay Veterinary Hospital on Vt. 127; lake views
877 W. Lakeshore Drive2.5 acres$950,000 saleNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Permitted land ideal for commercial/resident development
29 Water Tower Circle2.27 acres$500,000 saleGrant Butterfield, Nedde, 310-5718At signaled intersection off Exit 16; adjacent parking lot also for sale
401 Water Tower Circle5,000 sf office$13.25-$15.50 nnnDonahue & Associates, 862.6880Class A building
Colchester Bank Site2,400 sf retail$15 sf nnnYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Retail
Malletts Head26.28 acres$2,750,000 saleNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923One-of-a-kind lakeshore property on Malletts Bay
Roosevelt Hwy.119 acres$3,520,000 saleGrant Butterfield, Nedde, 310-5718Zoned GD4 off Exit 17
2506 U.S. Route 517,384 sf, 4.70 acres$550,000 saleNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-69231961 building; 388' frontage, 2 curb cuts, parking, outdoor storage
335-349 Main St.1,500 sf retail$7 sf nnnDonahue & Associates, 862.6880Affordable downtown space; high ceilings
383 Main St.3,900 sf on .14 acres$275,000 Brad Worthen, Pomerleau, 863-82105-unit downtown commercial building
111 Center Road900 sf$900 mo. + utilities leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Retail/service building
50 Corporate Drive22.2 acres$176,800-$420,000 saleNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Phase II: 11-industrial-lot subdivision
46 Kellogg Road2,800 sf + mezzanine$8 sf + utilities leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Office/shop space; 12'x10' at-grade overhead door
55 Main St.1,735 sf office$12 sf grossBrad Worthen, Pomerleau, 863-8210Office suite
16 Railroad St.4,436 sf$445,000 saleGrant Butterfield, Nedde, 310-57183-unit building; 2 office spaces, 1 apartment
Essex Pad SiteUp to 12,000 sf$50,000 year land leaseYves Bradley, Brad Worthen, Pomerleau, 863-8210Pad site w/parking
Essex Shopping Center3,600 sf retail$12 sf nnn Brad Worthen, Pomerleau, 863-8210Retail
Essex Junction
1 Allen Marin Drive6.77 acres$295,000 saleLinda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Industrial development site; municipal water/sewer
4 Carmichael St. Unit 1071,250 sf$1,700 + utilities leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Former hair salon
4 Corporate Drive7,200 sf, 2.02 acres$895,000 saleNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Custom-built transportation facility; 12 dock doors w/levelers, dock seals, lights.
47 Gauthier Drive, Unit 10B600 sf office$900 mo. + utilitiesLinda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Small 2nd floor office; skylights, shower, cork floors
47 Gauthier Drive, Unit 201,800 sf$8.50 sf nnnLinda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Shop and warehouse space: 200 sf office and kitchenette
967 IBM Campus50,000 sf$18 sfNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Mix of manufacturing, warehouse, and office space
862 IBM Road47,000 sf$15 sf + electricBill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Subdividable, newly renovated, fully furnished; flexible terms
6 Joshua Way2,900 sf office$14 sfNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Space in newly constructed building
10 Kellogg Road2,600 sf$259,000 sale; $1,500 mo. + nnn leaseYellow Sign Commercial, 598-0006Commercial condo/restaurant
78 Lincloln St.1,505 sf office$12.80 sfNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Current fit-up: 2 private offices, large open office space, reception area
37 Lincoln St.2,808 sf multi-unit office/retail$339,000Donahue & Associates, 862.6880Zoned for various uses. Current occupants a salon and antiques repair shop; on-site parking; street parking available
56 Main St.10'x10' cubicle spaces$400-$500 mo. gross incl. utilitiesEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Funky, creative, collaborative workplace
87 Main St.110,000 sf multi-unit professional building$1,500,000Donahue & Associates, 862.6880Great condition; existing layout for various medical office uses, parking
4 Pearl St.5,000 sf retail$22 sfNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923New 60,000 sf mixed-use commercial; excellent visibility
1 Towne Marketplace1,000 sf$1,750 mo. grossYellow Sign Commercial, 598-0006Restaurant/retail space
