Jack TenneyExtra Point

by Jack Tenney, Publisher

April 2015

Spring cleaning isn’t just for garages, closets, and outbuildings. It’s time to clean out the mental cookies piled up in your head like a cache full of websites you visited once by mistake.

Here’s an example of a factoid that keeps popping up in my mind: “W rhymes nicely with ‘trouble you.’” My daughter wrote a poem more than 30 years ago about a black lamb named J.W. who, she assured all, wouldn’t trouble you.

I can’t seem to forget 0.5 percent. That is, of course, 5 dollars a thousand, the amount I always associated with the annual management fee charged by mutual funds. I understand that hedge fund managers get 2 percent plus 20 percent of the gains, which they report for tax purposes as capital gains, although most hedge funds have under-performed mutual funds, which had trouble equaling the S&P 500 index funds.

I have finally purged my memory of the movie Birdman and the Book of Mormon lyrics. No, wait! Hello, hello, my name is Elder Tenney ...

The Red Sox are back. But Johnny Damon is twice gone, as are Manny, Kevin “Yooooooo,” “Lestah,” “Papelbomb,” but the beards are still here.

I finally must forget that UVM beat Syracuse at the big dance.

I no longer refer to stuff I read in the Free Press. Am I alone?

I am going to start purging emails faster.

I am going to purge my Facebook friends list.

I am going to quit reading my old columns to make sure I haven’t already written about what I’m now writing.

This is beginning to sound like New Year’s resolutions, but that can’t be because I forget them before Presidents’ Day.

Nothing as refreshing as a blank mind to face tax deadlines, which always come, fittingly, shortly after Fool’s Day.