Act 250

During 2006, the Vermont Environmental Board approved 674 permit applications for Act 250, Vermont’s land-use law. Estimated construction costs for the projects total $408 million. Here’s a list of approved Act 250 applications throughout Vermont with costs higher than $250,000. Projects are listed according to district and construction costs.

Source: Louis Borie, chief coordinator, Natural Resources Board

Applicant Location Date Cost Project
District 1: Rutland County, 11 Permits, $12,975,496
DCF Development LLC Rutland Town 10/30/06 $4,473,840 Construction of restricted condo community “Wynnmere,” 24 buildings including 12 single-family, 12 duplexes
Castleton State College Castleton 10/13/06 $2,468,181 Pave existing gravel parking lot on South Street and improvements to pedestrian facilities on South Street
BTMB Realty Associates Killington 4/10/06 $1,230,000 Phase I: 7,000 SF retail building; Phase II: 4,800 SF retail building w/associated parking
The Meadows II At East Mountain LLC Rutland Town 8/17/06 $816,500 Construct new 5,389 SF addition for dementia unit
Rutland County Community Land Trust Rutland City 10/26/06 $727,000 Construct six units of multi-family rental housing; demolish existing hair salon
Catherine Rooney Castleton 7/19/06 $724,800 Post-construction approval for seven-bedroom care home for disabled adults
Rutland County Community Land Trust Rutland City 11/6/06 $644,000 Rejoining lots 44 and 46 into one site; create two-story addition attached to rear of 44 Allen
Catherine Rooney Fair Haven 7/19/06 $630,600 Post-construction approval for seven-bedroom care home for disabled adults
Vermont RSA Limited Partnership Killington 5/2/06 $589,115 Construct telecommunications compound, 100' stealth tower w/12 panel antennas
First Brandon National Bank Brandon 8/22/06 $361,460 Construct 34'x40' single-story bank structure designed for future expansion w/concrete slab/parking
William & Janet Wolfe Chittenden 6/12/06 $310,000 Construct single-family home on 1.7-acre lot
District 2: Windham and Southern Windsor counties, 24 permits, $83,522,855
Snow Vidda Development LLC West Dover 8/7/06 $18,428,480 Construct 56 town house residential units
Mount Snow Ltd./Clock Tower Devel. Dover 9/5/06 $13,830,840 PRD w/46 units (triplex and duplex) and amenities center
Vermont Development LLC/Boulder Ridge Dover 4/3/06 $12,851,700 Construct 25 duplex buildings for a total of 50 five-bedroom units
Brattleboro Memorial Hospital Brattleboro 3/20/06 $8,000,000 Construct three-story, 27,500 SF outpatient building to connect to main building, new parking
Valley Cares Inc./John Evans/Curt & Pauline Lawrence Townshend 3/20/06 $6,503,231 Construct one three-story building for 24 units of independent housing; one two-story building for 28 units
Basketville Inc./Brattleboro Community Land Trust Brattleboro 9/22/06 $3,995,500 Rehabilitate an existing structure into residential/office space w/29 apartments, meeting area
WE Technology Drive LLC Brattleboro 10/4/06 $3,309,118 Convert part of 165,000 SF warehouse to retail use, change building facade, parking lot, extend internal
Okemo LLC Ludlow 2/8/06 $3,150,000 Construct a 225'x116' facility to cover an ice surface of about 200'x85', move
Castle Hill Properties LLC Cavendish 5/4/06 $2,400,000 Construct an addition onto hotel for 26 hotel room suites in lieu of conference center
Springfield Regional Development Corp. Springfield 9/22/06 $1,835,000 Create three sublots on J&L Plant 1
Winstanley Enterprises LLC/WE 36 Precision Drive LLC Springfield 12/22/06 $1,800,000 Construct 21 loading docks along western side and two along northwest side of building
