Business People–Vermont
& The Internet

Business People–Vermont was an early adopter and champion of Internet technology.

9406-anniversary-powerbookOur June 1994 issue featured a new phenomenon called the Information Superhighway.

The U.S. government released control of the Internet in 1994, opening the door for the birth of the World Wide Web. Together Networks was our first Web host.

Remember Together Networks? In an August 1997 article, Craig Bailey wrote that Together Networks was “one of only two Vermont Internet service providers (ISPs) offering dial-up service for all of the state with a local call.”

Having evolved and spun off in late 1994 from the Together Foundation, a nonprofit environmental organization, it was incorporated on Jan. 1, 1995. Our first website — — was launched that year. Together Networks went statewide in 1996, and eventually became part of Earthlink, but you can still find email addresses.

In July 1995, we published the first issue of Modem Operandi, an insert covering all things Internet. Bailey was the editor.

The first issue featured a selection of keyboard emoticons down the side of its first page and an introductory letter from Jack Tenney describing the publication and asking for emails from businesses with “hard-working modems.” Then followed several pages of emails from area businesses; a short feature, “Soundview Executive Book Summaries on the World Wide Web”; a glossary of terms that were underlined in the text (think FTP, AOL, HTML, IMHO, LAN, Web page, and TogetherNet); and a “Modem Operandi FAQt” (frequently asked question tutor) by Robin Lane, the manager of Internet services at TGF Technologies.

In March 1996, we registered and launched, an address we still use. One of the Vermont guides we still publish is our semiannual Business Travel Guide.

Just last month, we gave up our email address due to a barrage of spam. Check page 1 of this month’s magazine for our new email address, and keep those releases coming.` •