Act 250 Rundown

During 2005, the Vermont Environmental Board received 686 permit applications for Act 250, Vermont’s land-use law. Estimated construction costs for the projects total $419 million. Here’s a list of approved Act 250 applications throughout Vermont with costs higher than $250,000. Projects are listed according to district and construction costs.

Source: Louis Borie, Chief Coordinator, Natural Resources Board

Applicant Location Date Cost Project
District 1: Rutland County, 11 Permits, $69,178,148
None/VAOT Pittsford 12/17/04 $54,000,000 Reconstruct U.S. 7 between Pittsford and Brandon
Rickev LLC Killington 05/11/05 $4,367,000 24 three-bedroom residential units in six buildings, alpine pipeline, off Anthony Way
None/Castleton State College Castleton 09/14/05 $3,871,058 Construct three 36-bed dorms; associated parking; Reed house to be demolished
None/Chase Green Mountain Limited Partnership Rutland Town 05/06/05 $3,405,000 Renovations and expansion of existing Green Mountain Plaza; resurface parking lot; 24,000’ addition for bed
None/Belden Co. Inc. Clarendon 01/20/05 $732,000 Construct wood product manufacturng facility w/associated site development on lots A and B in phase II of park
Mike and Diane Miller/Free Heel Inc. Killington 03/18/05 $651,000 Construct 3,960 SF ski retail building (phase 1); 1500 SF restaurant café (phase 2) w/associated parking
Verizon RSA Limited Partnership Wallingford 06/21/05 $585,500 Construct 107’ stealth tree for telecommunications; and 12’x30’x10’ equipment shelter
Mill River Lumber Ltd. Clarendon 12/27/04 $573,940 Post-construction approval for eight buildings (kiln, planer, storage and garage) and chip chip or shavings bins
Diamond Run Mall LLC Rutland Town 01/24/05 $403,350 5,298 SF addition to exist retail space; modification to sidewalk and landscaping
Michael G. Bruno Rutland Town 05/17/05 $339,300 Construct 60’x120’ building for truck repair; associated lighting and landscaping
None/VAOT Clarendon 02/24/05 $250,000 Install 12,200 linear feet of 8’ airfield security fencing
District 2: Windham and Southern Windsor Counties, 32 permits,   $37,439,090 
Unified Buddhist Church Inc. Hartland 12/27/04 $5,109,925 Construct retreat center w/meditation hall, dining hall, classrooms, lodging facility
Windsor Hospital Corp. Windsor 07/26/05 $4,025,116 Construct 9,860 SF addition; renovate existing space, road, parking and helipad
Unique Properties of Vermont LLC Ludlow 05/12/05 $3,446,500 15-lot subdivision
Vermont Academy Rockingham 03/23/05 $3,200,000 Build 11,200 SF, 350 seat arts center
None/Town Of  Vernon Vernon 07/09/04 $2,759,939 Construct 24 apartments in  one two-story building, w/37 parking spaces and entrance drive
Kingswood of Vermont Inc. Dover 02/11/05 $2,172,065 Construct previously approved buildings (64, 66, 68, 70 and 72)
Hospitality Brattleboro LLC Brattleboro 05/10/05 $2,080,000 Add 28 hotel rooms and 5,000 SF conference center
Oak Knoll Colonial Dr. Ltd. Partnership Hartford 12/03/04 $1,550,000 Create housing development to include one building with 19 apartment units
Kingswood of  Vermont Inc. Dover 02/11/05 $1,350,910 Expand 101 units to 161 units, 60 lots
The Greenwood School Putney 02/07/05 $1,345,000 Phase II: construct dorm for 20 students, access road and parking area
Woodman Athletics LLC Brattleboro 02/04/05 $966,000 Construct indoor recreation building on Lot 3 and extend Chickering Drive 130 feet
Quechee Lakes Landowners Association Inc. Hartford 03/25/05 $850,000 Replace double chairlift with quad
Cersosimo Lumber Co. Inc. Brattleboro 10/18/05 $760,000 Demolish 2 sheds, construct dry kiln
