Jack TenneyExtra Point

by Jack Tenney, Publisher

March 2012

Networking. Steve Jobs–style:

Jobs knew a lot of people, including, it turns out, a director on the board of Corning Glass. Jobs had been searching Asia for a source of the glass to be used in the iPhone, and the friend told him he should contact the Corning CEO. So Jobs called the main Corning number but got only as far as an assistant who offered to pass along a message.

Jobs hung up and called his friend, the director, to complain that he had run into “typical East Coast bullshit.” When the CEO heard about the comment, he tried calling Apple and asked to speak with Jobs. He was told to put his request in writing and send it in by fax.

You can read the rest of the story in Walter Isaacson’s book Steve Jobs.

Networking: Linkedin-style:

I’ve got three Linkedin connections: my son the car salesman, a neighbor, and a girl I went to high school with but haven’t seen in now more than 50 years.

From my classmate, I recently received the following email message: “Sorry I had to contact you this way. I have sent a couple of emails to my relatives and none have gotten back to me yet so I have no other choice than to contact you because I need your urgent assistance and I hope you get this on time, i know you might not believe this but i want you to know this is for real and i need your urgent assistance and i hope you will not let me down. I left on a trip to Spain, for a program. Unfortunately for me I got robbed on my way back to the hotel where i lodged along with my cell phone and my luggage and since then i have been without money. At the moment my passport has been seized by the hotel management pending the time payment is made. So i have limited access to emails for now. I urgently need your financial assistance. I need about 4050 Euro or any amount you can lend me to sort-out the bills, so i can make arrangements and return back. I’m in a panic now, I will refund you as soon as i get back, I am so confused right now. Thou i wasn’t hurt because I complied immediately. Please I will wait for your urgent reply.” (sic)

My old classmate didn’t get her purse snatched, just her email account. The extra point, of course, sometimes networking’s not working.