Act 250 Rundown

A list of approved Act 250 applications in 2007 throughout Vermont with costs higher than $250,000. Projects are listed according to district and construction costs.

Source: Louis Borie, chief coordinator, Natural Resources Board

Applicant Location Date Cost Project
District 1: Rutland County, 13 Permits, $16,300,889
General Electric Aviation Rutland Town 04/02/2007 $4,500,000 27,700 SF expansion for production of aircraft components
Chittenden Resorts LLC Chittenden 03/07/2007 $1,779,600 Multifunction barn facility to be used for weddings/conferences
Vermont State Employees Credit Union Rutland Town 10/12/2007 $1,687,174 Construct 4,000 SF branch office w/four drive-up and service lanes on Lot 1; 5,000’ building on Lot 2
Omya Inc. Pittsford 06/18/2007 $1,249,500 Construct dewatering facility
Naylor & Breen Builders Inc. Brandon 10/11/2007 $1,230,000 Construct two commercial buildings on two lots, 7,000 SF each
Castleton State College Castleton 01/19/2007 $1,216,190 Addition to math and science center
The Woods at Spring Pond LLC Brandon 02/16/2007 $1,100,000 68-lot subdivision with municipal water and sewer
Seven Maples Corp. Rutland Town 05/11/2007 $1,065,000 Construct 4,715 SF restaurant on 2.04 acres
Taco Bell of America Inc. Rutland Town 07/11/2007 $800,000 Construct 3,100 SF fast-food restaurant w/60 seats, drive-through, 32 parking spaces
Vermont RSA Limited Partnership Killington 01/08/2007 $589,115 Construct telecommunications compound; stealth tree w/12 antennas; 12’x30’ equipment shelter
Vermont RSA Limited Partnership Mount Tabor 01/16/2007 $426,150 Construction telecommunications facility in 50’x50’ compound on 12-acre tract
Vermont RSA Limited Partnership Killington 04/17/2007 $350,160 Construct 100’ stealth tower (107’) w/12 panel antennas; 12’x30’ equipment shelter
The McKernon Group Inc. Brandon 06/29/2007 $308,000 Subdivide Lot 16 into Lot 16a and 16b; and Lot 17 into Lot 17a and 17b
District 2: Windham and Southern Windsor counties, 22 permits, $37,174,266
Town of Westminster Westminster 01/26/2007 $9,132,000 Construct a tower and antenna for town communication system
Tri-Park Cooperative Housing Corp. and Town of Brattleboro Brattleboro 03/15/2007 $7,106,836 Replace approximately 5.3 miles of water and sewer lines in Mountain Home Trailer Park
Grafton Village Cheese Co. and Windham Foundation Inc. Brattleboro 04/11/2007 $5,000,000 Cheese manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facility
Winterplace COA Ludlow 09/28/2007 $3,169,680 Construct four five-bedroom duplexes
Corporation of Marlboro College Marlboro 04/17/2007 $1,586,565 Convert Hendricks House to 11-bed dorm; continue to serve as music festival offices during summer
Newland Development Association LLC Wilmington 06/28/2007 $1,525,000 Construct and use a 14,673 SF retail pharmacy building with drive-through window and access off Vermont 9
Rockingham Area Community Land Trust and Town of Cavendish Cavendish 02/15/2007 $1,167,405 Constuct 4,584 SF, two-story, four-unit town house, 2,226 SF, two-story, two-unit apartment; extend village
Okemo LLC Ludlow 03/20/2007 $1,100,596 Construct a nine-hole golf course, renovate office building to clubhouse, irrigation storage pond
William Mcmichael Dover 09/20/2007 $1,000,000 Changes in house and barn structure
Town of Springfield Springfield 04/19/2007 $875,000 Renovate 13,600 SF building for use as police department
Town of Dover Dover 06/22/2007 $869,558 Construct 3.89’x10’ shared-use path
Evergreen Equine West Windsor 03/14/2007 $678,150 Construct veterinary clinic
The Greenwood School Putney 10/10/2007 $600,000 Construct eight buildings for summer music camp
Brattleboro Area Community Land Trust 1 and Friends of Algiers Village Inc. Guilford 09/17/2007 $593,000 Demolish Tontine buiding; renovate into seven apartments
Crafts Inn Owners Association Wilmington 01/05/2007 $490,000 Convert 90-seat restaurant and bar into two two-bedroom guest suites for a total of three suites
