October 2014

Commercial Roundup

Area commercial real estate professionals gave us a hand with this overview of commercial space available for sale or lease. Most listings are for office space, with some for retail space, manufacturing space and land. Prices and available square footage are subject to change. This was prepared from submitted information and edited for length and consistency.

Location Available Space Rate Agent/Agency Comments/Major Tenants
2418 Airport Road3,000–12,000 sf$18 sf leaseJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis, BCK Real Estate, 479-3366Medical office
1 Conti Circle8,000 sf on 0.77 acres $697,920 saleEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Professional office building
772 Graniteville Road5,000–13,000 sf$6.50 sf leaseJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Office
14 N. Main St.1,000–8,000 sf$14.63 sf leaseJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Blanchard Block. Class A office including an elevator
171 N. Main St.4,674 sf and 0.12 acres$250,000 saleJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Sale leaseback. Room for expansion
86-1 N. Main St.Business only, no real estate$150,000 saleJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Full-service retail camera business
241 Quarry Hill Road4,431 sf$295,000 saleJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Operated as a restaurant for 60 years
1537 U.S. 3022.5 acres$1,850,000Ross Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Development site near I-89; main retail strip
Beecher Falls
1280 Vt. 253100,000 sf$895,000 saleLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Former Ethan Allen Furniture finishing facility
Berlin Shopping Center3,000 sf, 6,000 sf$12 sf nnn Brian Waxler, Pomerleau Real Estate, 863-8210
1021 U.S. 30224,106 sf retail/office and 2,376 sf warehouse on 53 acres$1,750,000 saleTim Burke, White + Burke, 862-1225Price Chopper, T.J. Maxx, CVS, State of Vermont, Central Vermont Medical Center
1331 U.S. 3023,235 sf and 1.60 acres$1,500,000 saleJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Prime commercial and retail zone
768 S. Main St.20,160 sf office building on 4.15 acres$765,000 saleYves Bradley, Matt Tedder, Pomerleau Real Estate, 863-8210Investment opportunity
Lower Plain Road, U.S. 522+ acres$995,000 saleBrad Worthen, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Prime commercial development land next to I-91 Exit 16
67 Tubbs Ave.133,000 sf$2,750,000 saleDonahue & Associates, 862-6880
183 and 187 St. Paul St.1,000–2,400 sf$12 sf nnnTony Blake, Chris Sherman, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Newly renovated mixed-use building w/on-site parking
100 Bank St.25,000 sf$21 sf gross + utilitiesBill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Views in centrally located professional office building w/on-site parking
150 Bank St.2,000–7,172 sf$15.50 modifiedDonahue & Associates, 862-6880Downtown Burlington open flex office space
209 Battery St.1,856 sf on ground level$14.50 sf gross + utilitiesTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Waterfront space w/exposed brick and slate, dedicated entrance
104 Church St.1 room office$850 mo. grossBrian Waxler, Pomerleau, 863-8210
123-131 Church St.31,169 sf sale
672-3,574 sf lease
$4,250,000 sale;
$22 nnn lease
Donahue & Associates, 862-6880Central business district. 1st floor retail, 2nd and 3rd floor offices. Or lease 2nd and 3d floor suites
144 Church St.2,500 sf retail level$34.50 sf nnnTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Former Mr. Crepe restaurant, fully equipped, on the Church Street Marketplace
125 College St.2,000–4,188 sf on 2nd and 5th floors$16.50 sf absolute grossBill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Wells Richardson Building, brick walls, some views
148 College St.2–3 individual offices$500 mo. officeJed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Rent all or some of the space. One block from Marketplace
156 College St.1,332 sf 3rd floor$16.25 sf gross + electricTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Built-out space in historic Smith Building, parking available
162-164 College St.4,845 sf$30 modifiedDonahue & Associates, 862-6880Directly across from City Hall Park. High exposure storefront
198 College St.1,550 sf retail or office$17 sf gross + utilitiesTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Build-to-suit. Exposed brick, on-site parking. Central business district
3 Main St., Cornerstone Building#107, 3,910 sf
#100, 1,240 sf
$7,494 gross mo.