101B Pearl St.1,200 sf retail$12 sf nnnTim Burke, White + Burke, 862-1225Retail storefront in Essex Junction Shopping Center
1480 Robinson Parkway6,850 sf$12 sfNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Parking, potential for outside storage, central utility plant, waste treatment plant
Fair Haven
6 Washington St./Vt. Route 22 A2 pad sites2.1-acre: $450,000; 2.6-acre: $250,000 saleYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Pad sites for sale
Vt. 22 A8,235 sf retail$12 sf nnn, 2.1 acre pad site $65,000 year; 2.6 acre pad site $45,000 year saleYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Former Rite Aid; pad sites, ground lease, retail space available; tenants include Shaw's and Aubuchon Hardware
293 Fletcher Road49,412 sf, 15.80 acres$775,000 saleNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-69232 standard loading docks, drive-in doors, parking, 3-phase electrical service
Vt. 173,800 sf restaurant$288,000 sale or leaseDavid Dion, Mad River Valley Real Estate, 496-5000High-traffic resort area
157 Monkton Road5,184 sf retail$599,000 or $5,500 mo. nnn Ross Montgomery, Kingsland, 658-0088Prime retail at lighted intersection
Corner of U.S. Route 7 & I-8970 acres$750,000Esther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Raw land
Morse Industrial Park Lot 2 & 42.59 acres & 5.43 acres$148,300 & $185,000Esther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Great location right off I-89
2312 Scott Hwy.4,238 sf + 12.0 acres$290,000 saleRich Ibey, William Raveis Real Estate 479-3366Beautiful log home on 12 acres plus log home ready to finish
82 Vt. Route 15 W.0.4 acres$99,000Ross Montgomery, Kingsland, 658-0088Commercial land adjacent to Rite Aid
20 Commerce St.1,609 sf retail$10 nnnDuncan Harris, Kingsland, 658-0088End Cap Retail in Aubuchon Center (Firehouse Plaza)
368 Vt. Route 1517.91 acres$200,000-$1,500,000NAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Currently subdivided into 3 lots; bylaws allow further division
823 Vt. Route 15 W.7.2 acres$499,000 saleLinda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Development site; can be combined w/adjacent property
853 Vt. Route 15 W.3.15 acres + improvements$329,000 saleLinda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Home of Buggyman Antiques; post & beam retail structure
24 Fox Lane5 acres$500,000 saleMatt Tedder, Kingsland, 658-0088Prime development land for sale w/permits
99 Court St.6,848 sf on 1.39 acres$600,000 sale or leaseDuncan Harris, Kingsland, 658-0088Medical office for sale or lease
135 Creek Road3,068 sf office/residential$399,000 saleRoss Montgomery, Kingsland, 658-0088Office/residential
23 Pond Lane2,312 sf office$17 nnnDuncan Harris, Kingsland, 658-0088Office suite
1232 Exchange St.6,000 sf$7 nnnDuncan Harris, Kingsland, 658-0088Clear span building w/4, 12' at-grade doors
1396 U.S. Route 7 South800 sf retail$1,000 mo. Duncan Harris, Kingsland, 658-0088Retail space
107 Catamount Drive7,000-10,000 sf$8 nnnKingsland Company, 658-00882 brand new flex units in Catamount Industrial Park
524 U.S. Route 7 South13,804 sf on 1.94 acres$850,000 saleRoss Montgomery, Kingsland, 658-0088High visibility retail site
Milton Shopping Center6,270 sf, 10,000-14,000 sf to be built $12 sf nnn Brad Worthen, Pomerleau, 863-8210Retail
Pad Site3.2 acres$850,000 saleYves Bradley, Brad Worthen, Pomerleau, 863-8210Pad site
203 Barre St.2,000 sf and fixtures$275,000 saleMatt Lumsden, William Raveis Real Estate 878-5500Awesome opportunity to own your own business and rental unit
1 Blanchard Ct.6,200 sf office$22 sf grossRoss Montgomery, Kingsland, 658-0088Class A office suite
56 College St.11,500 sf, 0.45 acres$1,550,000 saleNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Professional office space in renovated historic building
203 Country Club Road1,500-5,000 sf office$10 nnnRoss Montgomery, Kingsland, 658-0088Office suites
47 Court St.858 sf office$25.17 sfNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-69232nd floor suite; open floor plan, exposed beams, downtown
139 Main St.7,200 sf$18 sf nnnTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Open floor plan, can be build-to-suit; up to 45 parking spaces
90 Main St.2,000-10,800 sf$8-$12 sf officeDoug Nedde, 651-68882nd & 3rd floors of the TDBank building
3 Pitkin Ct.384 sf office$950 mo. grossRoss Montgomery, Kingsland, 658-0088Office suite