Verizon Wireless Springfield 08/08/2007 $482,800 112’ tower (resembles pine tree); 12 panel antennas; 1,700’ access road
Cellco Partnership Rockingham 12/07/2007 $448,600 Construct 100’ tower (resembles tree) w/12 panel antennas
Department of State Buildings Windsor 07/17/2007 $360,000 Make stormwater management improvements and other improvements to 1,300’ of State Farm Road
Brattleboro Area Community Trust I Brattleboro 09/17/2007 $332,376 Renovations at 192 Canal St.: Add three residential units to first floor; install sprinkler system
Verizon Wireless and Cellco Partnership Vernon 02/22/2007 $329,300 Construct 107’ tower
Vermont RSA No. 2-B2 Inc., Cellco Partnership and KJK Wireless Dover 08/01/2007 $327,400 Install 100’ monopole facility, three equipment shelters, temporary road, and permanent road
District 3: Orange and Northern Windsor counties, 11 permits, $18,096,120
Sports Venue Foundation Inc. Hartford 03/26/2007 $10,550,000 Construct 40,000 SF buiding w/leisure pool for Aquatic Center
Punger Enterprises LLC Hartford 02/28/2007 $2,469,000 Construct five three-unit, three-bedroom buildings and 750 LF of roadway
Vermont RSA dba Verizon Wireless Hartford 06/13/2007 $1,137,000 Add 8’ to 92’ monopole w/three panel antennas and equipment shelter
Gizmo Realty Holdings 1 LLC Bradford 06/12/2007 $1,137,000 Construct first phase of Bradford Square Shopping Center
North Hartland Dry Kilns Inc. Hartland 08/28/2007 $531,680 Remove boiler and install new, wood-fired boiler
Vermont RSA Limited Partnership Woodstock 04/04/2007 $528,170 Construct 88’ tower resembling pine tree
ARC Mechanical Contractors Inc. Bradford 02/08/2007 $406,000 Construct 3,000 SF classroom and office onto existing building
Vermont RSA Limited Partnership Hartford 08/29/2007 $382,500 89’ tower with 12’x30’ equipment shelter; 12 panel antennas; 550’ new access
Vermont RSA Limited Partnership/ Bridgewater 06/05/2007 $362,770 Construct 107’ monopole Verizon Wireless
Vermont RSA Limited Partnership Woodstock 03/07/2007 $337,000 Construct 78’ monopole disguised to resemble a pine tree within a 40’x40’ compound
Gifford Medical Center Sharon 10/10/2007 $255,000 Construct 2,200 SF addition onto west end of previously permitted Sharon Health Center
District 4: Chittenden County, 41 permits, $154,084,153
Snyder Taft Corners Ltd. Partnership Williston 03/29/2007 $78,360,000 Applicant seeking partial findings, Phase I, construct 346 residential units
Lowe’s Home Centers Inc. Essex 08/03/2007 $8,690,000 Redevelopment of Essex Town Plaza
Hinesburg Hillside LLC Hinesburg 04/03/2007 $7,395,410 PRD w/four duplex units, 21 single-family residences, four eight-unit, age-restricted, multifamily buildings
Village Associates Colchester 07/03/2007 $5,411,263 Construct 44 two-bedroom residential units in 15 buildings
Technology Park Partners S. Burlington 07/13/2007 $5,146,141 Construct 18,153 SF office building; 54,459 SF office space on Lot 2; bike path
Sunset Cliffs Partnership LLC and C-11 Corp. Milton 05/21/2007 $5,071,475 Convert permitted seven-lot PUD to 32-lot PUD w/28 residential units
BDP Realty Associates S. Burlington 08/17/2007 $3,588,160 Construct PRD: eight duplexes (16 units) w/new access street
Offset House Essex 09/10/2007 $3,250,000 60,000 SF addition to 65,930 SF building on Lot A1 of Saxon Hill Industrial Park
Marketplace Condominiums LLC Milton 02/22/2007 $2,892,683 38-unit, four-story, multifamily condo building: 35 units w/2 bedrooms and three units w/1 bedroom on Lot 15
Civil Enginering Associates S. Burlington 06/26/2007 $2,697,500 Subdivide Lot 1A from Lot 1; master plan; construct two 7,200 SF buildings, Phase 1; and a third 7,200 SF building
DEW Construction Corp. Williston 08/28/2007 $2,541,420 Increase permitted building size to 25,238 SF on Lot 4; general office/medical use w/79 parking spaces