SCB Holdings LLC/Raymond Jasmin Hartford 1/27/06 $1,064,000 Construct 80'x108' trucking terminal w/office space
Westminster Realty Group LLC/Green Mountain Power Corp. Westminster 11/13/06 $900,000 Subdivide truck stop parcel into two lots: Lot 1 w/7.1 acres, and convert building into office, warehouse
David Snyder/Sara Coffee Guilford 4/14/06 $750,000 Construct a 5,000 SF sound studio and enlarge pond
Fletcher Farm Foundation Ludlow 9/21/06 $608,200 Demolish a rear ell and shed connector, relocate farmhouse and kitchen wing onto new foundation
Winterplace COA Ludlow 2/7/06 $540,400 Construct Building 5 of two units with five bedrooms in each unit
Cellco Partnership Brattleboro 11/13/06 $515,800 Construct a 107' communications tower w/12 panel antennas
Vermont RSA Limited Partnership/Getaway Campground Inc. Weathersfield 12/26/06 $399,600 Construct a 100' monopole (pine tree look), w/12 panel antennas
Vermont RSA Limited Partnership/Town of Springfield< Springfield 8/31/06 $366,500 Construct a 107-foot stealth tower w/12 panel antennas, compound
Verizon Wireless/Celico Partnership/Michael Morse Westminster 6/23/06 $357,550 12 PCS panel antennas mounted on artificial tree
The Vermont Country Store/1292 Rockingham LLC Rockingham 3/6/06 $354,000 Construct an addition to connect store and sales barn; new front and rear porch on barn
Ralph Paradis Dover 2/23/06 $250,000 Previous construction of 4,500 SF log building with three offices on first floor and apartment on second
Winstanley Enterprises LLC/WE 36 Precision Drive LLC Springfield 4/18/06 $250,000 Construct six loading docks and renovate interior of building
District 3: Orange and Northern Windsor counties, 12 permits, $18,073,096
Williamstown High/Middle School Williamstown 2/14/06 $7,682,947 Interior renovations of the school along with additions
Vermont Technical College/Vermont State Colleges Randolph 8/21/06 $3,639,455 Construct a 13,000 SF addition to Shape building for cafeteria, fitness center, lounge, multi-purpose
Simpson Development Corporation Norwich 8/2/06 $1,268,800 Two-lot subdivision and five-unit town house
Woodstock Builders Inc. Woodstock 7/31/06 $1,104,000 Construct 9,885 SF office building
Michael E. Mahoney Plymouth 10/28/06 $1,090,000 Nine-lot subdivision w/single-family residences
Plymouth Properties LLC/Bear Creek Mountain Club Plymouth 2/17/06 $1,064,000 Phase 1 condo and snow-making reservoir
Bradford Oil Co. Inc. Newbury 3/6/06 $500,000 Previous construction of truck stop w/115-seat restaurant, truck bay, gas and diesel pumps
Northern Pride Homes LLC Hartland 5/2/06 $404,000 15-lot subdivision and 1,900' of access road
Vermont RSA Limited Partnership Hartford 8/10/06 $394,750 Construct a 91-foot communications tower to look like a pine tree
Vermont RSA Limited Partnership/Anna H. Keir Trust Hartland 8/28/06 $372,960 Construct 100' communication tower (resemble pine tree) w/12 panel antennas
William M. McGuire/Holly D. Walker Stockbridge 5/8/06 $280,000 Construct a 2,500 SF home occupation building
Mountain View Assisted Living Vershire 3/14/06 $272,184 Construct four additional bedrooms, swimming pool and enlarge septic
District 4: Chittenden County, 46 permits, $89,453-547
Village Associates/Brett Grabowski Williston 10/19/06 $10,948,900 Construction of 110 residential housing units and 5,600 SF commercial space
Burlington Co-Housing Development LLC Burlington 2/16/06 $5,712,402 32-Unit planned residential development on two parcels: one existing and one new home/18-unit common house/12 town houses
Allen Road Land Co./John Larkin S. Burlington 8/23/06 $5,032,250 Request to modify Condition 48 of LUP 4C1060 and construct 44 units on Parcel A/lot 2
