Commercial Roundup

Area commercial real estate professionals gave us a hand with this overview of commercial space available for sale or lease. Most listings are for office space, with some for retail space, manufacturing space and land. Prices and available square footage are subject to change. This was prepared from submitted information.

Location Available Space Rate Agent/Agency Comments/Major Tenants
Alburgh Industrial Park, U.S. 2Lot 5$215,000 saleRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477 David Jacobs, Redstone, 598-6042Commercial land/industrial park location
265 E. Arlington Road2,442 sf$399,000 saleJeff Nick, J.L. Davis Realty, 878-9000Former bank building
1 Conti Circle2,500 sf ground floor$12 sf gross + elec.Matt Tedder, Yves Bradley, Pomerleau Real Estate, 863-8210Downtown
69 Pitman Road3,000 sf office and 2,400 sf$449,000 sale, $7 sf leaseDavid Jacobs, Redstone, 598-6042Office and warehouse/shop
579 S. Barre Road14,882 sf building; 6.1 acresSaleBill Kiendl, Averill Cook, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Former Formula Ford dealership; retail; mezzanine; high visibility; diverse commercial zoning
885 S. Barre Road12,000 sf on 4± acres site$1,200,000 sale; $8,000 mo NNNEsther Lotz, broker, 343-0363Retail/service/warehouse facility, I-89, Exit 6
Pitman RoadUp to 62 acresSaleRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Wilson Industrial Park, industrial land
Beecher Falls
1280 Vt. 253, Ethan Allen100,000 sf$895,000 saleLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Manufacturing/finishing facility
Berlin Shopping Center4,000 and 5,500 sf$10 sf NNN, $2.08Brian Waxler, Pomerleau, 863-8210Berlin Shopping Center; available immediately
542 Vt. 3022,000 sf office/retail$2,800 mo. Ross Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Barre-Montpelier Road
381 New Road16,752 sf and 2± acres$950,000 saleDuncan S. Harris, Redstone, 343-4661Renovated office building
67 Tubbs Ave.133,000 sf$Bring Reasonable OfferDonahue, & Associates, 862-6906Industrial; manufacturing warehouse
647 Putney Road1,067 sf$375,000 saleJeff Nick, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Former bank building
567 Rockydale Road1,713 sf on .55 acre$250,000 saleRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Turnkey restaurant with real estate. Kinfolks Kuntry Restaurant
100 Bank St.3,000-5,846 sf office$21 sf grossBill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-20002nd floor; private offices and open area; can be subdivided; western exposure
139 Bank St.1,874-3,748 sf, two floors$12-15 sfLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Conveniently located in downtown retail or office
191 Bank St.3,500 sf retail$25 sf NNN, $5 sf + util, $3 sfYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Retail opportunity
166 Battery St.1,500 GSF, lower level 600 sf, 1st floor, 2 rooms 1-room 1st floor, 147 sf$1,200 mo. includes util $850 mo. includes util $400 mo. includes utilLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107 Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Historic office building; funky office space
209 Battery St.2,907 sf, ground-level office 1,856 sf office$13 sf gross + util $14.50 sf gross + utilTony Blake, Bill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Waterfront; dedicated entrance, outside patio, parking Exposed brick; slate floors; patio; private bath; parking
212 Battery St.Up to 12,500 sf office 29,613 sf office$18 sf gross + util $4,300,000 saleTony Blake, Bill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Subdividable to 3,500 sf spaces; on-site parking; quality fit-up Investment; architectural; three levels; 40 parking spaces; lake views
39-43 Birchcliff Parkway4,820 sf$9 Gross + utilMike Simoneau, Geri Reilly Real Estate, 862-6677
35, 39, 47 Bright St.3,432 sf (total of buildings)$399,000 salePeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Development opportunity NMU zone
101 Cherry St.Up to 40,000 sf office$20-22 sf, all inclusiveBill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Prime downtown office space; lots of light, improvement allowances available
152 Cherry St.10,000 sf retail building$8,300 mo. + util + taxes $833 mo.Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Downtown retail; stand-alone building; former Outdoor Gear Exchange
108 Church St.1,400 sf office/studio$15.50 sf + utilBrian Waxler, Pomerleau, 863-82102nd floor; available immediately
131 Church St.1,300 sf office$19 gross, includes utilDonahue, 862-68882nd floor office; professional building with ample window light
177 Church St.1,000 sf studio/office$1,500 mo. + utilPeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Studio/office space, 2nd floor on Church Street
20-26 Church St.3,500 sf retail$35 sf + utilPeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Prime space on Church Street; expansion potential
29 Church St.1,500-8,200 sf $8-$16 sf NNNJeff Nick, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Professional office or classroom space on Church Street Marketplace
77 College St.3,140-12,693 sf officeTBD NNN, $4.50 CAMDonahue, 862-6886Entire building under new ownership; floors 2-4 completely renovated
148 College St.Shared office suite$500 mo. gross/officeJed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-20001-3 offices available; sublet all or some; downtown
173 College St.1,100 sf retail$32 NNNDonahue, 862-6907Prime space near the busiest corner of Church Street
198 College St.2,600 sf retail$3,750 mo. NNNBill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Includes basement storage; current owner retired after 10 years