Springlet Ltd. Burlington 08/14/2007 $2,230,600 Construct four-story, 34-unit condo residential building w/subsurface parking
Champlain Water District S. Burlington 03/07/2007 $2,000,000 Construct 42” diameter parallel lake-water intake, 2,700’ long, 80’ deep in Shelburne Bay
REM Development Co. S. Burlington 09/18/2007 $1,981,745 Construct 6,750 SF additon to commercial building on Lot 2
Pizzagalli Properties LLC S. Burlington 08/07/2007 $1,850,000 One-story, 10,000 SF medical office building on Lot 1 (Tilley Drive) in the Mountain View Office Park
John Larkin S. Burlington 01/19/2007 $1,730,000 Enlarge structure; revise parking; move Dumpster and front entry/sidewalk; revise building height; landscaping
Lamoille Terrace LLC Milton 05/16/2007 $1,570,000 After-fact construction of Kendra Drive and creation of eight lots w/construction of single-family residence
Chittenden Bank S. Burlington 11/28/2007 $1,400,000 Demolish 3,310 SF Chittenden Bank and construct a 3,655 SF, two-story bank w/temporary trailer
The Automaster Shelburne 05/11/2007 $1,372,520 6,752 SF addition to service center and a 1,170 SF addition to showroom
National Bank of Middlebury Hinesburg 06/22/2007 $1,252,640 Construct 3,800 SF bank w/drive-up canopy on Lot 13; additional 26 peak-hour trips
Burlington Housing Authority Burlington 01/30/2007 $1,222,000 Construct 10-unit residential building and rehab single-family residence; site improvements
Brad Gardner Colchester 07/03/2007 $928,000 Create four lots w/single-family home on each lot
Bensen Development LP S. Burlington 06/05/2007 $879,790 Add one nine-unit multifamily building, and boundary between two lots
Sizzling Sausage Colchester 05/09/2007 $871,000 Construct 26,400 SF commercial building on Lot 5 of Brentwood Park
Chittenden East Supervisory Union Jericho 10/19/2007 $870,000 Build new baseball field w/multi-purpose soccer/lacrosse field; new bathroom building; 62-space parking area
Nathaniel Hayward Colchester 12/20/2007 $808,000 PRD on 22 acres: 16 lots, 14 single-family house lots and two common conservation lots
Essex Inn Partners Essex 09/13/2007 $788,000 Construct 12,600 SF health spa
Wedgewood Development Corp. Essex 09/10/2007 $787,000 Create five-lot residential subdivision and construct four four-bedroom residences on Lots 2-5
Eurowest Retail Partners Ltd. Essex 08/21/2007 $750,640 Construct 12,094 Ace Hardware store and parking on Parcel A, Building 5 at Essex Outlet Fair
Town of Colchester Colchester 01/22/2007 $750,000 Construct 7,696 SF expansion of town garage; demolish 1,580 SF salt shed; construct 864 SF salt shed
Severance Corners Village Center LLC Colchester 06/19/2007 $684,390 Expand Building 3 by eliminating Building 4, combining footprints of both buildings, and adding seven residential units
Donald Turner Milton 10/25/2007 $666,900 Construct nine single-family homes on Lots 8, 16-21, 31 and 32
Nelson and Patricia Chagnon Essex Jct. 10/11/2007 $600,000 Construct 9,000 SF building on Lots 17 and 25, top floor for professional office space; lower floor for Chagnon
Forest Park Realty Corp. Shelburne 11/20/2007 $547,150 Subdivide 95.97 acres into two parcels; subdivide 16 lots, 14-unit PRD, no house construction
Seth and Kimberly Duchesneau Milton 08/22/2007 $489,960 Construct a 6,800 SF building w/associated parking and infrastructure on former camp properties, Lot 1
Adams Real Properties LLC Williston 07/18/2007 $450,000 Construct 9,000 SF building addition to warehouse, Lot 16-17
Cochran Ski Area Inc. Richmond 03/30/2007 $408,960 Install new snow-making equipment to replace antique machine
Town of Milton Milton 02/28/2007 $340,000 Relocate 3,050 linear feet of 8” forcemain from east side of U.S. 7 to the west side of U.S. 7
University of Vermont Burlington 03/09/2007 $310,000 Pave graveled parking lot, add lights, and upgrade North Campus stormwater facility
Inland Western Williston MTP Williston 07/06/2007 $250,806 Construct gazebo and paved walks; install benches and additional landscaping at green at MTP