Windsor Orange County Credit Union Hartford 04/25/05 $750,000 Construct 4,419 SF building to serve as credit union
New England Kurn Hattin Homes Westminster 03/18/05 $575,000 Construct 5,200 SF dormitory cottage for 11 students
Simon Pearce US Inc. Hartford 02/18/05 $500,000 Renovate the restaurant kitchen
Upper Valley Development Corp. Hartford 04/22/05 $471,150 Reclaim remaining part of gravel pit; create 29 single-family house lots; construct 2,315’ of road
Roger Shepard/Quality Inn at Quechee Gorge Hartford 03/29/05 $464,275 Construct new lobby, indoor pool at motel; expand dining room, reconfigure driveways
Farm and Wilderness Foundation Inc. Plymouth 04/01/05 $456,050 Construct a resource building w/maintenance shops, storage and staff offices for the camp operation
Brian Sullivan/Vermont RSA Ltd. Partnership Hartford #N/A $452,680 Construct 69’ tower disguised as a pine tree, w/12 4’ antennas **
Gifford Medical Center Sharon 04/05/05 $450,000 Construct 3,300 SF medical health center
Michael Blood/Catering in the Rough LLC Hartford 05/18/05 $450,000 Construct 5,200 SF warehouse addition
Grammar School Inc. Putney 01/18/05 $388,000 Addition of 960 SF to upper school building; 1,610 SF to main school building
Quechee Lakes Landowners Association Hartford 06/06/05 $387,700 Construct 3,507 SF addition to Quechee Club; add three parking spaces
Andrea Ciardelli Hartford #N/A $380,000 Three-lot subdivision, 2,285 LF of road
Mary Mutz/Bella Luna Ludlow 05/20/04 $364,760 Construct a 125-seat restaurant
CVPS Bridgewater 12/01/05 $310,000 Reconstruct and relocate 2,0000 +/- feet of electrical distribution and telephone line along U.S. 4
Bellows Falls Congregation of Jehovah’s Rockingham #N/A $308,400 Construct a 4,500 SF meeting hall and 216 SF utility building, 88-car parking area
MBBC Vermont LLC Windsor 02/02/05 $294,000 Construct 1,000 SF addition to existing facility
None/Cavendish Pointe Hotel Cavendish 12/07/04 $286,620 Reallocate 4 units from Phase V to Phase IV.  Phase IV to consist of five four-plex buildings w/20 units
Twin Farms LLC Barnard 03/18/05 $285,000 Reduce size of tennis court and modify location; modify house location, courtyard and entryway
Quechee Lakes Landowners Association Hartford 06/06/05 $250,000 Stabilize approximately 1,000’ adjacent to seventh fairway
District 3: Orange and Northern Windsor Counties, 4 permits,  $3,560,530
Theron Manning/Gifford Medical Center Randolph 08/31/05 $2,041,250 Construct 7,000 SF single-story addition
Vermont RSA Limited Partnership Newbury 01/13/05 $518,800 Construct a telecommunications tower stealthed as a pine tree
Brian Sullivan/Vt. RSA Limited Partnership Thetford 05/04/05 $500,460 Construct 107’ telecommunications monopole
Newman Lumber Co. Inc. Newbury 11/18/04 $500,020 Construct 50’x460’ three-sided storage building
District 4: Chittenden County, 47 permits,  $157,742,212
University of Vermont Burlington 11/18/04 $57,000,000 Construct new student union, art theater, walkway to Bailey/Howe Library, upgrade tunnel
Gerald Milot/Dorset Street Associates So. Burlington 09/08/04 $25,673,000 Construct 59 single-family residences and 90 duplex units
Homestead Design Inc. So. Burlington 06/22/04 $12,756,000 Construct 89-unit residential project
Jefferey Kolok Colchester 04/29/04 $7,158,420 Mixed-use development w/152 residential units/86,600 office, commercial, retail space
Creekside Investments LLC Hinesburg 06/16/04 $4,263,495 33-lot, 38-unit PRD
Snyder South Pointe Limited Partnership So. Burlington 05/04/04 $3,950,510 Construct PRD: 31 homes and road
