Jack TenneyExtra Point

by Jack Tenney, Publisher

April 2009


I’ve done crazier things to get a T-shirt, believe me. So before this is all over, I may just send for one from Obama. I’m sorry ... President Obama.

“O’Bama,” my dear old grandmother would have said, “I’m not sure he’s a Tipperary O’Bama, but it’s nice to have one of our lads doing well, no matter.”

“Oh Nana,” I would reply, “you would not believe.

“Why, just today I got an e-mail from his support team asking me to thank a senator for voting for a stimulus package Obama supported. It’s wild, Nana. I’m not to call or write a neo-robo-letter recommending the senator vote Obama’s way, I’m just to call up and thank him for what he already did.

“You remember the bit in the book about Kennedy’s campaign where half the volunteers were writing thank you notes to the other half? Well, this is a neat variation on that. Senators probably get innudated with letters, faxes, e-mails, and phone calls before a vote, but this time they get a thank you. 

“Nana, you’ve got to love these guys. Not the Senators, the Obama organizer guys. Any time I gave money to the Republicans, I was always reminded how much more I could have given. These Obama guys have you do something nice — thank somebody. That’s nice. Easy to be nice, usually. And it costs nothing.

“But, no matter what, they always give you a chance to spend a dime with’em. No, really, they never ask for much. But if you send in a certain amount, like $30, you get a T-shirt. Heck, Nana, you could spend $30 for a T-shirt lots of places. But $30 is, like, the limit, you know? You wouldn’t send $35, right? They don’t even pitch a two-fer deal. 

“Anyway. Getting late. Gotta go.  And, I like they don’t charge extra for XXL, but two for $50 wouldn’t kill ’em.”