125 College St.2,000 sf office$18 sf + % of building elec. & gasPeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Downtown; fifth floor
186 College St.2,800 sf office$16 sf NNN Averill Cook, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Top (4th) floor loft; open plan; exposed ceiling; cork floors; parking available
125 College St.4,188 sf office$16 sf + % of elec. & gasPeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Downtown; 2nd floor
CornerStone Building #2152,190 sf$4,563 mo. grossMelinda Moulton, Main Street Landing, 864-7999Available fall 2011
195 Flynn Ave.3,250 sf shop/office$1,600 mo. + utilDuncan S. Harris, Redstone, 343-4661In-town shop and office space available
105 Hyde St.6,278 sf apts; 1,728 sf garage/flex$800,000 saleLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Seven-unit apartment building and garage/flex space
40 Intervale Road2,800 and 1,000 sf$2,800 mo. + util w/ trailer + $1,200 mo.Linda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Affordable shop/storage/warehouse space
Kilburn & Gates1,055 and 1,461 sf office$12.50 NNNYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Office building; multiple suites available
Lake and College, Ste. 2A1,375 sf$3,393 mo. grossMelinda Moulton, Main Street Landing, 864-7999
Lake and College, Ste. 2E1,658 sf$3,455 mo. grossMelinda Moulton, Main Street Landing, 864-7999
112 Lake St.1,012 sf$25 sf includes utilYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210 Linda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Waterfront, 1st-floor space
128 Lakeside Ave.75,000 sf$14.50 sf NNN $4.50 sf + elec.Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Innovation Center; Class A; custom fit-ups available
1 Lawson Lane1,250 sf and 1,650 sf$18 sf + utilLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-21072nd and 3rd-floor spaces downtown
106 Main St.OfficeTBD NNN Donahue, 862-6881Multiple small offices available
110 Main St.800 sf office$19 NNNDonahue, 862-6883To be gutted and renovated; parking $75/space
182 Main St.1,500-3,000 sf office$17 NNNDonahue, 862-6885Recently renovated 3rd floor; modern space
200 Main St.550 sf office/service$800 mo. + % leaseLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Single office or service space downtown
41 Main St.600 sf office$700 mo. + utilRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477 Doug Nedde, Redstone, 343-4110Affordable space in Burlington
41 Main St. Business for Sale$75,000 saleYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Business for sale
101 Main St., Armory5,000-17,000 sf TBD based on specificationsDoug Nedde, Redstone, 343-4110Downtown Class A office, service, and retail space
199 Main St.1,314-12,000 sf office$17-$35 sf NNNRick Harrison, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Class A space downtown; Courthouse Plaza
1 Mill St.237-4,154 gross sf$300-$2,400 mo. + % of utilLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Affordable office space; Chace Mill
1 Mill St., #RL001Storage space$950 mo. + utilLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Storage space; Chace Mill
237 North Ave.Up to 17,500 sf$7 sf + utilDuncan S. Harris, Redstone, 343-4661Warehouse and admin office space downtown
12-22 North St.500-4,570 sf officeSale or leaseRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477New North End energy-efficient space
1127 North Ave. 7,000 sf retail/office$8 sf NNNTim Burke, White + Burke, 862-1225Ethan Allen Shopping Center
One Church Street Marketplace1,826-3,962 sf office 1,826-4,714 sf retail$19.50 sf Gross $22 sf NNNJeff Nick, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Upper block of Church Street
One Lawsone Lane2,750 sf; 1,150 sf; 1,650 sf$18 sf gross + utilYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-82101st, 2nd, and 3rd floors in beautiful downtown building
257-277 Pine St.1,500 sf$1,585 mo. grossYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210
28 Pine St.1,743 sf$229,900 saleDonahue, 862-6917Investment; commercial building downtown; many possible uses
716 Pine St.32,000 sf $6.50 leaseLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Affordable warehouse/showroom
431 Pine St.987 and 1,174 sf office$12.50-$15 sf + utilLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107In the historic Maltex Building
431 Pine St.987 sf$13-$16 sf NNN, $4.10 sfYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Maltex Building
110 Riverside Ave.4,800 sf retail/office/auto$5,000 mo. + utilPeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Retail/office or almost turnkey automotive use
389 Riverside Ave.1,075 sf w/ basement$159,000 saleLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Excellent Riverside Avenue location
40 Sears Lane4,000-11,961 sf$5 sf + utilDoug Nedde, Redstone, 343-4110Warehouse/distribution space
515 Shelburne Road1,000 sf office$1,500 mo. + utilYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Office space with great visibility
70 S. Winooski Ave.Office sublet or share$650 mo. grossJed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Office lease; downtown office to sublet or share; individual offices available
151 S. Champlain St.3,718 sf0$430,000 saleLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107 Doug Nedde, Redstone, 343-4110Redevelopment opportunity in downtown
266 S. Champlain St.6,493 sf building$12.50 sf + util + prorated servicesYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Stand-alone building off Pine Street; prorated share of plowing and landscaping
86 St. Paul St.150-900 sf office$400-$1,400 mo. + % of utilLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Single offices in downtown