The Snyder Wingate Limited Partnership Jericho 03/04/05 $3,588,685 Construct PRD: 21 lots w/one four-bedroom single-family house
John Larkin So. Burlington 05/05/04 $3,244,320 Three-lot subdivision and construction of 64 apartments in two buildings on Lot 2
City of Burlington/Burlington International Airport So. Burlington 06/06/05 $2,768,778 Expand terminal and new two-story 9,500 SF passenger concourse and five aircraft bridges
c/o Jill and Richard Diemer II/Diemer So. Burlington 07/27/05 $2,490,000 Raze motel; construct 6,000 SF office building,14-unit apartment Properties LLC building, parking, landscaping and utility systems
University of Vermont Burlington 07/01/05 $2,278,940 Renovate 438 College St. for administrative offices; 12,124 SF addition, demolish two-story garage
81 South Williams St. Burlington 08/25/05 $2,192,313 Restore/renovate historic house into three condo units; relocate existing carriage barn to rear, construct 22 condo units
Mac Teeson/R.L.M Associates Williston 02/09/05 $2,000,000 12-unit residential condo expansion: two units per building w/attached garages
Jeff Davis/Taft Corners Associates Williston 02/16/05 $1,980,000 Construct 40,000 SF retail building w/174 parking spaces on Lot 26
Burlington International Airport So. Burlington 01/20/05 $1,952,000 Demolish Building 880 and construct new 30,400 SF hangar office to house Air National Guard employees
Brad Gardner Essex 04/25/05 $1,930,550 24-unit residential building and road w/municipal water and sewer
City of Burlington/Burlington International Airport Burlington 08/08/05 $1,650,000 Phase I of South Development Area, fill 8.3 acres of wetland for use as turfed aircraft parking area
Cathedral Square Corp. So. Burlington 08/08/05 $1,644,300 Subdivide lot 1 into four lots
Cupola Golf Course Inc. So. Burlington 09/22/05 $1,554,360 This phase is the construction of 32 multi-family units in one building on QHC Lot 2
Round Realty LLC, Rail Park LLC Colchester 02/22/05 $1,373,457 60,070 SF warehouse addition to existing 115,254 SF warehouse w/700’ circulation driveway, three additional parking spaces
Catamount/Howard Burlington 10/07/05 $1,367,500 Redevelop existing 20,000 SF building from office space to bedrooms w/additional 3,000 SF common space
Bob Fries/Mountain Operations and Development LLC Bolton 05/24/05 $1,000,000 Replace existing mid-mountain to summer chairlift w/new  base to summit chairlift
Jeffrey and Cheryle Jimmo Colchester 06/17/05 $973,000 Construct two 9,600 SF buildings on Lot 3
Iroquois Manufacturing Co. Inc. Hinesburg 04/27/05 $912,000 Reconstruct existing facility w/construction of new building, parking and storage
Richmond Land Trust Inc. Richmond 10/29/04 $900,000 Convert West Monitor Barn for offices and meeting space; construct addition, parking, land.
University of Vermont Burlington 04/30/03 $850,000 Upgrade southwest stormwater treatment facility
Dennis A. Rouille Burlington 12/23/04 $808,500 Demolish existing residence and construct two new three-story condominium buildings
Roger Dickinson/Milton Fire District #1 Milton 01/21/05 $760,000 Install water line for connection to municipal system
Rod Reynolds Milton 09/22/04 $754,000 Construction of seven-lot PRD on lot 25
Haydenberry Holdings LLC Milton 05/09/05 $650,000 Phase two of three phases, two buildings, eight residential units each
Tom Sheppard/Sheppard Land Development Colchester 07/07/05 $642,500 Create five-lot subdivision for single-family residences: Lots 1 through 5
Robert and Kay Leuang Burlington 01/14/05 $620,000 After-the-fact construction of five additional units and after-the-fact construction of six additional units at 47 and 37 Hyde St.