$2,471 gross mo.
Melinda Moulton, Main Street Landing, 864-7999#107: Restaurant space on waterfront, patio available
#100: Lake view, four offices, kitchenette, 1st floor
101 Main St.6,000–7,000 sf
6,056 sf
$14 sf nnn or $5.25 sf cam
$14 sf nnn or $5.25 est. cam
Doug Nedde, Nedde Real Estate, 343-4110
Erik Hoekstra, Redstone, 658-7400
Retail/restaurant/space; Hilton Garden Inn, Armory Building
Historic Armory Building, downtown Burlington
99 Industrial Parkway25,000–40,000 sf$TBD leaseLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107To be developed. Warehouse /flex space
40 Intervale Road0.80 acre lot$595,000 saleGrant Butterfield, Nedde Real Estate, 310-5718Burlington lot w/warehouse/office buildings
Lake and College, 1D1,071 sf$2,231 mo. grossMelinda Moulton, Main Street Landing, 864-7999Three private offices w/conference room. Office or retail
128 Lakeside Ave. 22,500 sf: 326–7,543 sf$15.50 sf nnn ($5.75 sf) + electricYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Innovation Center of Vermont, 1st floor
131 Main St.910 sf office$195,000 saleBrad Worthen, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Ground floor across from City Hall Park. Parking available
60 Main St.150–1,200 sf
1- to 4-room offices
$250–$1,500 mo. absolute gross
$250-$1,500 mo.
Brad Worthen, V/T Commercial, 864-2000
Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210
LCRCC building. Shared kitchens, conference rooms.
Small office suites; parking next door
47 Maple St.Multiple single offices, 2nd and 3rd floors$400–$1,750 mo. Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Single office suites. Few left
1127 North Ave.7,000 sf retail/office$8-10 sf nnnTim Burke, White + Burke, 862-1225Ethan Allen Shopping Center
747 Pine St.10,000–64,265 sf$6.25 sf nnnDoug Nedde, Nedde Real Estate, 343-4110Industrial/commercial/office
84 Pine St.1,353 sf top floor$17.50 sf nnnBill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000High quality office space w/views and on-site parking
362, 366, 370, 374 Riverside Ave.Four houses on .89 acres$949,000 salePeter Yee, Yellow Sign Commercial, 598-0006Land development
179 S. Winooski Ave.3,640 sf$7–$12 modifiedDonahue & Associates, 862-6880For lease
111 St. Paul St.1,000 sf 3rd floor office space$1,500 mo. + utilities Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Downtown
76 St. Paul St.1,500 sf$18.40 sfDonahue & Associates, 862-6880Downtown professional office building w/garage
86 St. Paul St.3,184 sf 2nd floor$16.50 sf gross + utilitiesTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Opportunity for build-to-suit. Parking available
222-224 S. Winooski Ave.3–unit multi–family building$875,000 saleGrant Butterfield, Nedde Real Estate, 310-5718Historic Edward Lyman House. Investment opportunity
Union Station, Ste. 212282 sf 1st floor office$705 mo. grossMelinda Moulton, Main Street Landing, 864-7999Open office good for an artist or business. Historic Union Station
Wing Building, Ste. 122276 sf 1st floor$690 gross mo.Melinda Moulton, Main Street Landing, 864-7999Wing Building
174 Battery St.Single office and 750 sf$400–$850 mo.Linda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Waterfront district, office and street-level retail or office
200 Main St.550 sf and 380 sf offices$750–$1,250 mo.Linda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Single offices, small suites. 2nd level. Near Mirabelles