86 St. Paul St.3,184 sf office$16.50 sf gross + utilAverill Cook, Bill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Downtown space; parking available in attached garage
Union Station, South Pie651 sf$1,085 mo. grossMelinda Moulton, Main Street Landing, 864-7999
Wing Building #118: 355 sf #109: 268 sf$740 mo. gross $559 mo. grossMelinda Moulton, Main Street Landing, 864-7999
823 Ferry Road200-2,500 sf office 41,603 sf and 8.8 acres 200-2,500 sf$190 mo. incl. util $1,500,000 sale $190 mo. incl. utilRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477 Doug Nedde, Redstone, 343-4110 Doug Nedde, Redstone, 343-4110Country setting Multi-tenant office and warehouse space Single office; country setting
2877 Spear St.86-298 sf$400 -$750 mo. Linda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107 Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Single or multiple Class A office spaces available
308 Blakely Road1,750 sf$2,500 mo. Linda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Medical/office space in Malletts Bay
Camp Holy Cross26.5 acres$7,500,000 saleDonahue, 862-6917Land; over 1,000 sf of sandy beachfront
Grandview Road5.5 Acres$375,000 saleDoug Nedde, Redstone, 343-4110Spectacular lakefront property
525 Hercules Drive10,039 sf 1,400-3,312 sf office$895,000 sale $12.50 sf NNNRick Harrison, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Build-to-suit Class A space close to I-89
382 Hercules Drive Ste. 9A1,728 sf$10.50 sf grossDave Kelly, HighPoint Realty, 655-4700Lease; Burlington News Agency center
25-39 Macrae RoadUp to 8,000 sfBased on fit-up and designPeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006To be built: retail with a drive-thru
935 Main St.1,454 sf, vacant$209,000 saleLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Historic commercial building; divided into two spaces
261 Mountain View Drive3,332-8,219 sf office$14 sf NNNTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Top floor; views, on-site cafeteria, security, ample parking, easy access
354 Mountainview Drive20,000 sf officeTBD NNN $7 CAMDonahue, 862-6890Class A space
356 Mountainview Drive2,230-6,455 sf officeTBD NNN $7.29 CAMDonahue, 862-6891Class A space; lake and mountain views; Exit 16 off I-89
127 Porters Point Road1,450 sf retail$12 sf + util base year 2011Peter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Growing commercial area
25 Raymond Road1,000 sf retail$800 mo. + utilPeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Available now
19 Roosevelt Highway1,707 and 2,767 sf office$12.50 sf NNNTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Suites; good build-out; ample on-site parking, great accessibility; available now
875 Roosevelt Highway1,370 sf office$2,626 mo. inclusiveEsther Lotz, 343-0363Off I-89, Exit 16
947 Roosevelt HighwayStraight land lease$3,500 mo. Peter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006High traffic; commercial
3436 Roosevelt Highway, U.S. 72,000 sf store$195,000 saleMatt Tedder, Pomerleau, 863-8210Convenience store business for sale
104 Severance GreenUp to 12,500 sf retail/officeTBDPeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Build-to-suit retail/office on 5,000 sf footprint
18 Severance GreenUp to 4,138 sf retail/office$15 sfPeter Yee, Redstone, 598-00062nd floor retail/Class A office space
42 Severance GreenUp to 1,948 sf retail/office$12 sfPeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Ground floor retail/office space
78 Severance Green1,000 sf retail/office$12 sfPeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Ground floor retail/office space
336 Water Tower Circle15,300 sf office building$1,750,000 saleBill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Fully leased; 50-60 parking spaces; investment and/or owner occupied
401 Water Tower Circle727-16,488 sf office building$3,899,000 sale, $11.50-$13.75 NNN $5.03 CAM leaseDonahue, 862-6889Corporate building in executive office park; views, parking, easy I-89 access
877 W. Lakeshore DriveLand lease$5,000 mo. or build to suitPeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Land lease or build-to-suite opportunity in Malletts Bay
Essex & Essex Junction
5 Carmichael St.2,509 sf office$13.50 sf NNN $3.97 sfYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Essex Town Center
Corporate Drive, Lots 2, 4, 6, 82.01-3.79 acres$685,300 saleDuncan S. Harris, Redstone, 343-4661Rare commercial lots in Chittenden county
CV Technology & Innovation Park100,000 sf 20,000 sf office$14 sf NNN $18 sf NNNRick Harrison, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Manufacturing/warehouse/office space on IBM Campus Class A space on IBM Campus
5 David Drive3,350 sf office/retail 2,860 sf office/retail$130 sf sale, $10 sf NNN lease, depending on fit-up. $325,000 sales, $9.50 sf NNN leaseJed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Sale or lease; to be built, near high-density area; various permitted uses Open space, small shop/garage; entire building can be purchased
6 David Drive6,000 sf and 1.78 acres$500,000 saleDuncan S. Harris, Redstone, 343-4661Investment property with stable tenants
Essex Shopping Center4,000 sf retail 3,000 sf yellow house$12 sf NNN $2.88 $2,500 mo.Brian Waxler, Pomerleau, 863-8210Prime retail; available immediately Perfect for office or daycare; available immediately
Essex Towne Marketplace2,400 sf #15 and #16$237,000 saleAverill Cook, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Two commercial condos; well-maintained; exposure via Susie Wilson Road
1 Essex Towne Marketplace994 sf retail/office$110,000 sale, $111 sf leaseAverill Cook, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Commercial condo; off Susie Wilson Road; motivated