79 River St.8,900 sf office$13-$17 sf grossDuncan Harris, Kingsland, 658-0088Office suites
26 State St.Up to 1,950 sf office$14 sf gross + utilitiesTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Nicely appointed professional offices; historical building
58 State St.5,400 sf$18 sf nnnTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Cool stand-alone building on the river; great for café or office
Bailey Building1,665 sf, 3rd floor office$12 sf grossBrian Waxler, Pomerleau, 863-8210Office suite
City Center, 89 Main St.2,205 sf$12 sf + $9 sf nnn incl. heatDoug Nedde, Nedde, 343-4110Office, retail, or service space
City Center, 89 Main St.2,413 sf$12 sf + $9 sf nnn incl. heatDoug Nedde, Nedde, 343-4110Office, retail, or service space
Newport Shopping Center1,280-14,000 sf retail$12 sf nnn Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Retail
North Ferrisburgh
7058 U.S. Route 74,800 sf office$12 sf grossKingsland Company, 658-0088Office space
81 Freight Yard Way5,800 sf on 1.95 acres$750,000 Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Investment property
32-34 Pleasant St.2,160 sf$265,000 sale, $10 sf + utilities leaseYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Bank site; investment opportunity
39 Bridge St.4,800 sf restaurant building$430,000 real estate, $75,000 business assetsBill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Fully equipped; on ground floor; office space on 2nd floor; downtown
13 E. Main St.2 suites: 540 & 567 sf$800 mo. & $1,000 mo. grossDoug Nedde, 651-6888Suites
Saint Johnsbury
46 Cherry St.14,000 sf + 0.72 acres$995,000 saleMathew Ghafoori, William Raveis Real Estate 748-954342-bed, established residential assisted-care facility
443 Railroad St.3,104 sf$125,000 saleMathew Ghafoori, William Raveis Real Estate 748-9543Excellent visibility; average daily traffic count over 9,000
2571 Shelburne RoadOffice space$800-$1,800 mo.Donahue & Associates, 862.6880Excellent opportunity; parking
2613 Shelburne Road3,564 sf retail$585,000 sale; $14 sf nnn leaseFernando Cresta, Nedde, 343-1305Retail or many other uses
2735 Shelburne Road6,000 sf$7.50 sf + utilitiesBrad Worthen, Pomerleau, 863-8210Warehouse space
2801 Shelburne Road1.9 acres$549,000 Brad Worthen, Pomerleau, 863-8210Land for sale
3972 Shelburne Road3,500 sf, 2.78 acres$795,000 saleNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Going for land value
5138 Shelburne Road700-900 sf offices$600-$1,000 mo. all inclusiveLinda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Smaller suites; professional building in Shelburne village
5573 Shelburne Road2,836 sf, 2 floors$440,000 saleTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Former Café Shelburne, includes 2nd floor apartment
Shelburne Green2,000-22,000 sfOffice: $13-$14 sf, warehouse: $10.50 sf, nnn + utilities (nnn's $3.70)Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Shelburne Green
Shelburne Green Phase 22,560-9,000 sf$12.50 sf office shell, nnn's approx. $2.50 sfYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Multiple buildings on Shelburne Green
South Burlington
41 Commerce Ave.2,500 sf$8 sfNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-692312'x14' overhead door, 22' clearance, 1 restroom
10 Dorset St.4,488 sf office/retail space$22 sf nnnGrant Butterfield, Nedde, 310-5718Prime location
100 Dorset St.3,401-15,000 sf office$16.50-$25 sf grossDonahue & Associates, 862.6880Parking, flexible layout, elevator access, access to I-89/airport
358 Dorset St.2,900-8,000 sf$17 sf nnnLinda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Wide open showroom space; great retail
372 Dorset St.4,320 sf retail$13 NAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Stand-alone building; parking, ideal for medical, retail, or service
595 Dorset St.2,650 sf office$309,000 saleYellow Sign Commercial, 598-0006Office condo
595 Dorset St.600 sf office$750 mo. Yellow Sign Commercial, 598-0006Office space
358 Dorset St. & 55 San Remo Drive2 buildings on 1+ acres$2,500,000 Linda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000High traffic location, lots of parking, great curb appeal/signage
10 Farrell St. Up to 8,710 sf retail or office 4,345 sf & 4,385 sf retail$12-$14 sf nnn $12-$14 sf nnn ($3.90 sf)Linda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000 Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Convenient w/great signage, completely rehabbed retail