1 Mill St.1,000–4,000 sf$9-13 sf nnnLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Chace Mill. Multiple spaces available
2944 Vt. 108 S.4,180 sf and 5.20 acres$399,000 saleKen Libby, William Raveis, Stowe Realty, 253-848480-seat restaurant w/small bar area
3488 Ethan Allen Hwy.4,360 sf on 5.30 acres$475,000 saleMatt Tedder, Pomerleau, 863-8210Redevelopment opportunity
735 Ferry Road7,910 sf on 6.01 acres$595,000 saleBill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Former Waldorf High School. Recently upgraded, numerous possible uses
113 Acorn Lane, Ste. B4,800 sf$7.50 sf nnn ($1.80 sf 2013)Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Flex space, mix of office and warehouse
146 Brentwood Drive25,000 sf on 4.95 acres $1,875,000 saleEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Furniture World building
254 Brentwood Drive Ste. 35,000 sf$7 sf nnn leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Metal building, dock, and at-grade
30 Champlain Drive17,700 sf$1,500,000 saleGrant Butterfield, Nedde Real Estate, 310-5718Warehouse/office space off I-89 Exit 16
68 Champlain Drive9,250 sf$1,250,000 saleGrant Butterfield, Nedde Real Estate, 310-5718Warehouse off I-89 Exit 16
786 College Parkway16,000 sf$8.75 sf nnnTony Blake, Chris Sherman, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Free-standing brick building adjacent to Fanny Allen Hospital, recent upgrades
162 Hegeman Ave.16,807 sf on .96 acres$1,450,000 sale;
$12.50 sf nnn + utilities lease
Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Investment opportunity or owner-user
Large office building for lease
462 Hegeman Ave.Single offices$250-$400 mo. grossYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Single office suites
784 Hercules Drive61,428 sf$7,500,000 sale;
$9.50 sf nnn lease
Doug Nedde, Nedde Real Estate, 343-4110Office/industrial w/freezer, cooler, and warehouse
164 Main St.728 sf lease$730 mo. all inEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Former Benchmark Mortgage space, office
261 Mountain View Drive3,990–5,000 sf top floor$16.25 sf nnnTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Good work environment w/views, on-site cafeteria, high ceilings, easy access
354 Mountain View Drive1,933–3,685 sf$17.50 nnnDonahue & Associates, 862-6880Multiple suites available
463 Mountain View Drive5,000–11,000 sf$21-28 true gross leaseSteve Gunlock, Engelberth, 655-0100Park Place: AAA office. Top floor views. Engelberth, Digital Insurance, Vertek, SNHU; former NY Life
463 Mountain View Drive11,400 sf$19 nnnDonahue & Associates, 862-6880
85 Prim Road, Unit2 1,600 sf condos#401 $1,500–$2,300 mo. + utilities lease; $149,000 sale; #402 $189,000; both $325,000Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Two office condominiums, lease
947 Roosebelt Hwy.0.75 acres$3,500 m nnn land leasePeter Yee, Yellow Sign, 598-0006High-traffic location
Roosevelt Hwy.119 acres$3,520,000 saleGrant Butterfield, Nedde Real Estate, 310-5718Land Lot zoned GD4 off I-89 Exit 17
19 Roosevelt Hwy.3,317 sf top floor corner suite$11 sf nnnChris Sherman, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Perimeter offices, interior work area. Adjacent to I-89 Exit 16
623 Roosevelt Hwy.
29 Water Tower Circle
2.98 acre car parkAdjacent 2.27-acre lot$1,000,000 sale
$500,000 sale
Grant Butterfield, Nedde Real Estate, 310-5718Parking lot at signaled intersection off I-89 Exit 16.