Essex Way & Vt. 157.5 acres mixed-useLand sale or leaseJed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000At entrance to Essex Shops & Cinema; signalized access; commercial and residential
8 Essex Way, Alder Brook2,000, 2,200, 4,000, 8,400 sf$11 sf office/retailPeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006New construction
42 Gauthier Drive2,400 sf$1,500 mo. + utilEsther Lotz, 343-0363Office/warehouse, at-grade overhead door
10 Kellogg Road2,600 sf, 50-seats$249,000 sale, $2,500 mo., leasePeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Former Eclipse Grill/The Hideaway restaurant condo
55 Main St.1,000-1,500 sf$11 sf NNNRick Harrison, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Professional medical office fit-up
87 Main St.1,000 sf$17 SF, + util leaseMike Simoneau, Geri Reilly RE, 862-6677
24 Maple St.3,310 sf office 1,900 sf office$579,000 sale $12 sf NNN leaseRick Harrison, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Beautiful Victorian-styled office building
20D Morse Drive4,800 sf office/warehouse$6 sf NNNEsther Lotz, 343-0363Newly remodeled, next to Trans-Care ambulance; at-grade overhead door
34 Park St.900 and 1,000 sf$1,000 mo. + util; $1,680 mo. + utilEsther Lotz, 343-0363Retail/service/office space, former Sprint space; former Speeder & Earl’s space
4 Park Terrace3,370 sf, .49 acre$429,900 saleMike Simoneau, Geri Reilly RE, 862-6677
10-12 Pearl St.2,000 sf or 3,500 sf$11 sf NNN $6.58 sf + gas & elec.Linda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107 Pomerleau, 863-8210Well maintained office space with character
86 Pearl St.2,580 sf on .2- acre lot 900 sf$399,000 sale $1,000 mo. + elec. and gasLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Highly visible location on Vt. 15
93 Pearl St., Vt. 156,100-9,200 sf retail$10 sf NNNTim Burke, White + Burke, 862-1225Essex Junction Shopping Center
159 Pearl St., Complex 1591,000-3,200 sf retail/office$10.52 sf inclusiveMarie St. Amand, 878-5651Flexible floor plan; parking; near Champlain Valley Fair Grounds; mixed-use suites
26 Railroad Ave.3,500 sf office$11.50 sf NNNRick Harrison, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Professional fit-up in desirable village location
38 River Road20,000 sf warehouse$6 sf grossBob Bouchard, Pizzagalli Properties, 660-6805
19 Thompson Drive60,000 and 40,000 sf$4,750,000 sale, TBD leaseDoug Nedde, Redstone, 343-4110Adjoining industrial buildings
26 Railroad Ave.4,592 sf$695,000 sale officeRick Harrison, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Professional fit-up in desirable village location
104 Huntsville Road25,000 sf$325,000 saleDave Kelly, HighPoint, 655-4700Industrial facility; former Hillcrest Foods distribution center
Arrowhead Industrial Park2,500–30,000 sfTBDPaula Turner, Bryce Realty, 527-0177Excellent location with expansion potential; well-maintained; 5 mi. from I-89, Exit 18
3897 Ethan Allen Highway3,344 sf (retail and storage) 782 sf (2nd flr apt.)$249,000 saleDavid Jacobs, Redstone, 598-6042U.S. 7 country store (Georgia Center Market) on 1.5 acre commercial lot
Morse Industrial ParkLot #3, 2.83± acres; Lot #8, 13.21± acres$200,000 and $360,000Esther Lotz, 343-0363Interstate location, Exit 18, in same park as Exit 18 equipment
Vt. 104A3 commercial lotsSale or leaseBrad Worthen, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Investment and/or custom build; 1 mile from I-89; many flexible deals possible
U.S. 7 $125,000 saleLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Land close to U.S./Canada border
10516 Vt. 116, Saputo1,000-38,000 sfSubject to fit-upDoug Nedde, Redstone, 343-4110Office/manufacturing/distribution
1 Court St.4,730 sf$850,000 saleJeff Nick, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Former bank building
105-111 Court St.1.91 acres, 2 buildings$850,000 sale, $15 sf leaseDuncan S. Harris, Redstone, 343-4661Commercial buildings at the gateway to downtown Middlebury
150 Exchange St.5,670 sf Sale, lease Doug Nedde, Redstone, 343-4110Build-to-suit retail, service or office/medical; sale subject to building specifications
66 Merchants RowDiner and real estate$395,000 saleDuncan S. Harris, Redstone, 343-4661Steve’s Park Diner. Iconic downtown diner and real estate
5 Park St., Ste. 2Suite 2: 1,200 sf$12 sf + utilDuncan S. Harris, Redstone, 343-4661Only one suite left
23 Pond Lane2,300 sf$12.50 sfDuncan S. Harris, Redstone, 343-4661 Doug Nedde, Redstone, 343-4110Exceptional office space in Middlebury
38 Pond Lane4,800 sf industrial 51,600 sf 1,500-12,000 sf$6 sf includes util $1,850,000 sale $7.25 sf includes utilDuncan S. Harris, Redstone, 343-4661Durasol Awnings; clean, climate-controlled space Geiger; investment or owner occupied property and 18 acres Geiger; immaculate office and industrial space
120 Catamount Drive9,276 sf, commercial$575,000 sale, $5.75 sf + util, leaseLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Building in Catamount Industrial Park, approved for expansion to 18,000 sf
Catamount Industrial Park, Lot 195.4 Acres$480,000 saleDave Kelly, HighPoint, 655-4700Industrial site
29 Middle Road2,000 sf office 11,400 sf building; 1.5 acres$1,600 mo. + util $995,000 saleRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477 Peter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Convenient Milton office space Investment property and PUD site
Precast Road15.63 acres$650,000 saleMike Simoneau, Geri Reilly, 862-6677
204 U.S. 7 South1.36 acres, two buildings$475,000 saleLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Highly visible corner parcel
284 U.S. 7 South1.3 acres$389,900 saleDonahue, 862-6918Site plan approval for 12,000 sf commercial building; high traffic; downtown
