Jack TenneyExtra Point

by Jack Tenney, Publisher

June 2013

This magazine publishing company is so old it has a typewriter. 

But Clorox is 100 years old, and their folks got to ring the bell to start trading at the New York stock exchange on May 7. Clorox, according to lads on MSNBC, was started by five guys who pooled $500 to make bleach out of San Francisco Bay salt water.

So how did they come to buy Scott, the ski pole-goggle-glove-boot company started by Ed Scott, a Sun Valley, Idaho, retired engineer/ski racer?  I know a bit about that because I made a trip to Sun Valley to try to do a deal with Clorox and buy Scott for Barrecrafters. Deal didn’t happen with my team, but it soon did, although it didn’t rate a mention in the Scott website history section.

Clorox has five groups of products: cleaning, household, lifestyle, professional, and international. Which group would you put cat litter in? Their offering is Scoop Away. Another product they had back in the Scott ski pole days was Kingsford charcoal. Seemed funny then; it’s still there. I wonder if their Brita water filters line was a spin-off or by-product of Kingsford.

I was a great fan of conglomerates in the ’70s when Clorox the corporation was using Clorox the product as the cash cow to fund acquisitions aimed at collecting more stars than dogs. I used to tell people I worked at the first Shelburne conglomerate on the left heading south after the flashing yellow light. 

For whatever it’s worth, Scott is no longer a ski pole-goggle-glove-boot company; it’s now SCOTT Sports, a leader in the development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing of high-end performance products intended for biking, wintersport, motosport ....

Right: 500 bucks 100 years later is billions. Also, taper an aluminum tube to make a ski pole and 60 years later Scott’s the name and high-end performance is the game. Maybe in another 30 years Business People –Vermont ....