Adjacent lot for sale
42 Severance Green1,383 sf $15 sf nnn  leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Retail/office/personal service. New space
336 Water Tower Circle1,500 sf ground floor$17.60 sf gross + utilitiesBill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Efficient office suite w/6 offices, large windows, access to fitness facility
401 Water Tower Circle425 sf and others$17 nnnDonahue & Associates, 862-68803rd level space
106 Highpoint Center4,680–14,040 sf$13.75-$14.75 nnn lease;
$748,000-$820,000 sale
Linda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Class A office. At I-89 Exit 16. Recently updatedFloors 2, 3, and top available; Views. Fit-up in place
19 Roosevelt Hwy.2,399–4,106 sf$11.50 sf nnn ($5.37)Linda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107At Exit 16. Flexible layouts, affordabe rates
East Montpelier
U.S. 21.50 acres$150,000 saleKevin Copeland, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Lot. Level site
U.S. 21.60 acres$175,000 saleKevin Copeland, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Lot. Level site
3035 U.S. 248.52 acres$450,000 saleKevin Copeland, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Intersection of Vt. 14
East Barre
138 Mill St3,536 sf on 0.3 acres$280,000Ross Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Business and real estate together or separate
Enosburg Shopping Center3,800 sf$10 sf nnn Brian Waxler, Pomerleau, 863-8210
Essex & Essex Junction
1 Allen Martin Drive6.77 acres$320,000 saleTom Raub, Hickok & Boardman Commercial Realty, 846-9526All town utilities to the site. Zoned RDI 
30 Allen Martin Drive30,000–180,000 sfDonahue & Associates, 862-6880Two 180,000 sf buildings, one 60,000 sf. Subdividable. Warehouse, manufacturing, or flex
20 and 22 B, Morse Drive3,000 sf and 3,600 sf$8 sf + utilities leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Large at-grades, warehouse spaces
2 Carmichael St.4,703 sf$12.50 sf nnn ($4.62 sf)Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Retail
21 Carmichael St.850 sf ground floor$850 mo. + utilitiesJed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000New building w/high visibility, easy access, on-site parking
5 David Drive2,860 sf$12.59 sf gross + utilitiesJed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Newer flex building, growth area, off Susie Wilson Road
Essex Shopping Center3,000 sf house$12 sf nnn Brian Waxler, Pomerleau, 863-8210
4 Kellogg Road6,630 sf on .76 acres$635,000 saleYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Investment opportunity. Office building, fully leased
15 Pearl St.2,597 sf building$329,000 saleBrad Worthen, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Well-maintained stand-alone, three floors, parking, multiple uses
25 Pinecrest Drive3,000 sf$11 sf + utilitiesDave Kelly, HighPoint Realty, 655-4700Nice fit-up. Plenty of parking
83 River Road8–unit apartment building$959,000 saleTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Two-bedroom units w/cash flow, consistent rental history w/good tenants
63 Main St.Single office$500-$700 mo. grossDonahue & Associates, 862-6880
10-12 Pearl St.2000–4,000 sf$539,000 sale; $10 sf nnn leaseLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Well-maintained duplex style office building. Parking
86 Pearl St.3-unit building$399,000 saleLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Commerical salon space and two apartments. High traffic
159 Pearl St., Complex 159900–3,200 sf office suites$8 sf + camMarie St. Amand, 878-5651Renovated, flexible floor plans, great visibility, parking
14 Railroad St.Multi-family, 3 units w/4 bedrooms$399,000 saleGrant Butterfield, Nedde Real Estate, 310-5718Multi-family investment opportunity, price reduced
George's Way111 acres$375,000 saleClifton Gross, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Mobile home park and two single-family residences
2200 Basin Harbor RoadBuildings and 10.2 acres $2,450,000 saleMatt Tedder, Pomerleau, 863-8210Marina for sale