Technology Park Partners/PMF Energy Inc./Axinn-Vermont Inc. S. Burlington 7/7/06 $4,596,000 Extension of date w/new revisions to landscaping and parking lot layout on Lot 7
Pizzagalli Properties LLC S. Burlington 3/23/06 $4,536,000 Construction of a two-story, 54,000 SF commercial office building on Lot 4 of the Mountain View Office Park
LNP Inc. Essex 6/15/06 $4,159,200 80-Unit congregate housing between two buildings: a 50-unit and a 30-unit building on 5.02-acre project site
Town of Williston Williston 3/2/06 $3,490,000 17,260 SF emergency services building on Mahan Farm w/parking and city water and sewer on a new lot
Woodside Construction Essex 10/10/06 $3,225,535 Construct a four-story, mixed-use building w/53 one- and two-bedroom condo units w/two commercial units
Pinewood Development LLC Essex 5/31/06 $2,946,500 Creation of 39-lot single-family subdivision and construction of 16 single-family homes
American Cancer Society Burlington 4/6/06 $2,500,000 Construction of 13,000 SF, 16-room convalescent house for American Cancer Society
South Village Communities LLC S. Burlington 4/19/06 $2,450,000 Phase I, 71-lot subdivision composed of 59 lots for single, duplex, triplex structures
Super-Temp Realty Co. LLC S. Burlington 6/6/06 $2,282,000 Construction of 35,000 SF manufacturing facility on Lot 6 of Meadow Land Business Park
University of Vermont Burlington 6/30/06 $2,130,740 A free-standing utility enclosure w/no roof to visually and acoustically screen the cooling towers
Spear Meadows Inc. S. Burlington 3/14/06 $2,100,000 Subdivision of three existing parcels into 18 new single-family lots
O’Brien Brothers Agency Inc. S. Burlington 6/6/06 $2,019,564 50,000 SF industrial/commercial building on Lot 2 of of Meadowlands Business Complex
Donald Turner Milton 1/20/06 $1,890,600 Creation of 35 lots for single-family homes and PRD-five duplexes/three single-family homes
Mechanicsville LLC/Russell Barone Williston 8/21/06 $1,878,000 Two lot subdivision w/14-unit age-restricted PRD
Severn Trent Laboratory S. Burlington 9/22/06 $1,842,274 Convert 38,000 SF of warehouse and manufacturing use w/in 275,000 SF of Tech Park Partners building to a testing lab
222 Franklin Inc. Essex Jct. 11/16/06 $1,799,400 Relocation of previous application buildings 19-28, del. of buildings 29 and 30, construct parking lots along project drive
Greenfield Capital LLC S. Burlington 9/26/06 $1,792,000 Construction of a 30,000 SF manufacturing facility on Lot 10; 15,000 SF to be built now and 15,000 SF in Phase II
Chase Properties & Development Essex 3/16/06 $1,786,864 Construction of 38,638 SF light manufacturing/commercial building; previous lots 7, 9, 11; now lot C
Larkin Realty/John Larkin S. Burlington 5/12/06 $1,498,700 Raze a 5,007 SF commercial building and construct 24 residential units
Town Meadow LLC/Jim Dousevicz Essex 10/24/06 $1,443,360 Construction of a three-story, 48-unit congregate housing building
Wedgewood Development Corp. Colchester 5/30/06 $1,436,600 Creation of nine lots on a 12.23 acres located at Severance Road and Woods Edge Drive
Douglas Marek/Brock & Karen Rouse Milton 8/14/06 $1,411,000 Construction of 13-unit PRD w/road
Schwan’s Home Service Inc. Colchester 6/21/06 $1,410,000 Construct a 9,330 SF warehouse/distribution facility w/loading and parking areas on Lot 4
University of Vermont Burlington 2/22/06 $1,275,786 3,551 SF addition to Harris Millis Dining Hall
EF Farrell LLC/DB Morrissey LLC Colchester 4/24/06 $1,043,755 Construct a second- and third-story on Building B instead of previously permitted 2,000 SF addition; increase parking