25 W. Milton Road, U.S. 74.22 acres$650,000 saleDave Kelly, HighPoint, 655-4700Commercial site
335 Westford Road6,500 sf on 5.53 acres$330,000 saleRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Office/industrial building
26 Elm St.3,400 sf office$12 sf + utilEsther Lotz, 343-0363Behind courthouse
252 Main St.1,800 sf office$13 sf NNNJeff Nick, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Less than one mile from central business district
50 & 54 Main St.2,400 sf each$16 sf each + utilEsther Lotz, 343-0363Retail spaces
174 River St.Suite I: 500 sf; Suite III: 500 sf$600 mo. eachRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Single offices in Montpelier
81 River St.1,250 sf office/retail$1,500 mo. leaseRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Barre-Montpelier Road
147 State St.1,176-2,352 sf office$10 sf + elec. and % of heatLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-21072nd-floor suites
Cadys Falls Road25,000 sf$4.50 sf gross + utilMatt Tedder, Pomerleau, 863-8210Multiple warehouse spaces available
New Haven
Dog Team Road5.1 acres$395,000 saleMatt Tedder, Pomerleau, 863-8210Former Dog Team Tavern site
51 Vt. 147 N.384 sf on .5 acre lot$59,000 saleLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Commercial space right at the border crossing
Vt. 105, Fairview Commons7 commercial building Lots$695,000 saleDavid Jacobs, Redstone, 598-6042 Linda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Fairview Commons commercial development
3214 E. Main St.14,400 and 9,000 sf + .37 acres and .63 acres$459,000 saleLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Good opportunity
10 E. Main St.. 2,509 sfRetail/investment lease or saleBrad Worthen, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Former Richmond Corner Market; includes two apartments for sale below appraisal
Curtis Ave.3.5 acres + 6 acres adjacent$450,000 saleMatt Tedder, Pomerleau, 863-821012-lot mobile home park plus adjacent land
46 Diamond Run Mall PlaceUnit 100: 5,680 sf 594-80,000 sfTBD, lease TBD leaseRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Diamond Run Mall restaurant
252 Randbury Road7,400 sf retail$365,000 saleJeff Nick, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Single story building in established commercial district
122 Bostwick RoadFrom 1,200 to 14,494 sf 14,494 sf on 30 acres$16-18 sf $1,350,000 saleLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Post-and-beam office suites Former American Morgan Horse Institute
65 Falls Road3,300 sf office/investment$535,000 saleJed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000In the village; fully leased apartment; two commercial spaces; ground floor leased
10 Marsett Road1,100 sf office$1,500 mo. + util + 21% of heat & waterRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Suite
Shelburne Green43,000 sf office 23,000 sf warehouse$12.75 NNN + util $8.50 NNN + util; NNNs $3Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210New business park
Shelburne Green, Cynosure Drive $12.75 NNN $8.50 CAMDonahue, 862-6892Office; renovation project to build new Class A office space; offices built to suit
2087 Shelburne Road35.17 acres$975,000 saleYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Land for sale
2801 Shelburne Road1.9 acres$395,000 saleBrad Worthen, V/T Commercial, 864-2000284' of frontage; directly south of Dunkin' Donuts; wide variety of permitted uses
3093 Shelburne Road9,000 sf on 1.03 acres$795,000 sale; $9 sf + util leaseYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Stand-alone building for sale or lease
4066 Shelburne Road1 drive-up lane$1,000 mo. + elec.Linda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107ATM drive-up
4070 Shelburne Road, #C-92,000 sf medical$12 sf + util and trashDoug Nedde, Redstone, 343-4110Highly visible location
4740 Shelburne Road1,000-2,290 sf office$12.50 sf + util $250 to $400 mo. leaseRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477 Doug Nedde, Redstone, 735-7477Class A space just off Shelburne Road; high-end single office spaces, 13’x12’ to 21’x14’
4750 Shelburne Road4,200-11,584 sf$5-$7.50 sf + utilRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477 Doug Nedde, Redstone, 343-4110Flex warehouse/distribution with drive-in door
5059 Shelburne Road22± acres, farmhouse, barnLand/investment saleTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Harrington House. 375’ frontage on U.S. 7; village; edevelopment opportunity
6701 Shelburne Road6,200 sf (3,000 & 3,200 sf)$749,000 sale $13 sf NNN $4.81 sf + util, leaseLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107 Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Heartworks. 3,000 and 3,200 sf, stand-alone located just south of the village
140 Webster Road1,800 sf, warehouse$1,400 mo. leaseLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Warehouse/flex space w/loading dock just off Shelburne Road
South Burlington
40 Allen Road 33,600 sf industrial$1,650,000 sale, $5.25 sf NNN leaseBill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Lake views; U.S. 7 accessibility; includes 3,906 sf finished office space
29 Berard Drive 6,500 sf ( 3,900 & 2,600 sf)$5.50 sf NNN $2.50 sf.Averill Cook, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Industrial lease; overhead doors, offices and bathrooms; ample on-site parking
156 Commerce Ave.1,290 sf office$9 grossDonahue, 862-6900
30 Community Drive764 sf officeNegotiableEvan Langfeldt, Technology Park Partners, 860-1691 x2Ben & Jerry’s, Symquest, FAHC, UVM, KnowledgeWave, Test America, others. Upscale suite
Community DriveUp to 177 acresNegotiableEvan Langfeldt, Technology Park, 860-1691 x2Multiple build-to-suit lots for Class A office space, R&D, manufacturing, etc.