Ballard Road7.78 acres w/2,400 sf home$595,000 saleYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Redevelopment opportunity
Rt. 7 and I-89, Exit 1870 acres $1,225,000 saleEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Raw land for development
Great Road280 acres$995,000 saleClifton Gross, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Barn w/milking parlor, pond, maple sugar orchard, sugar house, and open pastures
82 Vt. 15 W1,400 sf on 0.4 acres$99,000Ross Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Retail development site
62 Airport Road3,400 sf on 2 acres$7.50 sf nnn + utilities lease;
$265,000 sale
Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210
Redevelopment opportunity
223 Commerce St.27,480 sf$1,650,000 saleDoug Nedde, Nedde Real Estate, 343-4110Industrial/office w/2nd floor apartment
Hyde Park
123 Locke Ave.7,500 sf and 1.02 acres$495,000 saleKen Libby, William Raveis, Stowe Realty, 253-8484Truck body repair shop
44 and 70 Lamoille View Lane10 units$899,000 saleLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Two commercial rentals and 8 apartments, fully rented
2363 U.S. 411,460 sf on 2 acres$1,500,000Ross Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Retail at base of Killington access road
38 Pond Road6,500 sf$11 sf grossJed Dousevicz, Chris Sherman, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Flex building w/office and warehouse space in prime commercial park
107 Catamount DriveCatamount Industrial Park19,643 sf on 3.12 acres$1,850,000 sale;
$10 sf nnn lease
Ross Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477High-tech lab space with offices, R&D space, training rooms, flex space. Temp controlled. Expansion room
91 Granite Shed Lane5,000 sf$6 sf nnnRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Warehouse w/office component; downtown
89 Main St.2,413 sf and 2,205 sf$12 sf + $9 sf nnn including heatDoug Nedde, Nedde Real Estate, 343-4110Office, retail, or service space at City Center
44 Main St.2,500 sf $6,500 mo. nnnPeter Yee, Yellow Sign Commercial, 598-0006W/deck; former Black Door Restaurant. Turnkey
62 Ridge St.21,287 sf $16 sfRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Office suites w/free on-site parking
384 River St.1,700 sf$2,550 mo. grossRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477High visitbility office; lots of free on-site parking
589 Jersey Heights4,500 sf and 0.60 acres$170,000 saleKen Libby, William Raveis, Stowe Realty, 253-8484Close to the new Morrisville Bypass
1257 E. Main St.14,800 sf$795,000 saleBrad Worthen, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Well-located stand-alone building for redevelopment
142 Gould Road4,000 sf$199,000 saleLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Former schoolhouse renovated into office/lab space
228 Highland Ave.$850,000 saleJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Victorian mansion operating as The Northfield Inn
442 Governor Peck Hwy.4.9 acres$210,000 salePeter Yee, Yellow Sign, 598-0006Land for sale
42 N. Main St.2,152 sf$275,000 saleJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Potential for six office suites
166 Vt. 100$265,000 saleJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Tasteful building renovation; excellent materials, finish work
23 Washington St.$349,000 saleJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Courthouse zoning
Saint Albans
Beauregard Drive26 acres$195,000 saleLarry Williams, Redstone, 658-7400Industrial land to be developed. Owner broker
Franklin Park West1.2–25 acres$75,000–$104,000 per acreTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Commercial park w/blanket permits, adjacent to I-89 Exit 20, close to new Walmart
207 S. Main St.54-room motel$1,500,000 saleLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Cadillac Motel, restaurant
Saint Albans Center8,060 sf$10 sf nnn Brian Waxler, Pomerleau, 863-8210
289 Swanton Road1,200–7,500 sf retail$13 sf nnnTim Burke, White + Burke, 862-1225Highgate Commons Shopping Center
Shelburne Green8,646 sf office$13-$14 sf nnn + utilities, nnn $3.50Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Shelburne Green Office Park. Class A office