Miller Realty Group LLP Williston 07/24/2007 $250,000 Construct 131-space parking area with landscaping, lighting, and stormwater facility improvements
District 5: Washington and Lamoille counties 21 permits, $25,425,716
Home Depot USA Inc. Berlin 10/25/2007 $9,117,890 106,278 SF retail building and supply store
Smugglers’ Notch Management Co. Ltd. Cambridge 01/29/2007 $2,309,610 12 condo units in a single building, phase 3B of North Hill
The Gumbo Group LLC Middlesex 04/26/2007 $2,100,000 12,000 SF warehouse and 6,000 SF office/commercial structures on Lot 1 of Welch Park Subdivision
The Health Center Plainfield 05/15/2007 $1,951,000 12,600 SF addition
White Out LLC Middlesex 04/24/2007 $1,400,000 10,000 SF warehouse and 12,000 SF office/commercial structure on Lot 3, Welch Park Subdivision
Harwood Union High School Duxbury 12/18/2007 $1,179,589 Operate and construct wood-chip fired heating plant District #19
Millennium Homes & Construction LLC Barre Town 11/06/2007 $970,000 Eight housing units in four single-story, multifamily condos on Lot 19
The Green Mountain Club Waterbury Ctr. 09/19/2007 $909,000 South barn for office, event and retail space
Packard Fuels Inc. East Montpelier 02/21/2007 $791,543 Commercial fuel distribution center, office building, and expanded maintenance shop
Chittenden Bank Morristown 02/07/2007 $696,500 2,800 SF bank facility at Morrisville Plaza shopping center
Central Vermont Community Land Trust Montpelier 05/25/2007 $520,100 Renovate three-story building into eight residential units
David Marvin Morristown 05/05/2007 $470,304 92’x120’ addition to maple manufacturing facility
Lawrence Wyckoff Cambridge 07/24/2007 $444,780 Phase III of development of four-unit residential buildings
Bourne Petroleum Ltd. Stowe 11/05/2007 $443,840 Convert private school to 19 apartments and four studio/dorm rooms
Bert Lindsay Waitsfield 06/29/2007 $413,000 Phase II of project: 4,200 SF building; 1,800 SF storage shed; 30’x30’ addition to building
Mad River Glen Cooperative Fayston 03/27/2007 $368,000 Construct improvements above 2,500’
Robert Russin Cambridge 02/06/2007 $280,030 Commercial auto repair garage and single-family home
Middlesex Electric Berlin 06/06/2007 $277,000 Two 40’x60’ commercial buildings with related improvements
Casella Waste Management Inc. Hyde Park 11/13/2007 $271,505 51’x60’ addition to existing garage
Demars Properties Morrisville 08/19/2007 $259,500 2,756 SF addition to existing permitted office building
Lamoille County Planning Commission Cambridge 04/12/2007 $252,525 Phase III of Smugglers Notch Scenic Highway; replace sanitary waste disposal facilities
District 6: Franklin and Grand Isle counties, 9 permits, $7,515,087
Mylan Technologies Inc. Swanton 08/20/2007 $2,000,000 Construct 17,000 SF building to connect plants B and E
Swanton Packing Inc. Swanton 09/17/2007 $1,584,080 Construct development to consist of 15,712 SF building w/16 three-bedroom units
Franklin County Industrial Development Corp. St. Albans 01/22/2007 $1,110,000 Construct, improve, and subdivide 95 acres into nine lots for expansion of St. Albans Town Industrial Park
AIR Development LLC South Hero 09/11/2007 $819,807 Construct recreation center building adjacent to existing swimming pool and pool house
Anthony Gamache LLC St. Albans City 10/24/2007 $636,000 Create five lots and construct four single-family homes and one two-unit town house
Northwest Solid Waste Mgt. District Georgia 03/08/2007 $550,200 Construct 10,060 SF heavy industrial building (recycling) on Lot 6
Betty Hubbard Franklin 05/31/2007 $305,000 Subdivide 121.5 acres into 13-lot single-family project
Lawrence and Barbara Young Fairfax 09/13/2007 $260,000 11-Lot Subdivision
R & K Properties LLC Grand Isle 01/04/2007 $250,000 Floating dock and floating concrete breakwater expansion
District 7: Caledonia, Orleans, and Essex counties, 14 permits, $40,986,925
