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February 2016 Business People-Vermont


Extra Point

by Publisher Jack Tenney

... The way it was versus the way it is. I forget why the CPA firm I was junioring for had the gig. Of course it was called an engagement, and...

Drawn to Art

A summer job that never really ended.

Straight Shooter

Carving his own path.

Glass Action

Tea, wine, and a friendly face.


White's Bikes and Outfitters.

Dining Out

Some of our favorite restaurants.


Personnel Points, by Dave Mount

Faces & Places
New Business
Mergers & Acquisitions


Become a Featured Business

Cover of Business Travel Guide

Pete's Greens
Swift House Inn
Carved Solutions
Business the
Vermont Way

Dining Guide
Play Therapy
Just the Facts
Labor force, income, population and more
Fitness Clubs
Where to work out
Medical centers and walk-in care facilities
Rotary Club Locations
Rotary meetings in the Greater Burlington area
A Resource Source
Economic development chiefs
Residential Sales
Home sale prices and town population estimates
Where the Money Is
Banks and credit unions in Vermont
What to expect weather-wise

... and more in our
Business Travel Guide