4066 Shelburne Road1,020 sf $12 sf nnnRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Office w/complimentary mezzanine in Shelburne Commons
6221 Shelburne Road12,000 sf$8.50 nnnDonahue & Associates, 862-6880
1947 Shelburne Road2.04 acres$1,500,000 saleGrant Butterfield, Nedde Real Estate, 310-5718Land lot zoned mixed-use at signaled intersection
2087 Shelburne Road35.17 acres$900,000 saleYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Land for sale
2801 Shelburne Road1.9 acres$495,000 saleBrad Worthen, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Broad uses allowed, municipal water and sewer, 20,000 vehicles per day traffic count
3155 Shelburne Road10,800 sf$1,300,000 saleTony Blake, Chris Sherman, V/T Commercial, 864-2000299' of U.S. 7 frontage, high ceilings, loading dock, retail and office use, exposure
4405 Shelburne Road24-room motel on 5.67 acres$1,475,000 saleLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107
Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210
T-Bird Motor Inn, 24 rooms. Room for expansion Redevelopment opportunity
6701 Shelburne Road6,200 sf$749,000 sale; $10 sf nnn leaseLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-21073,000 to 6,200 SF office spaces
140 Webster Road700 sf$900 mo.Linda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Small office suite, open space, and one single office
South Burlington
66 Bowdoin St.11,500 sf$8 sf nnnTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000New build-to-suit flex space in Meadowlands Business Park
49 Commerce Ave.1,250–3,750 sf$10.50 modifiedDonahue & Associates, 862-6880Professional fit-up; office w/A/C, private bath, kitchenette
Dorset Square5,000 and 2,147 sf office$16-$22 sf nnnYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210
100 Dorset St.546–600 sf$16.50 grossDonahue & Associates, 862-6880Small suites on 2nd floor
7 Fayette7,000 sf restaurant $150,000 sale; $13 sf nnn leasePeter Yee, Yellow Sign, 598-0006
19 Gregory Drive2,000–6,000 sf$11.50 sf nnnJed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000New build-to-suit office space near airport, on-site parking
1035 Hinesburg Road1,500 sf$255,000 saleDave Kelly, HighPoint Realty, 655-4700Free-standing condo unit
1045 Hinesburg Road1 acre$260,000 saleDave Kelly, HighPoint Realty, 655-4700Building size up to 10,000 sf
1100 Hinesburg Road5,376 sf and 3,903 sf$16.50 sf nnn ($5.40) + utilitiesYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Office
140 Kennedy Drive3,000–15,000 sf office$14 sf nnnTony Blake, Chris Sherman, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Good exposure, flexible floor plans. Professional office building. Parking
110 Kimball Ave.1,104–3,947 sfFrom $13.50 sf nnnDoug Nedde, Nedde Real Estate, 343-4110Class A office, medical space
120 Kimball Ave.1,287 sf$15 sf nnnDoug Nedde, Nedde Real Estate, 343-4110Class A 1st floor office
20 Kimball Ave.600–3,500 sf$14 grossDave Kelly, HighPoint Realty, 655-4700All gross leases
30 Kimball Ave.2,150 sf main floor$13.50 sf nnnTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Off Kennedy Drive, professional building, on-site parking
30 Kimble Ave.1,250–2,150 sf$12.50-$13.50 nnnDonahue & Associates, 862-6880
4 Laurel Hill500–2,000 sf$750–$3,000 mo.Linda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Affordable office w/parking, 2nd floor spaces
2 Market St.Offices$19 nnnDonahue & Associates, 862-6880Conference rooms, baths. 1st floor open space, kitchenette
4 Market St.1,682–7,112 sf$14 nnnDonahue & Associates, 862-6880Retail location just off Dorset Street. Temporary tenant
15 Palmer Court5,000 and 7,400 sf$3,350–$5,000 mo. + utilitiesDave Kelly, HighPoint Realty, 655-4700Includes docks and overhead door access
22 Patchen Road1,365 sf$259,500 saleChris Sherman, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Multiple uses or owner occupancy. Close to airport, Williston Road. Expansion possible
370 Shelburne Road3,900 sf retail end cap$18 grossTim Burke, White + Burke, 862-1225Next to post office. Easy access via traffic light
