Jack TenneyExtra Point

by Jack Tenney, Publisher

October 2013

To better understand the issues rising from patent infringement lawsuits, go to GODADDY.COM and shop around for domain names. The game is not to find names you wish to use but names someone else will eventually want to use and you can sell it to them (or rent, whatever).

Patent trolling is a big-bucks business model. The troll amasses a portfolio of intellectual property assets protected by patents and then sues anyone it can for infringing. The troll has no interest in exploiting the value of the patent other than to collect royalties, settlements, and sales of the rights. To become a troll requires a lot of capital. Think Google paying more than a billion for a company with no sales to acquire its mapping intellectual property (patents, et al). Not saying either Google or Waze is a troll but it does take more than a credit card to gather an array of intellectual property.

For the rest of us, GODADDY takes credit cards.

To test the waters. I thought up a ridiculous domain name and went to GODADDY for a price. I was astounded to learn that my bad idea (DUMPYOU.COM) is in the process of being auctioned with a current bid of $5,000! My faux plan for DUMPYOU.COM was a social networking site that could be used to break up with friends on Facebook, LinkedIn connections, email newsfeeds, and the like. Oh, well.

A few years ago (a bit more than a decade) I had a dream for an online trade show that I called ElectroExpo and promoted it briefly in another bad idea of mine called Modem Operandi. I looked up ELECTROEXPO.COM. It’s available! Yippee! $2,088. OMG!

WISHFOR.COM was another I looked up. It’s being auctioned until 11/25/13 with a current bid of $5,000. Kind of like DUMPYOU in that it has seven letters, making it possible to buy a phone number  like 1-800-DUMPYOU or 1 800-WISHFOR.

Obvious seven-letter domains are usually taken. FATLOSS.COM, for instance, is taken, but on September 6 you could get FATLOSS.XXX for $99.99 or FATLOSS.CC  for $19.99.

So here’s my extra point. Whoever came up with a stupid name like GODADDY and why did anyone ever go to GODADDY.com?

Oh, yeah: Danica Patrick’s Super Bowl ad.

Maybe I’ll try a DUMPYOU app.