2 Green Tree Drive2,775 sf office$12 sfNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Private offices, open space, storage, break area, 2 bathrooms
21 Gregory DriveUp to 8,392 sf$13.50 sfJed Dousevicz, Linda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Office/light industrial; premier location, can be built-to-suit
8 Harbor View Road11,000 sf industrial/warehouse$10-$12 sf nnnDonahue & Associates, 862.6880Industrial/warehouse
550 Hinesburg Road1,468 sf ground-level office$14.25 sf nnn (includes utilities)Tony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Class A space w/4-5 offices, kitchenette, conference room; lots of parking/exposure
625 Hinesburg Road15,000-20,000 sf, to be built$995,000 saleBrad Worthen, Pomerleau, 863-8210Land for sale
800 Hinesburg Road1-12,000 sf$5 sf gross incl. utilities leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Contractor space
41 IDX Drive1,172 sf retail$17 sf nnnDuncan Harris, Kingsland, 658-0088Retail space
1 Kennedy Drive700-3,450 sf office$12-$17.14 sfNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Professional office complex; individual suites available; parking
140 Kennedy Drive2,800 sf on top floor$14 sf nnnTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Flexible floor plans in professional office building; lots of parking
110 Kimball Ave.2,157 sf ground floor office$16 sf nnnDoug Nedde, Nedde 343-4110Class A, fully furnished
20 Kimball Ave.450-3,730 sf office$11.29-$16.09 sfNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Class B space; elevator service, great parking, full HVAC
30 Kimball Ave.2,383 sf on first floor$13.50 sf nnnTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000High-quality professional building; lots of light, parking
30 Kimble Ave.2,150 sf suites$11.50-$14 sf nnnDonahue & Associates, 862.6880On 1st and 2nd floors; access to I-89, parking, can build-to-suit
4 Market St.5,844 sf retail$14 sf nnnDonahue & Associates, 862.6880Downtown frontage, natural light, parking, access to I-89/airport
472 Meadowlands Drive7,000 sf$9 nnnKingsland Company, 658-00885,000 sf plus 2,000 sf mezzanine
15 Palmer Heights2,600 sf industrial flex space$8.08 sfNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-69231,500 sf finished office space on 2 levels, full HVAC
89 Rye Circle1,300 sf commercial condo$269,900 saleJed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Newly built; directly on Vt. 116
42 Timber Lane960 sf office150,000 saleDuncan Harris, Kingsland, 658-0088Medical office condo
228 & 265 Aviation Ave.730-5,025 sf office spaces$15 sf grossBrad Worthen, Pomerleau, 863-8210Near airport
1050 Hinesburg Road3,600 sf office space$14.50 sfBrad Worthen, Pomerleau, 863-8210Good for gym or PT
1060 Hinesburg Road2,563-6,470 sf office$12.50-$14 sf nnnTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Beautiful Class A suites; modern, energy-efficient professional building; build-to-suit opportunity
1475 Shelburne Road8,296 sf building$1,400,000Donahue & Associates, 862.6880Home renovated to accommodate retail/office use; modern addition for one or more tenants
1775 Williston Road2,770 sf office$12.50 sf nnnJed Dousevicz, Linda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000High visibility office suite near airport; flexible layout
1795 Williston Road959-2,659 sf office suites$12.50-$14.50 sf nnnJed Dousevicz, Linda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Corner of Kennedy Drive; professional suites on various floors
1891 Williston Road9,012 sf auto body shop/retail$7.50 sf nnn (nnn est. $1.93 sf)Fernando Cresta, Nedde, 343-1305Drive-in doors, reception, restoom, open floor plan, garage, kitchen, 2 painting booths
1891 Williston Road2,463 sf retail/storage space$7.50 sf retail/warehouseFernando Cresta, Nedde, 343-1305One overhead drive-in door
1944 Williston Road1,023sf retail$12 sf + utilities leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Great retail space
2026 Williston Road3,678 sf building$675,000 saleFernando Cresta, Nedde, 343-1305Pine Computers building: retail, industrial, office
Shelburne Road8,882 sf$2,250,000 sale, lease rate TBDFernando Cresta, Nedde, 343-1305Former Sirloin Saloon building, mixed use zoning
South Hero
