Jack TenneyExtra Point

by Jack Tenney, Publisher

June 2010

Thomas Friedman, the New York Times columnist who wrote that the earth was now flat, recently reported the death of the tooth fairy. He’s a clever guy likening the effect of the Internet to the flattening of the earth and reporting that the tooth fairy died from complications related to obesity.

However, what really floored me was the Jan. 1, 1946, birth date he gave the tooth fairy. 

Holy molar! I’m older than the tooth fairy! Was!

Anyway, without much reflection, I assumed there was always a tooth fairy and, by extension, that as long as little kids spit out baby teeth and could think that exchanging them for coins was a good deal, the tradition would continue.

Which brings me to the extra point: This is the first issue of the 27th volume of this magazine.

It would not be surprising if the majority of Business People–Vermont readers assumed that the magazine had been around forever and, by extension, would keep doing business as long as it has. It’s pretty easy to demonstrate the implied premise of that enthymeme.

The initial print run of the magazine was 3,500, and 3,107 — no, 3,157 — were mailed to area business people. Since we typically print and mail twice that number and, regrettably, have no doubt lost a few readers over the years, most of the current readers (were they to think about it) would assume the magazine has been working longer than they have. Ergo, darn near forever.

In fact, as long as there is a community of business people, this format works. Advertisers will want to reach that market and the readers will want to read the magazine cover-to-cover every month.

Darn! During fact-checking, several things have come to my attention. The Little Rascals shot a feature in 1938 (before I was born) in which the gang tried to raise money from the tooth fairy by pulling their teeth. In Korea, children gun their lower-jaw baby teeth onto the house roof and scuttle upper teeth into the crawl space, shouting wishes that they will grow mice teeth as replacements. Mice teeth apparently keep growing forever. Yuck!

Very well. Belay all analogies and similes regarding the tooth fairy, dental procedures, and Asian customs. Just continue to enjoy your monthly magazine and all the information it contains about your market and the business people who make it work.