462 Shelburne Road20,000 sf$20 sf nnnPizzagalli Properties, 660-6805Includes $30 fit-up allowance
1233 Shelburne Road, C-52 single offices$600 mo., $500 mo.; $1,000 mo. for bothYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Single offices
Shelburne Square612–2,290 sf 2nd floor officeRetail $16 sf, office $12 sf, nnn $7.09 sfYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Office
Twin Oaks Terrace963–5,000 sf$9 and $10 sf nnn ($5.50 sf)Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Office
1212 Williston Road1,500 sf$2,500 mo. nnnPeter Yee, Yellow Sign, 598-0006Retail/office for lease
1944 Williston Road2–1,000 sf or 2,000 sf total$12 sf + utilities leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Retail/office/personal service. New space
1961 Williston RoadUp to 5,200 sf, TBD outside storage area$10.60 sf all in leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363At rear. Includes fenced compound area
St. Johnsbury
84 Central St.0.80 acres$750,000 saleJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Office space, repair space, storage, and woodworking shop
1836 Memorial Drive0.99 acres$450,000 saleJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Garage, storage area, showroom, and office space
1838 Memorial Drive10,390 sf and 1.50 acres$550,000 saleJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Retail and storage space
2043 Mountain Road28,768 sf and 16.84 acres$5,700,000 saleKen Libby, William Raveis, Stowe Realty, 253-8484Two hotels plus four houses
254 Mountain Road3,553 sf and 0.40 acres$450,000 saleKen Libby, William Raveis, Stowe Realty, 253-8484Office and two apartments. Overlooks West Branch River and Stowe Community Church
430 Mountain Road9,000 sf$15 sf nnnChris Sherman, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Historic building in Stowe Village. Numerous uses
166 S. Main St.1,200–5,040 sf$11 sf nnnJed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Office and/or retail. Lower Village location. Can be purchased
692 S. Main St.4,810 sf and 2.0 acres$450,000 saleKen Libby, William Raveis, Stowe Realty, 253-8484Long-tenured inn
229 Main St., Basin Block6,868 sf

850 sf
$639,000 sale

$1,100 mo. lease
Linda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Mix of retail/offices. Nearly fully leased. Investment or owner occupy
2nd floor, wood floors, exposed brick, ADA compliant
1673 Main St.15,488 sf$950,000 saleTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Sale leaseback. Space available for additional tenant or owner occupancy
Waterbury and Waterbury Center
1675 U.S. 23,700 sf on 6 acres$425,000 salePeter Yee, Yellow Sign, 598-0006Multi-use building, two apartments, restaurant
2731 Waterbury Stowe Road2,500 sf $3,500 mo. nnnPeter Yee, Yellow Sign, 598-0006Turnkey service station; landlord will pay a gas commission
3568 Waterbury-Stowe Road4,390 sf and 0.08 acres$350,000 saleKen Libby, William Raveis, Stowe Realty, 253-8484Two retail spaces and three apartments
3595 Waterbury-Stowe Road1.20 acres$349,000 saleDavid Jamieson, William Raveis, Stowe Realty, 253-8484Town commercial zoning
3627 Waterbury-Stowe Road0.30 acres$349,000 saleJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Across from Cold Hollow Cider Mill
434 U.S. 22,380 sf$10 sf leaseJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Office space w/two docks for accessibility
2665 Waterbury-Stowe Road350–2,500 sf$12 sf leaseJohn Biondolillo, William Raveis, BCK, 479-3366Cabot Annex Store complex. Popular tourist center
188 Allenbrook Lane2–2,000 sf or 4,000 sf total$10 sf + utilities leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Professional office space
25 Bishop Ave.720–1,400 sf$18 sf nnnMarie St. Amand, 878-5651Professional suites, flexible floor plan. Easy Interstate access
34 Blair Park2,400–13,000 sf$12Donahue & Associates, 862-68802,400 sf 1st floor; 2,655 sf 2nd floor; mix of offices and large flex space
600 Blair Park1,636–6,950 sf$12.50 sf gross + utilitiesTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Blair Park, affordable office suites, flexible floor plans