Haydenberry Holdings LLC Milton 3/17/06 $1,041,000 This third phase of a 72-unit development is an additional 28 residential units among five new buildings
The Rock of Greater Burlington Inc S. Burlington 2/24/06 $1,002,500 Construction of a 7,500 SF house of worship on Lot 11 with 120 parking spaces
Paul D. Jarvis Milton 12/14/06 $995,200 12 residential units in two six-unit, two-story buildings plus one over existing diner
Gardner Construction Inc. Jericho 2/1/06 $965,580 Change from previous exempt three-lot subdivision w/single-family homes to one 4.25-acre parcel w/four two-bedrooms duplexes
William Sawyer Milton 9/19/06 $936,080 Subdivide a 7.8-acre lot into seven lots: Lots 1-6 for duplex units, Lot 7 for existing single-family home
Tri-D Associates II, FLP Colchester 9/6/06 $916,117 18,450 SF office/warehouse building on Lot 23
LNP Inc. Williston 2/1/06 $853,300 Construct 34,200 SF addition to existing building; Lot 13 for warehouse use and improve parking and circulation on Lot 14
Green Street LLC Hinesburg 7/19/06 $840,000 Creation of three lots: Lot 1 4,800 SF commercial building, Lot 2 w/three existing residential units, Lot 3 w/25 new and five existing units
University of Vermont Burlington 4/21/06 $708,000 Replacement of existing 2,650 SF processing and freezer facility w/new 7,339 SF facility
Highlands Development Co. LLC S. Burlington 3/2/06 $505,000 Modification to four approved carriage-style units on Water Tower Parcel at Vermont National Country Club
Sisters and Brothers Investment Group St. George 3/30/06 $500,000 Construct 4,500 SF convenience store w/deli and four fuel pumps
BJW Development Co. Richmond 3/3/06 $441,000 Construct three modern/contemporary houses on three of 11 previously permitted single-family lots (Phase 7)
Armand Turner Milton 6/15/06 $395,115 Construct three additional residential units (total 19 units) and one new commercial building
Harry & Diane Loso S. Burlington 4/27/06 $393,520 Construct 6,000 SF building on Lot 10 of Ethan Allen Park for business service and warehouse storage
Charlebois Holdings LLC Colchester 12/22/06 $360,000 After-the-fact Act 250 Permit application for 7,200 SF track/bus barn and 57 space parking/storage west of U.S. 7
Gary Lefebvre Colchester 10/6/06 $349,500 Replace three seasonal residences with three year-round residences served by community wastewater system
MicroBrightField Inc. Williston 3/27/06 $316,260 Expansion of existing building by a 3,150 SF addition to second floor and a 600 SF addition to the ground floor
Tri-Tech/Linda & Joe Bacigalupo S. Burlington 7/26/06 $297,945 Construction of 7,900 SF addition
District 5: Washington and Lamoille counties 23 permits, $86,522,781
T.N. Associates Stowe 5/15/06 $48,000,000 The demolition and reconstruction of the main hotel
Washington County Mental Health/Ampersand Properties Stowe 5/5/06 $9,141,640 38 housing units and six commercial buildings
Meadow View Development Stowe 6/1/06 $6,924,660 17 Housing units
Smugglers’ Notch Management Co. Ltd. Cambridge 1/25/06 $4,961,474 Phase 3A of North Hill project, 20 units of residential housing
Summit Ventures NE LLC Warren 2/3/06 $3,777,512 Revisions to Gate House Base Lodge (Building A1)
Jed & Annika Lipsky Stowe 3/14/06 $1,947,175 Demolition of 21-room motel; construction of 13 condo units in four buildings
Norwich University Northfield 2/26/06 $1,900,000 Interior and exterior renovations of dining and student services building (Harmon Hall)
Northfield Housing Associates Northfield 2/23/06 $1,532,500 10 additional housing units at existing Green Mountain Apartments
Baraw Enterprises Inc. Stowe 5/15/06 $1,465,000 Three duplex town houses as Phase 3 of the Meadows at Stoweflake
