Jack TenneyExtra Point

by Jack Tenney, Publisher

April 2010

It’s almost official.

The movement, perhaps begun in jest, to reestablish the Republic of Vermont is taking on a life of its own. 

Perhaps inspired by the showing of secessionist Gov. Perry of Texas in his primary victory over Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, backers of the Second Vermont Republic have found a way to finance their plans to do away with all big taxes — sales, income, and property — but not the little ones like those on gas, rooms, meals, property transfer, and such. The fulcrum that will leverage an ambitious mix of education, health care, and security programs is the nuclear option.

With the convergence of the closing of the Vernon power plant and the official scrapping of Nevada’s Yucca Mountain site, Vermont will become the nuclear dump of North America. Repurposing granite quarries to store radioactive waste will prove to be the most lucrative public source of funding since oil was discovered beneath the capitol in Oklahoma City.

Do the math. It will take nearly a century to cool down the hot rods of outdated nuclear power plants. What do you think folks will be willing to pay to reserve a little space in nature’s lead jacket?

The beauty of the plan is that only by seceding will the republic get out of this with all the loot. Citing the 10th Amendment to the Constitution — the last of the Bill of Rights — which reserves to the states and the people all rights not enumerated for the feds (basically war fighting and tea taxing with representation), the last Legislature of the State of Vermont will authorize the taking of the quarries and the Public Service Board will quickly grant the state the right to store ticking waste. 

As the Feds attempt to dip their beaks and demand for the storage drives the prices north of what it takes to keep the schools (including UVM and the state colleges) fully funded, hospitals and clinics staffed, and state police and sheriffs in wheels, we secede.

Hey, we might even get football back at UVM!