156 Commerce St.3,000 sf professional building$12.40 grossDonahue & Associates, 862-6880One mile from Taft Corners. Affordable; 2nd floor
2033 Essex Road5,000 sf$8,000 mo. + $135,000 for equipment packagePeter Yee, Yellow Sign, 598-0006Restaurant w/75 parking spaces
291 Hurricane Lane30,000 sf
66,060 sf on 6.74 acres
$7.50–9 sf nnn lease
$4,800,000 sale
Linda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Warehouse space. One loading dock
Well maintained, Class A office/flex space
291 Hurricane Lane66,060 sf$8.75 sf nnnDoug Nedde, Nedde Real Estate, 343-4110Office/flex
380 Hurricane Lane, Ste. 202Ste. 202, 2,990 sf

Ste 101, 2,717 sf
$14 sf + property taxes and operating expenses
$12 sf as is + property taxes and operating expenses
Hillside Properties, 872-7727Class A office. T1 available, parking included, shared lobby bathrooms
1st floor, T1 available, parking included
862 IBM Road47,000 sf$15 sf + electricBill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Can subdivide. Newly renovated, fully furnished, flexible lease terms
426 Industrial Ave.Unit #15, 1,690 sf
1,463-2,870 sf
$11-$16 sf nnn ($3.50 sf)$11-$16 nnnYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210
Donahue & Associates, 862-6880
White Cap Business Park. Office
300 Interstate Corp. Center1,222–1,659 sf$16 nnnDonahue & Associates, 862-6880Modern office, common break rooms, vending machines, showers. Mountain views
147 Knight Lane120 sf and 180 sf $300 mo. all in leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Individual offices
Mansfield Business Park1,645–5,180 sf$12–$14 sf nnn est $4 sfYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Office
70 Marshall Ave.1,100 sf$32 sf nnnPeter Yee, Yellow Sign, 598-0006
121 Park Ave. Ste. 20up to 6,000 sf$9 sf all in leaseEsther Lotz, Broker, 343-0363Office space furnished w/cubicles
Pine Ridge School68,000 sf on 127 acres$2,800,000 saleV/T Commercial, 864-2000Former school campus, 14 buildings and furnishings
1193 S. Brownell Road3,000–4,000 sf
3,680 sf
$9-12 sf nnn
$9-12 sf nnn
Linda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Multiple offices and 1,000 SF warehouse w/dock and drive
Open flex space; conference/training rooms, kitchen, baths
2300 St. George Road15,000 sf top floor$18–$22 sf gross, all inclusiveBill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Near I-89 Exit 12. Single tenant. Can be subdivided.
Taft Corners Shopping Center1,435–3,890 sf$15–$16 nnnDonahue & Associates, 862-6880
4049 Williston Road2230 sf$1,350 mo.Ross Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Office space near airport and Interstate
4049 Williston Road961 sf$960 mo.Ross Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Office space near airport and interstate
5399 Williston Road3,300 sf$10 sf nnn ($3.99) + utilitiesYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Office condominium
8031 Williston Road2,949 sf$379,000 sale; $10 sf nnn leaseLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Renovated farmhouse in the village. Parking. Wood floors
127 Main St.5,000 sf$139,000 saleRedstone, 658-7400Brick building on corner of River Street. Sale or lease
33 Main St.1,422 sf$12.50 nnnDonahue & Associates, 862-6880Spinner Place. Retail
46-48 Main St.2,500–15,000 sf$12 sf nnnJed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Downtown office/retail in move-in condition
276 E. Allen St.7,292 sf$9 sf + property taxes and operating expensesHillside Properties, 872-7727Class B office, The Sawmill at Hillside Park
11 Tigan St.10,000–12,000 sf$6.75 nnnDonahue & Associates, 862-6880
107 Winooski Falls Way1,217 sf$13.50 nnnDonahue & Associates, 862-6880Retail/commercial for lease
108 Winooski Falls Way1,092 sf$13.50 nnnDonahue & Associates, 862-6880Spinner Place. Retail/commercial
20 Winooski Falls Way5,000–12,000 sf office$14.50 modifiedDonahue & Associates, 862-6880Space on 2nd and 3rd levels. Rates include parking
65 Winooski Falls Way1,000–3,110 sf$13.50 nnnDonahue & Associates, 862-6880Keen's Crossing. Retail