100 Dorset St.546-3,401 sf office$16.50 gross leaseDonahue, 862-6895Convenient space in the busy University Mall area
150 Dorset St.1,230-2,464 sf retail$16-$18 NNN $5.11 CAMDonahue, 862-6910 Rick Harrison, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Busy, popular center; four spaces available, 1,658, 2,938, 1,327, and 2,147 sf
595 Dorset St.625 sf officeStarting at $800 mo.Peter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Conveniently located
205 Dorset St.1,100 sf$1,400/mo gross leaseMike Simoneau, Geri Reilly, 862-6677
38 Eastwood Drive3,166 sf, Suite 101$14 sf + elec. & gasLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Modern Class A, 1st-floor space available
72 Ethan Allen Drive5,400 sf office$11 sf grossEsther Lotz, 343-0363Next to sheriff’s department; two months’ free rent, less incentive
92 Fairfield St2 offices$300 mo. Donahue, 862-6899
40 Farrell St.1,116 sf office$1,100 mo. NNN $3.67,CAMDonahue, 862-6893Quiet, small office building
7 Fayette Drive2,000 sf retail/office$14 sf leasePeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Visible space off Shelburne Road
1100 Hinesburg Road3,903-9,279 sf office$17.50 NNN $5.41 CAMDonahue, 862-6897Suite sizes 3,903 & 5,376 on two floors; ample parking
2000 Hinesburg Road3,168 sf farmhouse; 15 acres$599,000 saleDavid Jacobs, Redstone, 598-6042Farmhouse with 180 sf addition
625 Hinesburg Road 1.38 acres of land$750,000 sale, $75,000 yearBrad Worthen, V/T Commercial, 864-2000At Kennedy Drive; multiple commercial uses permitted; long-term lease available
41 IDX Drive906-2,500 sf office/retail$12 sf NNNRick Harrison, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Professional complex
41 IDX Drive182-5,767 sf office$10-$12 NNN $3.63 CAMDonahue, 862-6898Prime space off Shelburne Road
110 Kimball Ave.6,870 sf on 1st floor$18 sf includes utilLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Convenient location with extensive medical fit-up; subdividable
20 Kimball Ave.650-3,500 sf office$14 sf grossDave Kelly, HighPoint, 655-4700Suites near the airport
30 Kimball Ave.995, 1,192-6,500 sf office 1,129-11,840 sf office$12.50-13.50 sf NNN $12.50-$13.50 sf NNN $5.60 CAMTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000 Donahue, 862-68941st and 2nd floors; numerous private offices; Class A ; on-site parking 1,192, 2,100, 2,193, 6,049 sf sizes; can be built to suit
102 Kimball Ave. Unit 305,000 sf warehouse/office$5.75 sf NNNDave Kelly, HighPoint, 655-4700High-bay warehouse with loading dock and overhead door access
18 Lime Rock Road9,000 sf office$12 sf leasePeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Stand-alone with high-bay warehouse space
4 Market St.1,500-6,000 sf retail$18 NNN $4.24 CAMDonahue, 862-690892 feet of frontage on Market Street; ample garage and street parking
One Kennedy Dr.1,002, 1,200, 1,232, 2,234 sf$9-$11 sf NNNRick Harrison, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Office suites on the corner of Dorset St.
33-35 San Remo Drive4,000 sf$12 NNN leaseMike Simoneau, Geri Reilly, 862-6677
55 San Remo Drive2,400 sf retail/office$3,000 mo. + utilEsther Lotz, 343-0363Indoor recreation space near Uncle Tony’s pizza
1233 Shelburne Road1,790 sf office$13.75 sf NNN $4.50Yves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Space in Lakewood Commons
1233 Shelburne Road925 sf office $1,300 mo. + utilTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Ground floor; 2-3 offices, kitchenette, bath; occupancy late 2011
1233 Shelburne RoadMultiple single offices$425 per month $525 gross leaseDonahue, 862-6896Multi-tenant building; parking available
1335 Shelburne Road1,840 sf$18 sf NNN + utilMatt Tedder, Pomerleau, 863-8210Former Quiznos
462 Shelburne Road48 Room Motel; 1.7 acres$2,100,000 saleYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Liberty Inn and suites; redevelopment opportunity
1270 Shelburne Road 4,000-6,500 sf office/retailLease Tony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000U.S. 7 & Imperial Drive; near I-189; subdividable; showroom, offices, garage; parking
1800 Shelburne Road 9,700 sf retail$10 sf NNNBrad Worthen, V/T Commercial, 864-2000High exposure corner space at signalized intersection
1795 Shelburne Road13,531 sf, 1.17 acres$1,850,000 sale, $15,000 leaseDoug Nedde, Redstone, 343-4110Former Nissan dealership
Twin Oaks Office Complex1,658-2,938 sf office$9-$10 NNN $5.50 CAMDonahue, 862-6911Professional
54-56 Twin Oaks Terrace1,280-5,000 sf office$9-$10 sf NNNRick Harrison, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Professional fit-up
1550 Williston Road8,565 sf$600,000 saleMike Simoneau, Geri Reilly, 862-6677
1636 Williston Road3,000 sf$3,250 mo. + util, lawn care, snowplowingEsther Lotz, 343-0363, co-exclusive listing w/Donahue & Associates, 862-6909Free-standing building could be retail/office/restaurant
3064 Williston Road1,000 sf retail/office$1,600 mo. + utilEsther Lotz, 343-0363Free-standing building with outside storage and display potential
3097 Williston Road2,320 sf, 33 acres$429,000 saleJed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Office/industrial; two buildings: one new, one renovated; partial lease back possible
4001 Williston Road1,200 sf office/retail$295,000 saleAverill Cook, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Free-standing building; high traffic; many permitted uses