John Larkin Burlington 05/11/05 $522,280 Increase number of units in Building D to 18; increase building C units to 15
c/o Jim St. Peter/New England Williston 07/15/05 $500,000 Add 460 SF vestibule at main entrance for ATM use, two drive-through Federal Credit Union lanes w/1,740 SF canopy etc., Lot 6
Rick Struble Williston 10/05/04 $500,000 Construct 12,000 SF office/auto mechanic repair shop building on Lot 6
IDX Systems Corp. So. Burlington 05/13/05 $497,645 Rephasing of construction schedule/New Phase II and Phase III
Lloyd and Sandra Gilbert Milton 06/01/05 $497,600 Construc five-lot residential subdivision, nine residential units, four duplex and one existing single-family residence
Pizzagalli Properties LLC So. Burlington 02/14/05 $450,000 Construct 1,300’ of roadway, bike path, utilities to serve five commercial lots/no construction on lots
Andrew and Elizabeth Cabrera Richmond 08/10/05 $449,800 Subdivide 10.2-acre lot from existing 71-acre lot and construct new house on 60.8-acre lot
John DuBrul/The Automaster Shelburne 04/25/05 $410,000 800 SF addition to existing BMW auto dealership and exterior facade changes
c/o Tom Sheppard/Sheppard, Brogna, Gardner, LLP Colchester 08/10/05 $384,000 Two-lot duplex unit subdivision
University Mall Realty Trust So. Burlington 07/18/05 $378,830 Demolish Delorme house/garage, construct 2,624 SF dry goods store and add 100 seats to food court
David Hauke/Autumn Woods Association Colchester 05/09/05 $317,600 Construction of 8 additional units,road,relocating two garage  buildings, construct two additional garage buildings
Town of Shelburne Shelburne 01/14/05 $305,000 Increase in residential housing units from 12 units to 14 units
Phil and Laurie Noyes/Corjen Properties LLC Essex 07/18/05 $300,625 9,000 SF commercial building w/21 vehicle parking spacing: lot 5 of lot C
Bradford Worthen/BJW Richmond 05/10/05 $292,204 Construct 11-lot single-family development as Phase 7, extension of Development Co.  road, drive, wells
John and Carolyn Leo Essex 05/09/05 $250,000 Expansion of existing storage units adding five new storage buildings w/driveway access
District 5: Washington and Lamoille 22 permits,  $34,338,752 
Mount Mansfield Television (WCAX) Stowe 02/07/05 $4,475,050 Master Plan for siting and development of telecommunication facilities on the summit of Mount Mansfield
Norwich University Northfield 12/08/04 $3,510,604 Addition to Kreitzberg Library
Smugglers’ Notch Management Cambridge 07/11/05 $3,121,400 Replace existing Sterling double chair lift w/one high-speed, detachable, six-Co. Ltd seater chair lift
WSI Moretown Landfill Inc. Moretown 04/11/05 $2,919,000 New 14-acre lined landfill Cell 3 at existing project site
None/Pilgrim Partnership Waterbury 05/06/05 $2,755,000 34,000 SF industrial/commercial building
Trapp Family Lodge Inc. Stowe 04/13/05 $1,905,000 Expansion to the fitness center
Smugglers’ Notch Management Co. Ltd. Cambridge 12/30/04 $1,851,865 Revisions to Phase 2 of North Hill development: 36 units of housing
Randal LaGue/Superior Development Ltd Berlin 06/16/05 $1,800,000 Two 6,000 SF two-story office buildings
Ampersand Properties Stowe 11/18/04 $1,575,000 Six condominium units
Raymond Cabral Stowe 07/21/04 $1,480,000 Seven-lot subdivision/master plan for subdividing 330 acres into 90 lots
None/T.N. Associates Stowe 09/02/05 $1,339,825 3,566 SF addition to hotel/75-seat restaurant
Jim Mulkin/JM-PL Management LLC Berlin 03/14/05 $1,200,000
Evergreen Place Housing Ltd. Partnership Waitsfield 01/06/05 $1,182,945 Redevelop former Valley Inn site into 18 residential units
Mathew Sargent/Chisel Tooth Group Inc. Warren 03/30/04 $915,000 As-built 1,000’ access road for five-lot single-family subdivision