59 U.S. Route 23.7 Acres$875,000 Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Land for sale
St. Albans
6-16 N. Main St.1,985 sf retail$14 sf nnnGrant Butterfield, Nedde, 310-5718
6-16 N. Main St.2,000-14,643 sf office$12 sf nnnGrant Butterfield, Nedde, 310-5718
289 Swanton Road25,432 sf retail$8 sf nnnTim Burke, White + Burke, 862-1225Large retail space in Highgate Commons shopping center
St. Albans Center2,500 sf, 1,936 sf bank site$10 sf nnn, Bank $12.50 sf nnnYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Retail
151 Main St.655-1,816 sf$25 sf nnnLinda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Beautiful historic building; ideal for many retail or office uses
77 1st St.0.56 acres$350,000 saleNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Land w/curb cuts and frontage at Vt. 78 and Liberty Street
20 Armory Lane2,400 sf office$449,000 or $2,900 grossRoss Montgomery, Kingsland, 658-0088Medical office space for sale or lease
61 Main St.6,054 sf$299,000Ross Montgomery, Kingsland, 658-0088Unique investment opportunity
100 Mad River Green1,060-3,187 sf$10 nnnDuncan Harris, Kingsland, 658-0088Retail space in vibrant shopping center
1673 Main St.15,488 sf$740,000 Tony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Huge price reduction; commercial office/warehouse condo combo
1673 Main St.15,00 sf on 11 acres, office condos$740,000 Brad Worthen, Pomerleau, 863-8210Investment property for sale; co-listing w/V/T Commercial
4276 Main St.4,860 sf church$375,000 saleDavid Dion, Mad River Valley, 496-5000In Waitsfield's historic district
1225 Golf Course Road4,000 sf bed & breakfast$749,000 saleDavid Dion, Mad River Valley, 496-5000Borders 1st hole of the Sugarbush Golf Course
75 N. Main St.4,400 sf office, to be built$15 sf nnnBrad Worthen, Pomerleau, 863-8210Office building to be built
Waterbury Shopping Center1,100 sf retail$12 sf nnn Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Retail
Waterbury-Stowe Road400 sf drive-thru$1,450 mo. nnnTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000In the Vermont Annex building; great visibility, near Ben & Jerry's
147 Allen Brook Lane2,500 sf on ground level$15 sf nnnLinda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Mix of perimeter offices and open work areas; well maintained
147 Allen Brook Lane5,040 sf building$725,000 Linda Letourneau, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Single floor office building designed for 2 tenants; great for investment or owner/occupied
520 Avenue D6,000 sf warehouse$4,500 mo. incl. utilitiesYellow Sign Commercial, 598-0006Warehouse space
600 Blair Park2,500-7,980 sf$12.50 sf gross + utilitiesTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Affordable office suites; flexible floor plans, build-to-suit opportunities
160 Boyer Circle5,825 sf$7 sf nnnTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Shop and warehouse space in Adams Industrial Park
237 Commerce St.2 suites: 2,000 sf & 3,000 sf$10 sf gross incl. utilities leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363First floor & second floor; lots of windows
312 Commerce St.1,200 sf flex/office$1,200 mo.Duncan Harris, Kingsland, 658-0088Flex/office space
64 Harvest Lane3,842 sf office$11 sf nnnDonahue & Associates, 862.6880High ceilings; high-efficiency lighting; warehouse w/loading dock/overhead door; break/kitchen area, parking
380 Hurrican Lane2,675-2,990 sf$9.50-$12 sf nnnDonahue & Associates, 862.6880
291 Hurricane Lane14,790-55,883 sf very flexible$6.50-$12 sf nnn Doug Nedde, Nedde, 343-4110Class A office/manufacturing/warehouse; near Taft Corners and Exit 12
310 Hurricane Lane4,245-8,895 sf$12.75 sf nnnLinda Letourneau, Jed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Flex building; office space, lab area, loading dock, kitchenette
372 Hurricane Lane2,448 to 4,800 sf office$11 sf nnnLinda Letourneau, Jed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000In Hillside East Commercial Park off Exit 12; office space, parking
380 Hurricane Lane2,675 sf office$11 sf nnnLinda Letourneau, Jed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Ground-level office space in Hillside East Commercial Park
434 Hurricane Lane6,800 sf on 1.29 acres$995,000 Bill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000High-quality office building off Exit 12; perfect for an owner/user.