1944 Williston Road 2,200 sf office/retail$13.50 sf NNNTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000High visibility corner; new construction, build-to-suit interior; on-site parking
20 Park St.5,580 sf retail/office$129,000 saleDavid Jacobs, Redstone, 598-6042Two-story building
St. Albans
Beauregard DriveLand$195,000 saleDavid Jacobs, Redstone, 598-6042Industrial/commercial land
8 Congress St.1,860 sf on .04 acre lot$169,000 saleLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Commercial office building
800 Industrial Park Rd St.23,000 sf on 6± acres$1,265,000 sale, $4 sf NNN, leaseEsther Lotz, 343-0363Manufacturing plant off I-89, Exit 19
10-16 Lake St.7,002 sf building$289,000 saleDavid Jacobs, Redstone, 598-6042Commercial building and land
400 Lake St.12,000 sf$2,500 mo. grossEsther Lotz, 343-0363Cold storage space
60 Lake St.11,000 sf$155,000 saleDavid Jacobs, Redstone, 598-6042Historic St. Albans landmark
1 Lemnah Drive15,320 sf flex building$6 sf NNN, $525,000 sale $34 sfTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Industrial; 1,320 sf finished office, two interior loading docks, overhead door
4 Lemnah Drive19,270 sf investment$1,580,000 salePeter Yee, Redstone, 598-000610.5 percent CAP investment property, 100 percent leased
21 Lower Newton St.184,000 sfTBD, leaseDoug Nedde, Redstone, 343-4110Distribution/manufacturing facility
246-250 S. Main St.2,992 sf$485,000 salePeter Yee, Redstone, 598-000611 unit multi-family; high CAP rate, low turnover
St. George
2 Barber Road600 sf$1,500 mo. + utilPeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Great deli/take-out grill available now
399 Barber Road18,000-36,000 sf$4.75 NNN leaseMike Simoneau, Geri Reilly, 862-6677
St. Johnsbury
84 Central St.61,140 sf on .92 acres$750,000 saleYves Bradley, Matt Tedder, Pomerleau, 863-8210Historic warehouse building
1836 & 1838 Memorial DriveFront building, 5,800 sf; back building, 10,200 sf; 2.5 acres$975,000 saleYves Bradley, Matt Tedder, Pomerleau, 863-8210Investment property or owner/user
4434 Memorial Drive40,000 sf$1,100,000 saleDuncan S. Harris, Redstone, 343-4661Industrial property w/ rail siding near interstate; Caledonia Kiln
166 Main St. 5,040 sf office/retail$12.75 sf NNNJed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000High exposure; currently medical office, can be subdivided
1190 Mountain Road9,532 sf restaurant space$18 sf + utilRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Rusty Nail restaurant space
2043 Mountain Road,28,768 sf motel, 16.84 acres$5,750,000 saleRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Stowe Motel
52 River Road17,400 sf$1,150,000 saleRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Tubbs Mill; commercial building
996 S. Main St.1,628 sf office$279,900 saleRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Commercial office condo
6 Brooklyn St.8,586 sf$369,000 saleDavid Jacobs, Redstone, 598-6042 Ross Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Commercial warehouse building and land
1, 3, 5 Canada St.2,500 sf, 3,400 sf, 1,400 sf$325,000 saleDavid Jacobs, Redstone, 598-6042Prouty Block; commercial/retail buildings and land w/ 2 apartments
Swanton Shopping Center4,000 sf$10 sf NNN $1.89Brian Waxler, Pomerleau, 863-8210Available immediately
1 Alden Place9,146 sf$1,200,000 saleLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Former Level III residential care home
229 Main St. 400-1,500 sf$9 to $11 sf + utilBill Kiendl, Averill Cook, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Ground floor retail; upper level offices; completely renovated historic building
11 N. Main St.41,724 sf on 4+ acres$1,200,000 sale, $5.50-$8.50 sf leasePeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Kennedy Brothers building and land
5 S. Water St.1,300 sf retail/commercial$10 sf + utilDuncan S. Harris, Redstone, 343-4661Space at Vergennes gateway
186 Mad River Park28,055 sf$1,795,000 saleJeff Nick, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Former Northern Power headquarters
1 S. Main St.234 sf office$275 mo. + utilRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Newly renovated small office
1 S. Main St.1,200 and 1,716 sf office$11 sf + utilRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Newly renovated space
1024 Waterbury-Stowe Road1,000 sf office/retail$1,300 mo. Ross Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Conveniently located
White River Junction
1103 N. Main St.13,160 sf$1,850,000 sale, $12,500 mo. leaseMike Simoneau, Geri Reilly, 862-6677
135 Allen Brook Lane1500, 3,300, 4,964, 8,127 sf$12 sf NNN est $4.50 sf + utilYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210 Linda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107 Rick Harrison, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Stand-alone building, can be leased whole or split into suites
135 Allen Brook Lane7,000 sf office$895,000 saleRick Harrison, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Attractive Class A space
33 Blair Park3,624 sf office$445,000 saleTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Ground floor suite; can subdivide; new upgrades, new roof, HVAC; great exposure
600 Blair Park2,560 and 6,925 sf$12 sf + util and $8 sf + utilEsther Lotz, 343-0363, co-exclusive listing w/ V/T Commercial, 864-2000Office space and R&D space
