Jack TenneyExtra Point

by Jack Tenney, Publisher

October 2001

Lots of questions

What effect will a wartime economy have on your business and its people?

Surely, flag sales and a run on handguns aren't the only changes in economic patterns.

Will Vermont's ski areas benefit? Will skiing Manhattanites be more likely to hop on a train or bus to Vermont than a plane to Colorado? Will Bostonians, who, unlike the NYC crowd, actually have cars, drive here and ski rather than fly to Florida and golf this winter?

So, how's Jet Blue going to do? Will they add flights or not? Will they fill the flights they have?

What about Husky, Blodgett, IBM, Velan and all the other area manufacturers — hiring or laying off? Up or down?

IDX? Vermont Teddy Bear? How're they doing?

How about telemarketers and dot-comers? Has Verizon laid down enough fiber to put Newport, Vermont, on an equal footing with North Jersey and Lincoln, Nebraska?
Got milk? Will the family farm flourish like Victory Gardens of the ’40s?

We're already repairing, replacing and/or resurfacing half the bridges on the interstates; will infrastructure repairs keep our construction companies cooking?

And is the draft coming back? Will that likely make high schoolers a little more serious about college prep? What adjustments will higher education make to accommodate the demands of a cohort that's feeling a bit more mortal than it did last summer?

Will we go to more movies or fewer?

Will we read more or less?

Will we eat out more or less?

Will we have more problems with drinking, drugs, eating disorders and depression — or develop a whole new array of compulsive problems?

Will school budgets, tax revenues, 401ks, Roth IRAs and the Social Security trust fund command more or less of our attention? And to what effect?

Will we keep building new housing units? What kind? Will housing rehab projects go forward, speed up, be put on hold?

Will Christmas retail sales ...

Lot of questions, huh?