Town of Barre Barre Town 01/27/05 $850,000 7,100’ shared-use bike path
Halvorsen Development Corp. Waterbury 10/03/05 $729,000 Construct 2,700 SF Merchants Bank
Vermont RSA Limited Partnership Moretown 08/02/05 $532,613 107’ monopole telecommunications tower
Bourne’s Inc. Waitsfield 03/23/05 $500,000 Construct bulk fuel plant on Lot 8 of Mad River Park
Jay Dolan Morrisville 03/15/05 $495,000
Verizon Wireless Leicester 10/11/05 $448,950 Construct telecommunicaitons facility
Deborah Betts/Hundred Acre Homestead Worcester 12/14/04 $442,500 32’x54’ structure for use as a therapeutic community residence
Norman Roark/Woodford Sno Busters Woodford 06/20/05 $310,000 Construct 3,600 SF snowmobile trail groomer maintenance garage on 2.29 acres w/access from Vt. 9
District 6: Franklin and Grand Isle Counties, 15 permits,  $24,085,346 
GSD Enterprises Inc. St. Albans 10/04/04 $5,825,000 Construct 92 elderly units
Janet Seymour St. Albans 07/22/04 $5,566,000 Nine-lot residential/commercial subdivison w/43 PRD, five existing residential buildings
Brian Gilfillan Swanton 04/21/05 $2,378,000 36-unit condos, nine buildings w/four units per building
Richford Main Street Mill Richford 09/16/05 $2,108,200 Construct improvements to Building 3 in two phases Develop. Corp.
Ramesh Patel Fairhaven 02/16/05 $1,924,130 Construct 8,650 SF motel
D.D.H. - G.S.H. Trust St. Albans 07/11/05 $1,484,500 Construct 75-room, three-story hotel on Lot 2
VT Federal Credit Union St. Albans 03/16/05 $1,141,000 Construct 3,300 SF financial branch office on Lot 1 of  West  Vista Development w/drive-through canopy
George and Elizabeth Lamphere Georgia 05/13/05 $702,500 Construct 18,000 SF light manufacturing building on Lot 5
Gary Butler Fairfax 09/26/03 $688,500 Subdivide 20.5 acres into seven-lots and construct road
James Bryce/Bryce Realty Georgia 11/15/04 $530,000 Construct 20,000 SF and 30,000 SF commercial building w/parking
Club Respite Inc. St. Albans 06/13/05 $486,784 6,776 SF adult day-care facility
James and Janet Harrison Georgia 03/15/05 $375,000 Add aggregate washing equipment to existing concrete batching plant
Timothy Reed St. Albans 01/11/05 $314,000 Subdivide 1.1-acre lot into two lots and construct single-family home on Lot 3; residential triplex on Lot 2
The Dream Program Fletcher 07/11/05 $296,732 Construct overnight youth camp, 4,600 SF dining hall, bathhouse, nine cabins, trails, campfire bowl
David Powell St. Albans 09/12/05 $265,000 Construct 5,400 SF warehouse and 435 SF entry vestibule
District 7: Caledonia, Orleans, and Essex Counties, 13 permits,  $15,697,909 
None/Jay Peak Inc. Jay 07/18/05 $4,858,869 Construct Townhouses 15 and 16 and Condos 11 through 15
None/Jay Peak Inc. Jay 07/14/04 $3,340,200 Construct Phase II, Townhouses 11 and 12 and Condos 6, 7 and 8
Newport 04/12/05 $2,500,000 Construct 48 condo and townhouse units in seven buildings
None/NVRH St. Johnsbury 03/25/05 $1,350,000 Construct  17,000 SF office building for hospital use
Larry B. Lackey/New England Waste Services of Vermont, I Coventry 07/06/05 $610,000 Incorporate Amendment 4 of facility certification
Dennis Laferriere/Laferriere Construction Lyndon 12/06/04 $495,000 Construct 8,000 SF office building for Kroll Fractual Data
Charles and Kathy Fenoff St. Johnsbury 09/27/04 $425,500 Construct commercial bujilding 80’X100’ on Lot A of the Industrial Park
Verizon New England St. Johnsbury 04/25/05 $424,700 107’ telecommunications tower and associated building
None/VAOT Lyndonville 08/31/05 $380,000 Construct 48’X60’ building for Civil Air Patrol
Terrill Judd/T and N Rentals Derby 03/25/05 $375,000 Construct three additional self-storage buildings