Washington County Family Center Montpelier 11/21/06 $1,344,700 8,500 SF childcare facility
Notchbrook Homeowners Association Stowe 5/18/06 $844,800 Extend municipal water system to the 41-lot Notchbrook subdivision
Smugglers’ Notch Management Co. Ltd. Cambridge 3/31/06 $831,800 Expansion to existing Meeting House dining building
Mad River Park Corporation Waitsfield 7/12/06 $490,000 11,500 SF repair shop for Kingsbury Construction on Lot 6
Vermont Studio Center Inc. Johnson 6/16/06 $430,000 3,166 SF wood-framed building to house 16 writing studios
Gristmill Properties LLC Waterbury 3/2/06 $422,500 8,500 SF structure for use as home construction manufacturing products
Green Mountain Valley School Fayston 4/3/06 $405,000 3,600 SF addition to farmhouse building
Carroll Concrete Co. Inc. Berlin 3/6/06 $400,000 6,000 SF maintenance garage; 25 additional parking spaces; 800 SF lumber storage building
Levin Family Trust Stowe 4/24/06 $310,000 Two-bedroom art studio, storage barn and new gravel access drive
H.A. Manosh Corp. Morristown 8/28/06 $304,000 6,000 SF heated storage/warehouse facility
Walter Clark Hyde Park 5/5/06 $291,060 Addition to existing elder residential care facility and a two-lot subdivision
Smugglers’ Notch Management Co. Ltd. Cambridge 8/1/06 $276,960 728 SF compressor building to house air compressor for snow-making
Patrick Malone E. Montpelier 6/27/06 $272,000 80'x80' addition to existing Zutano warehouse building
Nicom Coatings Corp. Berlin 3/31/06 $250,000 As-built approval of two existing un-permitted cold storage buildings
District 6: Franklin and Grand Isle counties, 9 permits, $18,049,727
Peerless Clothing International Inc. St. Albans Town 2/3/06 $4,264,600 Construct 80,240 SF building addition to existing buildings w/parking
Newton’s Forest Development LLC St. Albans 5/1/06 $3,205,360 Construct 48 units: 28 town homes and 20 condos
Housing Vermont St. Albans City 6/13/06 $2,954,660 Renovate historic building into 27 residential units on Lot 1 (2.56 acres) and Lot 2 (.50 acres)
VT Peak Properties Group LLC Richford 5/4/06 $2,645,000 15-Lot residential subdivision w/single-family and duplex units totaling 25 units w/a 3,000' access road.
Paige Estates Fairfax 7/28/06 $2,418,000 Construction of 19-unit PRD
Mill Hill Development LLC Fairfax 6/28/06 $1,590,000 Construct 10 single-family building lots, two open space lots and retained lot
500 Realty Development LLC St. Albans 2/8/06 $385,000 16,400 SF manufacturing addition to existing building on Lot 2; construct stormwater detention pond, parking area
State of Vermont, F&W Grand Isle 2/1/06 $322,724 Construct two single-family residences at Ed Weed Fish Hatchery for permanent housing for staff
Timeline 0804 LLC Alburg 3/23/06 $264,383 11 lot subdivision and one common lot
District 7: Caledonia, Orleans, and Essex counties, 16 permits, $17,519,815
J. Robert, Trustee Audette St. Johnsbury 8/22/06 $3,499,840 62-lot subdivision, gravel extraction and redesign of 90-unit mobile home park previously permitted
Jay Peak Inc. Jay 7/14/06 $2,039,240 Construct two 10-unit condos (Village 2 and 3 or VC2 and VC3)
St. Johnsbury Academy St. Johnsbury 1/17/06 $2,000,000 Renovate two buildings with connector
Lyndon Institute Lyndon 8/1/06 $1,500,000 Remodel and expand Campbell House Cottage for dorms
Inglenook Lodge Jay 3/24/06 $1,404,000 Expand and remodel existing lodge into 40 efficiency units (50 bedrooms) parking, fire pond w/sprinkler
Radiantec Inc. St. Johnsbury 7/12/06 $1,041,000 Construct an 11,900 SF warehouse/office building, parking, utilities, water and wastewater, Lot 13
Cellars at Jasper Hill LLC Greensboro 7/14/06 $1,000,000 Construct an 18,000 SF cheese aging facility