Lot 15 Blair Park1,700 sf up to 28,000 sfSale or leaseTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Build to suit; Class A office condos; two-story building; financing available
34 Blair Park Road4,400 GSF$9 sf + util $2.52 sfPeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Blair Park retail/service space near Taft Corners. 2,400 sf 1st floor; 2,000 sf 2nd floor
600 Blair Park South1,636-3,276 sf office$12.50 sf gross + utilTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Suites, 1st and 2nd floors; open areas, reception, conference, kitchenette
600 Blair Park, North3,276 sf office$12.50 sf gross + utilTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-20002nd-floor corner suite; reception, conference, kitchenette; can be subdivided
600 Blair Park, West2,560 and 6,925 sf office$8 to 12 sf gross incl. utilTony Blake, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Ground floor suite; dedicated entrance; itchenette, bath, conference, reception
237 Commerce St.4,118 sf office$10 sf + utilEsther Lotz, 343-0363Same building as Business People-Vermont
338 Commerce St.1,200-4,650 sf 1,200 and 2,250 sf$302,250 sale Call listing agent for details, leaseDuncan S. Harris, Redstone, 343-4661Excellent opportunity for investor/business owner Commercial flex space; convenient location
28 Day Lane1,000 sf office$12 NNN $3.65 CAMDonahue, 862-6904Ample parking; established professional business park
57 Day Lane2,790 sf office$12 NNN $3.65 CAMDonahue, 862-6903Ample parking; established professional business park
36 Dorset Lane1,260 sf office$1,000 mo. + utilEsther Lotz, 343-0363Space with shower and kitchen, off Vt. 2A
929 Harvest Lane70,000 sf office/warehouse$5 sf NNNGreg Dirmaier, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Office and warehouse space
458 Hurricane Lane17,890 sf industrial$4.25 Modified saleDonahue, 862-6914Plus utilities; easy access to I-89, Exit 12; price reduced
458 Hurricane Lane4,150 sf office$10-$11 Modified CAMDonahue, 862-6915Plus utilities; price reduced
426 Industrial Ave.1,463-28,500 sf$11-$16 sf NNN $3.50 sfYves Bradley, Pomerleau, 863-8210Former Rossignol building
426 Industrial Ave.1,500-75,000 sf$11-$16 NNN $3.50 CAMDonahue, 862-6916Former Rossignol HQ ; custom fit-up available; possible cafeteria and gym
300 Interstate Corporate Center8,892 sf office$12-$14 NNN $8.60 CAMDonahue, 862-6901Office
500 Interstate Corporate Center1,200-2,400 sf office$12 NNNDonahue, 862-69021,200 sf per floor; large, bright windows
71 Knight Lane1,540 sf medical$17 sf NNNRick Harrison, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Attractive medical office fit-up
188 Krupp Drive1,800 sf office$1,500 mo. inclusiveEsther Lotz, 343-0363Production Park, next to Vermont Energy
88 Leroy Road2,603 sf $6.50 + $1.80 CAMO’Brien Brothers Agency Inc., 658-5000Formerly Ingram; office, showroom; available immediately
Maple Tree Place891-8,897 sf office suitesLease or saleTony Blake, Bill Kiendl, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Build-to-suit and existing; high-end, mixed-use; adjacent to Exit 12; free parking
740 Marshall Ave.5,000 sf$9-$10 sf + utilDoug Nedde, Redstone, 343-4110Showroom and warehouse space on Marshall Avenue
1366 Marshall Ave.10,000 sf$8.50 + $1.85 CAMO’Brien., 658-5000Production Park. Formerly Close to Home; office, showroom, warehouse, docks
121 Park Ave.1,900 sf office$1,523 mo. all inclusiveEsther Lotz, 343-0363Space w/shower and kitchen, off Vt. 2A
Pine Ridge SchoolSchool on 127 acres$3,500,000 saleV/T Commercial, 864-2000Gym, commercial kitchen, dorms, classrooms, furnishings, vehicles, etc.
1193 S. Brownell Road2,500-7,500 sf$10-$12 sf + utilLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Data center/office space in Williston
Taft Corners Shopping Center1,200-1,800 sf retail$14-$17 NNN $4.45 CAMDonahue, 862-6912
75 Talcott Road980, 2,100 sf office$12 sf NNNRick Harrison, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Professional environment
5399 Williston Road3,300 sf office$449,900 saleDonahue, 862-6880Condo
127 Main St.5,306 sf building$139,900 saleJeff Nick, J.L. Davis, 878-9000Stand-alone brick building
Keen's Crossing1,000-3,270 sf retail$13.50 NNN $5.62 CAMDonahue, 862-6913213 residential units nearly full; retail on 1st floor; high traffic
46 Main St.700-4,200 sf office$14.30 sf gross + utilJed Dousevicz, V/T Commercial, 864-2000Top floor; river views; private offices and open areas; includes three parking spaces
22 Normand St.3,500 sf building$2,750 mo. leasePeter Yee, Redstone, 598-0006Stand-alone 3,500 sf commercial building
Spinner Place1,000-1,568 sf retail$12.50-$13.50 NNN CAMDonahue, 862-6917Variety of street-level retail spaces; downtown neighborhood
11 Tigan St.12,000SF and 10,000 sf$3.50 sf NNNEsther Lotz, 343-0363Warehouse space with docks; off I-89, Exit 16
79 Weaver St.4,362 sf building$315,000 saleRoss Montgomery, Redstone, 735-7477Stand-alone office building
110 W. Canal St.2,760 sf 2nd floor 2,825 sf, 3rd floor$14 sf lease $14.42 sf + elec. & gasLinda I. Letourneau, Redstone, 343-2107Renovated old mill building, loft-style office suite
94 W. Canal St.1,200 sf studio$1,500 mo. + utilEsther Lotz, 343-0363Great studio space, exposed brick, old mill building
20 Winooski Falls Way500-56,000 sf office$7-$15 NNN $4.60 CAMDonahue, 862-6905New owner MyWebGrocer is renovating the Champlain Mill into a technology hub