Jack TenneyExtra Point

by Jack Tenney, Publisher

September 1998


Did you get invited to the wedding?

A few months back we undertook a modest expansion of our publishedofferings. It's called Our Vermont Wedding, a very attractive planner targeted at localbrides-to-be and their wedding teams.

I am particularly interested in this new venture because it appears to be one ofthe few remaining really local business categories. As I have noted often, the effect of theglobal economy often makes it more difficult for a business to defend its own localmarket. So, of course, it's my fond hope to prove the concept in this market then takethe little beauty national with some killer franchising program.

That is the groove for great ideas and great ideas are not necessarily confined tomass merchandising of dead cows and chickens, you know.

Let me tell you a little bit about the wedding industry and why it's so darnexciting.

Next time you are in the checkout line of the supermarket, keep your eyes offthe tabloids but give a gander at the bride mags along the end cap. It is not uncommonfor one of them to look to be the size of a Sears catalog (if Sears had a cataloganymore). That's like the national side of the wedding niche. If you could lift it, youwould see tons of ads for wedding dresses, china, jewelry, crystal, shoes, cruises andlike that.

But where the action really is is right here. From Father Joe to Ronnie the rice-wrapper, loving couples depend on local folks to provide goods, services, gifts, glitch,glitter and glibness to get them from here (single) to there (married). Organizing the bigevent is a process with so many variables no two weddings end up alike. The loose-leafformat of Our Vermont Wedding planners ensures that the same will be true of thesepractical books, which will undoubtedly become treasured keepsakes.

By the time you read this, 100 brides-to-be will be using Our Vermont Weddingplanners. Two of them are working on dates in the next decade; ah, century; no,millennium. The planners come in sturdy, three-ring binders crammed full of ideas,checklists, forms, ads, examples and room for more (receipt envelopes, swatch pocketsand the like). From practical little things like DMV name change forms for brides whoplan to become Mrs. Somebody or even Ms. Stillme-Somebody to forms for guest listsand gifts, the planners are receiving rave reviews from everyone involved.

If you would like more information:

Call Molly for a book; Larry for ad rates; or me, if you want to buy the business.