Jack TenneyExtra Point

by Jack Tenney, Publisher

March 1999

Change for the better

Is there ever a good time to make a change?

The rule is: A change for the better is always timely!

The only thing about Business Digest I didn't like was its name.

The full-color magazine format, cover color portraits, concentration on local business people and their careers and tons of business-to-business advertising is still good. We just thought a name change would help us tweak the whole package.


We moved our office in December so why not move our name, too? We have had a nightmare of a time with our mail so we ask you to check our new address along with our new name in your various files. We are eager to receive news about your business and its people.

The name is Business People.

The stories are about business people.

The pictures are of business people.

The advertising is directed at business people.

When someone asked Sam Gompers, the pioneering union leader, what he really wanted he replied without hesitation, More!

Thats what Business People-Vermont magazine wants as well. We want more! More information about local businesses. If your business has new employees, product lines, locations, awards, major equipment purchases then grab your pen; light up the fax; fire off some email do whatever you have to do to get the information to Business People.

If you know about a new business in town, do everyone a favor and tell Business People about it. Be a reliable source!

If you ever wondered how to get your business story published, its simple. Make sure we know who you are by sending information about yourself and your business. You don't need an agent and you don't need to campaign for a story. We only write bylined profiles of business people who have been in business for more than one year and are readers of our magazine. Its quite possible you are already on our list but the more we hear from you the more likely it is that you'll be on the top of our minds when were looking for a good story for an upcoming issue.

Speaking of top-of-mind awareness, advertising programs in Business People are flexible and effective. The business people who receive the magazine are decision makers and avid readers. Our magazine gets the same kind of attention they give to their trade publications. No matter whether their business is metal working or retailing they have a national publication targeted at their business just like Business People targets the local business community. Those magazines are full of targeted advertising that is read and re-read and more often than not the magazines, unlike newspapers, are saved and referred to again and again. Our advertising representatives love to work for their clients. They can sit on your side of the table and help you find the best way to make the magazine work for you. If your business does business with other businesses in Vermont you should have a monthly contract. You not only will enjoy the lowest rates, you'll qualify for perquisites like a free booth on Electro/EXPO, the magazines virtual trade show on the Internet and bonus distribution in our Business Travel Guides. Business People advertisers have a wide range of size and color advertising options and are able to change every aspect of their ad monthly.

If you're an expert in your field and are willing to share your expertise with the local business community, call our managing editor to discuss the possibility of a contributed column. You'll need to write it yourself (no ghost-writers) and give us first rights plus Internet marketing rights. You'll be the envy of your peers and possibly earn royalties if your piece is picked up by other print publications.

Don't worry if we've already written your biography, well probably do it again in 10 years or next millennium whichever comes first! Actually, we've heard so many people over the years tell us what a great source of information every issue is, it seems reasonable to look up some back issues and do a little updating. Since were dealing with our copyrighted materials, well feel free to check out everything from the smallest ad to the cover story when we take a look at past issues. See the first backward glance in this issue.

What about pictures? We love pictures, especially pictures of business people. We are determined to publish more pictures of more business people than we ever have and we typically publish more than a thousand pictures a year. So smooth down your cowlicks, powder your noses and say cheese. Thats all best done in front of a camera, of course, and then send the photo along with a press release to Business People-Vermont, P.O. Box 953, Williston, Vt. 05495.

Have you heard about the global economy? How about the Internet? Hot stocks, NASDAQ, and all like that? We put the electronic search engines into overdrive so we can follow publicly traded Vermont companies. Check out our website: www.vermontguides.com. There, you'll not only find links to the public companies but hundreds of other links to business people. Getting on our site is almost as easy as getting to it. Check it out and then email your press releases, queries, requests, suggestions, complaints to any Business People staffers, departments, mascots or free lancers.

Beware of cheap imitations! We've had a couple of reports from people who have been hounded by pushy people. Note well: We are not pushy: Were nice, pleasant, friendly, helpful, empathic, professional, competent, efficient and a tad driven. Hey, were business people just like you! We have a wonderful product and were very proud of it.

Thank you for reading our magazine!

Jack Tenney & the staff of Business People