Jay Peak Inc. Jay 07/31/2007 $14,090,400 Construct hotel and expand Tram Haus building; remove five buildings
Greensboro Hospital Association Inc. Greensboro 11/05/2007 $14,040,200 Expand tract and construct new 22 system
NVRH St. Johnsbury 08/03/2007 $5,344,000 Construct 18,000 SF addition on northwest side of hospital and 1,400 SF enclosure; parking
Lyndon State College Lyndon 07/06/2007 $1,915,600 Restore 2.4 acre parking lot; install lighting on baseball and softball fields
Orleans Essex North Supervisory Union Derby 05/08/2007 $1,479,900 1,440 SF accessory building with wood chip boiler, chimney stack, related fencing
Danville School District Danville 07/06/2007 $864,315 2,765 SF accessory building for wood-chip boiler
North of Eden LLC Lowell 11/01/2007 $830,000 Approve lodge previously constructed without permit, and new dorm building
Orleans Emergency Unit Inc. Orleans 04/19/2007 $500,000 Construct 4,100 SF ambulance building
Kingdom Realty Trust and Burke 01/29/2007 $402,000 Phase 1, six-unit condos, then four-unit condos Burke Realty Trust
Peter Morse Derby 06/13/2007 $330,000 Three storage units, two-story office building; modify stormwater
Marlene Manosh Newport 08/03/2007 $313,480 Approve 3,500 SF group home for six already constructed
VAOT Lyndonville 05/28/2007 $301,030 Construct a 9,000 SF five-bay hangar and associated gravel drive
Montana Building & Development Corp. Burke 09/26/2007 $296,000 Two additional duplex cabins
Burke 2000 LLC Burke 01/22/2007 $280,000 Improve Trail 12 and Trail 24 with tree-cutting; abandon vicinity Trail 11
District 8: Bennington County, 12 permits, $24,127,576
B&F Land Development LLC Bennington 06/06/2007 $5,860,000 Construct 100-unit (50 buildings) development; 5,300’ roadway; sidewalks; bike paths, etc.
Joshua and Linda Wien Manchester 07/05/2007 $3,833,848 Construct 20-unit housing project: 18 new modular duplex units; one building to be converted to duplex
Burr & Burton Academy Peru 07/20/2007 $3,803,638 Construct outreach campus on 100-acre parcel off Hapgood Pond Road; 7,000 SF academic building and caretaker’s cottage
F.W. Webb Co. Bennington 05/31/2007 $3,000,000 Construct 30,000 SF wholesale plumbing supply warehouse w/42 parking spaces
REE&C Capital Management Services Manchester 02/20/2007 $1,689,720 Two eight-unit, mixed-unit residential and professional subdivision
William E. Dailey Inc. Shaftsbury 07/20/2007 $1,328,000 Construct 180’x280’ addition to concrete plant
Manchester Development Group Inc. Winhall 03/20/2007 $1,250,000 Subdivide 12 acres into five lots and construct single-family home on Lots A-D
Dorset Field Club Inc. Dorset 12/11/2007 $1,009,700 Construct new maintenance facility; one 50’x136’ building; one 35’x90’ building; and one 20’x60’ building
Bennington College Corp. N. Bennington 01/19/2007 $850,000 Biomass heating system
Orvis Co. Manchester Vill. 10/09/2007 $600,000 Construct 4,828 SF facility to replace old building
Bourn Brook Properties LLC Manchester 09/18/2007 $505,680 Change size and location of Building 2 to become 4,046 SF office w/ 12,000 SF warehouse, 15 parking spaces
Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireles Sunderland 09/14/2007 $396,990 Install 112’ telecmmunications tower disguised as pine tree; total height 119’; 50’x50’ compound
District 9: Addison County, 5 permits, $11,345,706
Middlebury College Middlebury 04/11/2007 $7,295,560 8,000 SF addition to heat and power plant for a gasifier and boiler; minor alterations to service building
AEJ Properties LLC Middlebury 10/26/2007 $1,468,026 Demolish building and construct four four-bedroom town houses w/municipal water and wastewater
Raymond Danyow Vergennes 08/02/2007 $1,200,000 Create four-single-family residential subdivision
The Keewaydin Foundation Salisbury 05/03/2007 $1,105,120 Phased construction of new dining hall, bath house and activity lodge
RCC Atlantic Inc. Lincoln 11/08/2007 $277,000 Construct 75’ communication tower