Jack TenneyExtra Point

by Jack Tenney, Publisher

March 2009

Spring It On

Spring, as in “spring in to action,” or spring, as in “boing-boing”?

Spring fever or spring break?

As the publisher of a monthly magazine tasked with coming up with a paragraph or two of relevant musings, I have to anticipate the calendar tempo if I am to make deadline and/or sense. Deadlines, as difficult as they are, are often easier to make than sense — or even nonsense — in an entertaining way on a regular basis.

So here is my secret calendar. 

March is spring, basketball madness, St. Patrick’s Day, and Lenten fasts. Think better weather, green beer, spring cleaning, and Final Four.

April starts with Fool’s Day, and is punctuated with personal tax return deadlines and Patriots Day.

May has baskets, honors mothers, May Day, Mayday! May, the month with a short name and many days.

June celebrates graduates and weddings, explodes with bugs, and, finally, sees the end of hockey and basketball seasons.

July brings independence, fireworks, sunburns, sailboats, and weeds.

August sprouts crops and final heat waves.

September produces colorful leaves, school lunches, new books, pencil boxes, and third-quarter estimated tax payments.

October brings the first frost, which has an effect on the last leaves, storm windows, shorter days, and Halloween.

November begets deer camps, leaving work in the dark, Thanksgiving feasts, and Advent calendars.

December graces us with snowfalls, holiday parties, and a last chance to measure up against plans, budgets, and goals.

January dictates a fresh start, wicked chills, sweaters, extra blankets, and last runs before the lift closes.

February is the quick month, requiring weekend work to catch up on monthly tasks.

Now that I am focused on the work ahead, I’ll check off this March as “spring as in boing- boing” and catch you late