George Austin Concord 03/14/05 $365,640 Construct 8,520 SF maintenance/storage/office building
Derbywood LLC Derby 01/26/05 $300,000 Construct 7,000 SF Advance Auto store
Andrew Meyer/Hardwick Enterprise Group Hardwick 07/20/05 $273,000 Construct 6,000 SF industrial building
District 8: Bennington County, 15 permits,  $32,005,893 
Green Mountain Senior Living LLC Bennington 10/11/05 $6,300,000 Reuse of former Mount  Anthony Middle School for senior housing and community resource center
Jack Appleman Bennington 06/30/05 $5,750,000 Renovate exist two-family building to three condos and construct 13 new structures from 2-5 units each for total 50
Burr and Burton Academy Manchester 04/29/05 $3,319,800 Changes to location; orientation; grading of existing playing field and Village parking;  2,575 SF add to riley
Rocking Stone Farm LLC Manchester 01/03/05 $3,250,000 15 lot subdivision; 13 single family lots; 10.4 acre lot w/multi-unit bldgs totaling 14 units; 13.3
Bennington College Corp. No. Bennington 03/15/05 $2,925,682 Construct new 10,268 SF student center
Hv 2004 Inc. C/O Housing Vermont Dorset 01/04/05 $2,650,000 Construct 6 triplexes and 1 duplex for total of 20 units; 4 single family homes, all on 8.9 acres
National Hanger Co. Inc. No. Bennington 05/23/05 $1,280,000 Demolition of existing 1,300 SF building; construction of 19,700 SF warehouse, driveway; minor regrading
Lawrence Family Real Estate Holdings LLC Stamford 07/27/05 $1,241,220 Renovate exist 9 holes; construct new clubhouse; new parking;  3-phase power pole
Puritan V Trust Bennington 08/15/05 $1,235,000 Construct 57,300 SF single story self-storage buildings (6 buildings) and 28 x 60, 2 story office
Vermont Medical Properties LLC Dorset 02/07/05 $1,224,960 Construct two 5,568 SF medical/professional bldgs on 3.02 a lot
Factory Point National Bank Manchester 04/12/05 $865,750 Construct 2 story bank building, 2998 SF/ 3 lane drive-through; parking; landscaping; sidewalks, lighting;
None/Israel Congreation of Manchester Inc. Manchester 01/24/05 $781,000 Renovations and addition (40’x46’ and 38’x 48’) to existing synogogue;  new roadway, parking and septic
Clinical Neuroscience Research Associates Bennington 05/23/05 $525,000 Construct new 6000 SF research/business office building at BCIC  industrial park
None/H.B. Partners Manchester 05/04/05 $364,281 Restaurant conversion to retail
None/Nastech Inc. Bennington 09/02/05 $293,200 Construct 30’x140’ building addition on side of manufacturing building
District 9: Addison County, 7 permits,  $21,670,415 
Middlebury South Village Middlebury 05/27/05 $13,180,708 PUD: five mixed-use commercial buildings, 30 apartments, 27 single-family lots, 24 single-family lots, five single-family lots 
Patricia Hannaford Reg. Technical School District Middlebury 05/31/05 $3,265,867 Construct 26,000 SF 2-story building for auto tech program on Lot 7
William and Constance Houston/ Houston Enterprises Inc. Vergennes 04/08/05 $1,831,340 5 townhouse type buildings with 4-5 car garages
William J. Hutchins/Oakville Middlebury 04/01/05 $1,453,000 Remove the Route 7 car wash, construct 8,000 SF retail store and Properties Inc. 10-bed elderly care facility
c/o Mike Hendy/Hendy Brothers, Inc./J.M.J. Properties Middlebury 08/02/05 $1,277,000 New 11,491 SF expansion of sales and service facility  (farm and home equipment)
Foster Real Estate Development Middlebury 05/17/05 $400,000 Construct 5,725 SF addition to previously approved commercial building
Middlebury Area Land Trust Middlebury 05/09/05 $262,500 Create 14.5-acre passive recreational park and create three housing lots