Newport City Motel Corp. Newport 5/25/06 $865,000 Construct 19-unit Extended State Suites w/drives, parking, utilities
Little Dippers Doodle Daycare St. Johnsbury 4/26/06 $702,000 Construct 7,100 SF building, 32 spaces and outdoor recreation area for daycare
Raymond & Patricia Lemay Troy 6/19/06 $685,500 Subdivide 14.4-acre parcel into 14 single-family lots
Lyndonville Savings Bank and Trust Co. Lyndonville 6/29/06 $672,000 Demolish existing bank and construct larger 2,700 SF building with 20 parking spaces
Northern Counties Health Care Inc. St. Johnsbury 12/1/06 $672,000 Construct a 10,000 SF two-story medical office building
Northeast Kingdom Human Services Newport 9/22/06 $504,755 Develop a six-person group home with parking
Steven & Peggie Parker Lyndonville 6/29/06 $343,980 Construct 4,000 SF 12-unit senior housing apartment complex
David Cloutier St. Johnsbury 3/3/06 $340,500 Subdivide 12-acre tract into four lots, some with single-family residences
Fred’s Plumbing & Heating Inc. St. Johnsbury 10/11/06 $250,000 Construct a three-bay enclosed building for vehicle storage and service
District 8: Bennington County, 7 permits, $14,583,980
Vermont Veterans Home Bennington 10/10/06 $9,500,000 Geothermal HVAC project
B&F Land Development LLC Manchester 3/10/06 $1,580,000 Subdivide 6.53 acres into 10 house lots improved w/houses; 1,500' of roadway; one 34-acre common lot
Friends of Hildene Inc. Manchester Village 9/25/06 $1,331,000 Construction of youth education center; relocate two Pullman train cars to Hildene
Winhall Partners LLC/Trustees of Michael & Shelah Kidd Trust Winhall 7/10/06 $698,000 25-lot subdivision
Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless Pownal 4/24/06 $618,700 Install a 100' monopole disguised as pine tree w/12 PCS panel antennas; 12'x30' equipment building
Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless Arlington 12/21/06 $500,360 100' telecomunications tower; 1,800' access road; install 12 PCS panel antennas; associated utilities
Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless Shaftsbury 8/8/06 $355,920 Install 100' stealth pine tree cell tower; 12'x30' equipment shed; 320' extension of driveway
District 9: Addison County, 11 permits, $53,941,530
Middle Road Ventures LLC Middlebury 5/2/06 $39,395,848 Construct 44 building lots w/Lot 46 being The Lodge at Otter Creek Development for three neighborhoods
Catamount/HSI/Marble Works Middlebury 5/1/06 $5,560,500 Construct 30-unit residential condo w/parking
Champlain Valley Christian School Vergennes 8/3/06 $2,895,000 Construct single-story 30,500 SF private K-12 school w/access drive
President and Fellows of Middlebury College Middlebury 3/23/06 $2,779,351 Deconstruct south annex, renovate remaining building, construct smaller, two-story addition to south side
Vermont Industrial Park/Autumn Harp Bristol 7/7/06 $838,940 Construct 18,290 SF addition to existing Autumn Harp facility
JBP Properties LLC Shoreham 7/31/06 $720,875 Subdivide 4.28-acre tract into eight lots and construct seven single-family homes
First National Bank of Orwell Shoreham 3/30/06 $589,000 Construction of 1,994 SF branch office w/drive-through on existing lot w/single-family dwelling
Peter Norris New Haven 3/6/06 $324,200 Commercial subdivision of eight lots
President and Fellows of Middlebury College Hancock 6/2/06 $303,000 Trail widening on Ross and Allen Trails
Ferrisburgh Realty Investors LLC Ferrisburgh 6/22/06 $277,500 Subdivide 296 acres into 21 residential building lots, common lot, retained land
Steve & Marcia Dupoise New Haven 5/30/06 $257,316 Construction of 100'x42' and 101'x20' attached long-term storage building