Jack TenneyExtra Point

by Jack Tenney, Publisher

April 2011

Have you ever been to Columbus, Ohio?

It’s the home of The Ohio State University, the target of envy, scorn, and exasperation for many of us who have felt the the agony of defeat as our old school ties were wrapped around our necks by the Buckeyes. (You know, I’m sure, that a buckeye is a nut — ergo Buckeyes are a bunch of ...) Yes, I did lose a bet.

And, here’s my payoff.

During the 2010-2011 basketball season:

UVM beat Hartford, 72-51;

and Hartford then beat Brown, 58-46;

who nipped Fordham, 69-65.

Fordham then stunned St. John’s, 84-81;

while St. John’s went on to beat Northwestern, 85-69.

Northwestern, in turn, beat Illinois, 71-70;

and, of course, Illinois whacked Wisconsin, 69-61.

But then Wisconsin beat Ohio State, 71-67!

Could there be any doubt whatsoever as to what would have happened if the Catamounts had gotten a shot at the Buckeyes?

I would be happy to “prove” how your favorite college basketball team would have done against Ohio State, or any other of your unfavorite teams. For instance, I could do a string on Memphis, whose lone win over Middle Tennessee could lead to the conclusion that they, too, would have churned some Buckeye butter after Middle Tennessee bested Florida International, who spanked Troy, and then go on to connect Fresno State’s victory over Illinois to Wisconsin’s win over the hapless Ohioans ...