Business People-Vermont

Business People-Vermont celebrates 25 years

Mom always taught us that self-congratulation was rude, but we’re ignoring her advice just this once to celebrate the fact that Business People-Vermont is a quarter-century old.

Twenty-five years ago this month, we published the first issue of our magazine. It was called Business Digest in 1984, and the ensuing decades have seen design changes and technological improvements. All along, the magazine has remained true to its mission: to tell the stories behind the hard-working owners and operators of Vermont businesses.

The magazine was in good company in 1984. That was the year that Apple introduced the Macintosh, Michael Dell founded Dell Computer, AT&T split into seven Baby Bells, Virgin Atlantic Airways made its inaugural flight, and Prince Harry of Wales was born to Charles and Diana. Oh, and Lee Iacocca’s book Iacocca: An Autobiography was published.

As we go to press with this, our 301st issue, we want to express our appreciation to our readers, our advertisers, and all of the business people who have allowed us to peek into their lives and share what they have learned and accomplished.