861 IBM Road70,000 sf, minimum 4,000 sf office$18 modified + electricNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Class A private offices, conference rooms; full-service cafeteria in connecting building; access to classroom and auditorium
426 Industrial Ave.2,062 sf office$23.50 sf grossYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Medical office fit-up
300 Interstate Corp. Center1,620-2,031 sf office spaces$22.50 sf nnnDonahue & Associates, 862.6880Taft Corners; parking, high visibility, natural light, open work environments, Class A finishes
500 Interstate Corp. Center2,650-2,650 sf$13 sf nnn Donahue & Associates, 862.6880Williston Road and Vt. 2A; historic building feel, new roof/wood floors, full basement, 8-foot ceilings, HVAC, parking, near I-89
60 Knight Lane2,000-4,000 sf office$12 sfNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Professional open and private space; reception area, conference room
66 Knight Lane2,375 sf office$12 sfNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Private office, open area, reception area, kitchenette, break room
71 Knight Lane1,578 sf$12.50 sfNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923State-of-the-art medical office fit-up; mix of offices and treatment rooms
88 Leroy Road2,510 sf office$8.25 nnnKingsland Company, 658-0088Affordable, w/large bullpen, 8 work stations
700 Mountain View Road41.40 acres$450,000 saleNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Over 1,019 feet frontage in strong residential development
121 Park Ave.3,267 sf$8 sf gross incl. utilities leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Large kitchen/break area
121-127 Park Ave.21,078 sf flex building$1,550,000 saleFernando Cresta, Grant Butterfield, Nedde, 651-6888Flex building
2 Simons Plaza1,000 sf retail$16 sfNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Retail space
20 Winter Sport Lane2,615-4,517 sf$9-$11 sf nnnLinda Letourneau, Jed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Premier flex building w/updated design just off Industrial Ave.; can be build-to-suit
1354 Marshall Ave.4,000 sf$8 nnnKingsland Company, 658-0088End Cap unit w/2,500 sf office; 1,500 sf warehouse
4626 & 4660 Williston Road3,825 sf building & 2 parcels$650,000 Bill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000High traffic location at Industrial Ave; prime for redevelopment
4705 Williston Road8,500 sf$13.41 sfNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Stand-alone building; great visibility, large showroom, 3 offices, 2 overhead doors
Taft Corners Shopping Center1,400-3,890 sf$16.50 sf nnnDonahue & Associates, 862.6880High traffic counts, parking, easy access to I-89/airport, excellent tenants.
10 E. Allen St.18,000-26,525 sf office$21 sf nnnDonahue & Associates, 862.6880Class A high-efficiency building; open space for work stations; private offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms
276 E. Allen St.1,800-7,300 sf office$9-$11 sf nnnLinda Letourneau, Jed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Affordable space, easily accessible location; recently renovated, lots of parking
133 Elm St.119,000 sf warehouse/industrial$5.75 sf nnn (Est. nnn $1.46 sf)Doug Nedde, Nedde, 651-6888Divisible warehouse/industrial space; 17 loading docks, 80 parking spaces
235 Main St.1,260 sf$185,000 saleNAI J.L. Davis Realty, 876-6923Great layout for office, service, and retail; glass entryway, open areas, several private offices
33 Main St.1,422 sf$12.50 nnnDonahue & Associates, 862.6880Spinner Place; retail
46 Main St.3,502 sf$12.50 sf nnnJed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Convenient location; some on-site parking, flexible layout
32 Malletts Bay Ave.3,483 sf 1,031 sf$14 sf gross incl. utilities lease $1,800 mo. gross incl. utilities leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Childcare space Fully equipped commercial kitchen
4 Tigan St.6,200 sf office/showroom$8.50 sf nnnBrad Worthen, Pomerleau, 863-8210Office and showroom space
130 W. Canal St.1,000-6,000 sf$8 sf + utilities leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Great second floor office or flex space
44 Worcester Village Road3,000 sf + real estate$650,000Yellow Sign Commercial, 598-0006Turnkey gas station/convenience store
130 W. Canal St.1,000-6,000 sf$8 sf + utilities leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Great second floor office or flex space
44 Worchester Village Road3,000 sf + real estate$650,000Yellow Sign Commercial, 598-0006Turnkey gas station/convenience store includes real estate
If you would like to be part of the next annual roundup, please let us know at (802) 862-4109.